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Visiting an area, of course, the most important thing to look for is a tourist destination or culinary tour. Hearing the word Garut, of course what comes to mind is the typical Garut food, namely sweet and sticky dodol and tasty and delicious culinary processed goat meat. But make no mistake, it turns out that Garut, especially southern Garut, has a tourist destination that is a loss to miss.

That is Cicalobak beach, which has successfully made tourists visiting Garut curious about the charm it presents. Not many tourists know about this beach, even local residents rarely visit it. Cicalobak Beach is a new beach line in Garut and has been opened as one of the tourist destinations in Garut city that tourists must visit.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Cicalobak Beach

Because Cicalobak beach is not as famous and as popular as other beaches in Garut, this beach tends to be quiet and calm. To be able to enjoy the natural charm of Cicalobak beach, visitors are only charged an entrance fee of Rp. 3,000. This price is certainly different if you visit Cicalobak beach on weekends or special days such as holidays.

Meanwhile, for vehicle parking, there is a fee of IDR 3,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for 4-wheeled vehicles.The entrance fee is quite cheap compared to other beaches, making Cicalobak beach tourism very economical. The parking fee and entrance ticket can change at any time depending on the policy of the Cicalobak beach manager.

The beach, which is located in Mekarmurti sub-district, Garut Regency, West Java, is quite easy to find. This beach is right on the edge of the West Trans Java route so those who often pass the Trans West Java route have definitely passed and seen Cicalobak beach from the top of the vehicle. For visitors coming from the city of Garut, there are two alternative routes offered.

First, from the city of Garut to the south following the Garut – Cikajang highway. Until the T-junction between Jalan Cikajang and Jalan Raya Cibuluh, follow the Cikajang road to Amblas street, Ciparay road, Pameungpeuk road, Cihurip highway, Cisompet highway, then turn right onto Cilauteureun road which is the trans West Java road. Cicalobak Beach is about 50 KM to the west.

Second, from the city of Garut to the south following the Garut – Cikajang highway, until the Cikajang junction then turn right towards the Cibuluh highway. Then arrive at the Simpang Cikandang highway, go straight to Depok Bungbulang highway. Then head to the Ranca Buaya road until you reach the last highway intersection, turn left until you find a signboard for the location of Cicalobak beach.

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For tourists who come from the direction of Bandung, they can use an alternative route, namely passing the Pangalengan highway to Situ Cileunca street, then Talenggong road, until they find a T-junction between Jalan Ranca Buaya and Jalan Raya Bungbulang. Turn right towards Jalan Ranca Buaya and then follow the second alternative which has been explained on the second alternative road.

Tourism Object on Cicalobak Beach

1. New Smooth Coral

If most of the beaches we encounter are filled with sand along the shoreline, it is different from Cicalobak beach which is dominated by coral reefs. The coral reefs that fill the shoreline of Cicalobak are different from the coral reefs that come to mind when you hear the word ‘coral’. if we usually find coral with a rough texture and sometimes it can injure the feet.

This stretch of coral on the beach has a soft and smooth texture so it is safe for human limbs, especially the feet. In addition, the shape is flat and flat, so it is a great place to hang out with friends. The coral reef on the shoreline of Cicalobak when seen from a distance is like a mat that seems to cover the sand of the beach.

2. Cool and Fresh Air

Because Cicalobak beach is far from the city center of Garut and to get to this beach it takes hours and passes several other natural tourist destinations such as a waterfall (waterfall), it is very enjoyable to enjoy the fresh breeze of the south coast after a long tiring journey. It would be very delicious if coupled with the waves of Cicalobak beach.

3. Pasture

Around the Cicalobak beach, to be precise on the side of the West Trans Java road, weeds are growing neatly. This view is very unique because after the grass there is a beach with coral reefs. From a distance you will see 3 beautiful color gradations, namely the green color of the grass, the blackish brown color of the coral reefs, and the navy blue of the seawater.

These grasslands and trees are often used as photo backgrounds that lead directly to the sea. The existence of this tree also makes Cicalobak beach more beautiful and cool. Under the trees it is usually used as a shady shelter. The breeze under the trees near Cicalobak beach is so seductive and makes anyone feel calm.

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4. Gazebo on a coral reef

Cicalobak beach managers set up a hut or so-called beach house on a flat coral reef. Because only one was built, this hut is more like a throne standing in the middle of the sea when seen from a distance. The unique thing that visitors can feel when sitting in this hut is the splash of sea water that hits the body occasionally when the waves are high.

Because the shoreline is mostly dominated by coral reefs, therefore when the waves are high tide the waves will hit the edges of the coral reefs where it will result in splashing sea water to the beach floor. This sensation is occasionally used as entertainment for some tourists who visit Cicalobak beach.

5. Artificial Garden

In an effort to introduce Cicalobak beach to tourists, especially foreign tourists, the Cicalobak beach manager created a mini park. The artificial garden consists of plants as well as an icon or Cicalobak beach inscription made of iron. This artificial mini park is often used as a selfie or groupfie location for visitors as proof that they have visited Cicalobak beach.

6. Waves

For those who miss the pleasant natural sound of the waves, visiting Cicalobak beach is highly recommended. The impact of the tides against the coral reefs on the beach produces a distinctive crashing sound. Especially if enjoyed while eating lunch. The waves are like natural music that can increase your appetite and present the sensation of a different meal.

Even though the beach is often hit by waves, the wave intensity is quite low and the wave height is between low and medium so it is safe for visitors who play around the shoreline. Moreover, visiting this beach in the afternoon, where the sea water starts to recede and the pounding is getting smoother. Perfect for ending a long tiring day on the go.

7. Clear Water

Cicalobak Beach is still a new beach and the visitors are still very few when compared to Ranca Buaya beach or other beaches in Garut. However, with this condition, this beach has clean and sustainable water. Far from the pollution of the city and not too many visitors make this beach seem very new and perfectly preserved naturalness.

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The clear, cold water seems very fun if you want to swim. In addition, around the sunken coral reefs, there are puddles of sea water as a result of tidal waves. The sea water settles on the sunken surface of the coral reef, producing a small lake. Sometimes there are sea animals such as crabs, small fish or sea shells trapped there.

8. Safe for Swimming

Because the shape of Cicalobak beach juts in to form a small bay, this beach is quite safe for swimming. The beach with a shallow bottom is very safe, especially for children. The bottom of the bay is filled with soft sand so that parents do not need to be afraid if a baby is swimming on a coral reef or is exposed to a coral reef when swimming.

Even though the sand of Cicalobak beach is black, the color of the sand does not affect the color of the clear beach sea water with blue gradations as far as the eye can see. The expanse of blue from the sea water of Cicalobak beach seems to present calm and peace at heart. Moreover, tourists who come from dense cities who want to calm down are highly recommended.

9. Hills

To be able to touch the lips of Cicalobak beach, visitors must first go down the hill. This beach is located at the bottom of the hill. If you look closely, this beach was formed due to hill abrasion caused by sea water. If you want to see a different view, it is advisable to look from the top of the hill because from above visitors can watch more freely.

The scenery will feel different when you get closer to the shoreline. That is why motorists who pass the Trans Java West road which is directly adjacent to Cicalobak beach have their own impression. Usually, passing drivers are always waiting for the vehicle to cross right on the hill where Cicalobak beach is located.

After reading reviews about Cicalobak beach, there is nothing wrong if one day when you visit Garut to visit Cicalobak beach. The sensation of the different scenery that is presented can always impress visitors. The charm of Cicalobak beach, whose natural beauty is still perfectly preserved, should be preserved by future generations.


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