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Cicaladi Beach is located in Sukatani village, Surade sub-district, Sukabumi district, West Java. This beach is a beach that is still very natural and not many outsiders know of its existence and beauty. Only the local people know about it and often visit there.

Even so, Cicaladi beach actually has its own charms such as the naturalness of the beach and exoticism that is not inferior to other big and famous beaches. In addition, Cicaladi beach also has not been officially managed so it is not surprising that there are not many facilities available.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Cicaladi Beach

To enter Cicaladi Beach there is no charge or free, especially on weekdays. It’s just that on weekends visitors will be charged a parking fee. So, this beach is included in the list of the cheapest destinations in Sukabumi and is friendly to all groups of students, housewives, employees, and so on.

To get to this beach, you can use private vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. However, if you have reached a certain area, the road cannot be passed by four-wheeled vehicles.

To get to Cicaladi beach, you can pass the Cikidang route which has a fairly difficult road then head to Jampang Kulon, Surade district. Then after entering the beach area in Cikaret, new visitors can continue the journey to Cicaladi beach.

In addition, the end can also pass the route of Jalan Cisako, Cidahu village then enter Ciroyom Jati forest then continue walking or ask local residents about Cicaladi beach or Karangbolong beach so that they can reach the beach.

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Tourism Object on Cicaladi Beach

1. Beautiful White Sand Beach

Cicaladi Beach is a beach that has clean and soft white sand. This is because not many visitors have stopped at this beach, so it doesn’t leave a lot of trash. The view of the white sand can at least be used by visitors to just play sand, volleyball, and soccer.

Moreover, this beach is still quite quiet so it can be a place for the calmest refreshing and enjoying for visitors who like a quiet atmosphere. The stretch of white sand combined with the blue sea adds to the exoticism of this beach. Surely the scenery can be a background for selfie photos or just as a photography object for visitors.

2. Rock View

Around Cicaladi beach, there are several rocks and on the right and left, there is a fairly high greenish hill. The coral rocks around the beach are often used by local people as fishing spots. The ocean waves hitting the rocks at the edges make the waves sound cooler and amazing.

3. There are many fish seen around the beach

The ocean around the coast of Cicaladi, there are many types of fish that often appear and can be seen from the mainland coast. This can be a special attraction for visitors as a treat for an amazing view. Besides that, it also attracts visitors to fish and take pictures around the coast and ocean.

4. Suitable for Surfing

The waves on the Cicaladi coast are quite large and high, making it suitable for use as a place to surf or surf. It’s just that if visitors want it they have to bring their own surfing equipment from home. This is because there are not many facilities and equipment available on this beach because there is no management yet.

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Even so, visitors who are surfing must still be careful and it is for those who have been trained. It aims to maintain one’s own safety and so on. So, surfing on Cicaladi beach will still be satisfied for visitors.

5. As a Camping Place

This beach is not many or crowded with visitors. Therefore, it is very suitable to be used as a camping place with family and friends. There, visitors can be content to camp for a few days if they want and have enough supplies.

Even so, visitors must still bring the necessities and camping equipment from their own homes, considering that this beach does not provide facilities in the form of camping equipment and the like. In addition, visitors must be careful and keep the beach clean.

6. As a fishing spot

Cicaladi Beach is also suitable if it is used as a fishing spot. Local residents are often seen looking for fish around this beach, including by fishing, not by boat. Likewise, visitors can also fish on this beach as long as they bring their own equipment from home.

The results of the visitors’ lure can be processed by burning on the beach while enjoying the exotic scenery of Cicaladi beach and its surroundings. So, visitors are not only treated to beautiful natural scenery and the beauty of this beach, but they are also free to do other beach activities as long as they keep the beach clean.

7. Sunset and Sunrise views

Cicaladi Beach offers views of the setting sun with yellowish and orange colors, where the color of the sky above the ocean looks even more beautiful. Meanwhile, when the sun starts to appear, the rays make the beach sand look whiter and seem shiny. This is certainly a special attraction for visitors.

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Visitors can just enjoy the beauty of the scenery. Besides that, you can also capture the moment by taking pictures as a photographic object. For visitors who like selfies, they can use the sunset and sunrise views as their photo background.

That is the review of Cicaladi beach which is no less interesting than the big beaches in Bali and so on. This beach can be an alternative for your natural tourist destinations with friends and family. Especially for those of you who are in the Sukabumi area themselves and should not miss this beach tourist destination.


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