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It is no longer a secret that from Sabang to Merauke in our country this is bordered by a long coastline and makes it a country archipelago richest in the world. Anyone must know Sukabumi. Yups, this district in West Java Province is not only famous for its mochi, ciuk and oncom cakes, but also for its natural beauty such as beaches. Sukabumi is an area of ​​48.42 km2 which is used as a transit where there is Pelabuhan Ratu as a place for small ships to dock as well as a maritime field for residents to search for. Where there is a port there must be marine tourism objects.

Sukabumi is surrounded by various beaches starting from Nyi Roro Kidul Beach which is attached as a canal from Jogja’s Parangtritis Beach to Cibangban Beach. The beach, which is located on the Cisolok highway, Pasir Baru, Palabuhanratu city, Sukabumi, West Java, is managed directly by the Sukabumi government and not only displays sand that is free from garbage, cool trees and the clarity of the sea waves but also various other facilities that make access easier. visitors to enjoy the day at this tourist attraction.

The public facilities provided include lifeguard or Coast guards who are generally present on holidays only because this marine tourism object is only visited by tourists who love peace and photography because of course Cibangban Beach provides various photo hits spots. Other than that; access roads, large parking lots, public toilets and food stalls are also available there.

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Ticket prices at Cibangban Beach

This beach with soft sand is open to the public from Monday-Sunday or every day with an entrance ticket per person for only Rp. 2000 with a day’s access to be able to relax enjoying the calm waves and beautiful sunrise and sunset. Ticket prices for holidays usually only double, which of course is still pocket-friendly to compensate for order services. The parking price charged is IDR 3000 for motorbikes, IDR 12,000 for private cars and mini buses, while IDR 22,000 for large trucks or buses with a large area so that picnics with family and relatives run smoothly.

To be able to find this marine tourism location is not difficult because it is located not far from the main road and Pelabuhan Ratu which is only about 10 minutes or about 10 km. If you already know the location of Pelabuhan Ratu or is from within the Sukabumi area, you only need to find a gate with a size of 10 km from the Pelabuhan Ratu. After finding the gate, you only need to turn and follow the signs and keep going until you find the location of Cibangban Beach without any roadblocks because the access to this tour has been repaired by the local government. For visitors who come from Central Java, East Java and the surrounding areas, the trip may take a long time. For visitors from Central Java and its surroundings who use private vehicles, it is recommended to go through the Cipali Toll road rather than the Pantura Highway because it will save 1 hour of travel. From the Cipali Toll Road as far as 515.4 km to Sukabumi you will pass the capital city of Bandung Province towards the south of Sukabumi by following the direction until you find Ratu Harbor as a benchmark. Visitors who come from the Jakarta, Tangerang or Bekasi area can take the Jagorawi toll road and the Tangkil-Agrabinta road, which if coming from Central Jakarta will only take 3 hours 50 minutes. Visitors from Banten can go through the Pantura Highway, Merak Toll Road or if they pass Jakarta they can continue to the Tangerang Toll Road with a total travel time of about 6 hours.

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The beauty of Cibangban Beach

1. Exotic Beach

What makes this beach exotic is that the place is not so crowded that it makes this beach look beautiful and exotic while on a remote island and rarely touched by mankind.

2. Wave clarity

In addition to the exotic beaches, visitors will be increasingly spoiled by the clear waves due to the combination of the high seas in Java waters.

3. Soft Sand

The soft sand is included in nature’s facilities because of the sensation that relaxes the feet and can clear the brain.

4. Spot the best Photos and Selfies

Because the place is rarely touched by human feet, making this beach as a beach on a remote island, visitors can climb themselves with fun selfies with exotic poses or for photo lovers who want to capture the moment is highly recommended.

5. Clean location

The strict prohibition from the government for anyone littering is a special bonus for this tour which makes it one of the cleanest beaches in Sukabumi.

This beach, which is located not far from Pelabuhan Ratu, has an exotic face like a beach on a remote island that is rarely touched by humans so that it offers a clean, cool and peaceful nuance which is perfect for adventurers with style. Bohemian who take advantage of quiet tourism as a place of relaxation.


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