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Apart from Balekambang Beach, there are several beaches in Malang that attract tourists, one of which is Goa Cina Beach. This beautiful and original beach is also increasingly popular from year to year.

Goa China Beach

So, if you want to enjoy the beaches in Malang, don’t just visit Balekambang Beach because there are also those Goa China Beach which is a pity to miss.

This beach has a very beautiful and unspoiled view. You can enjoy the fresh air and white sand that spoils your view.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Chinese Goa Beach

To enter the Goa China Beach area and enjoy all its beauty, you are required to buy an entrance ticket for IDR 4,000.

Apart from enjoying the view, there are several facilities that are quite spoiling for tourists. Such as musholla, toilet, and food stalls. For parking space, one vehicle will be charged IDR 5,000.

This beach is located in Tumpak Awu hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang City. If from the city center of Malang, Goa Cina Beach is located in the south by taking the route to the Gadang that goes to Bululawang. From Bululawang, head towards Turen, then to Dampit, and to Sumber Manjung Wetan.

While on the trip, you will be presented with a view of the limestone mountain, to be precise when you are in Druju Village. Before arriving at Goa Cina Beach, you will also see a designed bridge in Bajul Mati Village. Bajulmati Bridge is located above the sea estuary and has a length of 80 meters. While the width is approximately 20 meters for the two lines.

The bridge architecture is quite interesting because there is a 20 meter high pole that is curved in a longitudinal position. This makes the Bajulmati bridge very distinctive and easy to recognize. Later, in Bajul Mati village there will be a T-junction leading to the beach location. The journey from Malang city takes about 3 hours.

Interesting things in Goa Beach, China

Here are various tourist attractions on Goa Cina Beach that you can enjoy:

1. The beauty of Goa Cina Beach

This beach is famous because it is still natural, both the scenery and the sea water is still clear. With a cool breeze, you will enjoy the view of the beach complete with the sound of the waves.

The sand of Goa Cina Beach is sparkling white and along the coast are lined with cembirit and ketapang trees. In addition, there is also a view of a row of cliffs on the beach.

2. Learn the history of the unique Chinese Goa Beach

Initially, this beach was called Rowo Indah Beach. However, after the arrival of a Chinese monk, this beach later changed its name to Goa Cina Beach, to be precise in 1903.

The word Chinese cave comes from the hermitage of the Chinese monk in a cave on the edge of the beach. The monk never came out and was later found dead and left behind his bones, Chinese writing on the walls of the cave and a bowl.

3. Visit the cave where the monk from China meditates

In the middle of the beach, there are three large rocks and overgrown with grass that make it resemble an island, one of which is the island of Goa Cina. On the island of Goa Cina, this monk was meditated until the end of his life. To go to the cave, you have to be careful because the route requires passing a narrow path and also climbing rocks.

Goa is 50 meters on the right side of the beach. Actually the cave is a cavity in the rock. So you won’t find stalactites and stalagmites. Apart from passing through narrow streets, when you arrive at the cave door you also have to be careful because the entrance is only half a meter high.

Perhaps one of the attractions of this cave apart from being a Chinese monk hermitage is that the cave is also a place for community rituals. Local people who want to ask for blessings and good luck in the cave are given the condition to bring papaya stems.

4. Three-way Ocean Current

This beach is included in the South Coast cluster so that it has strong ocean currents. However, these currents can become unique waves that are saying to be passed. The currents that intersect from three directions, East, South and West, collide between Nyonya and Bantengan islands, causing a roar.

Because it has a dangerous current, swimming to the middle of the beach is not recommended because it is very dangerous. This strong current also makes Goa Cina Beach an unsafe place to swim.

5. Camping

For those of you who like camping, take it easy because on this beach you can camp. You just need to prepare your equipment before leaving. If you forget to bring lunch, take it easy because in this beach area there are stalls selling food.

6. Beach sports

Apart from camping, tourists are also allowed to do some beach sports such as beach volleyball and beach soccer. So your vacation on this beach is not boring.

7. Culinary Tour

You don’t need to bother if you forget to bring your lunch because there are many stalls available here that provide light and heavy meals that you can eat.

That’s a brief review of Goa Cina Beach in the city of Malang. This beach is no less famous than Balekambangan Beach.


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