Check out the terms, fees and methods for making a new passport in 2018

Travel Blog Indonesia – When planning to travel abroad, the first thing you shouldn’t forget is to bring your passport.

A passport is an official document issued by the competent authority of a country which contains the identity of the holder and is valid for traveling between countries.

So, if you don’t have this mandatory item but have made plans for a vacation trip abroad, you should immediately make a passport from now on.

For you to know, making a passport is now much easier than in the previous year. Not only manually, you can also make it online or via Whatsapp.

So that you don’t get confused, let’s see the complete review of the following passport making!

Requirements for Making a New Passport

1600678119 522 Check out the terms fees and methods for making a - Check out the terms, fees and methods for making a new passport in 2018

Before making a new passport, there are several conditions that you must fulfill first. These provisions include several originals and photocopies which must be brought to the local immigration office.

Here are some requirements that you must bring:

  • Original E-KTP and photocopy
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, latest certificate, or original baptismal certificate and photocopy (just select one of the documents that includes information on the name, place, date of birth, and name of the parents).
  • Original and photocopy of family card
  • Stamp


Manually Making New Passports

1. Go to the local immigration office in the district or city where you live. Try to come in the morning before 12:00, because the number of applicants is limited to 200 people per day.

2. Don’t forget to bring all the documents that have been prepared.

3. After arriving, fill out the passport application form available at the immigration office’s passport application counter. Make sure to fill in the data according to the information in official documents.

4. When finished, you can submit the form to the counter for making a new passport to get proof of receipt and a schedule for taking fingerprints and photos.

5. After going through the process of taking fingerprints and photos, the stage you have to pass is the interview stage. This interview is conducted to verify the original document with the information written on the passport application form.

6. If you have completed all these steps, the next thing to do is make a payment. If so, you will get information when the passport will be finished and can be collected.

Making New Passports Online

Check out the terms fees and methods for making a - Check out the terms, fees and methods for making a new passport in 2018

For those of you who want to avoid long queues when applying for a passport, you should take steps online which are more practical than the manual method.

1. Download the official Online Passport Queue application.

2. Register yourself by filling in the complete identity listed in the passport queue application. After registering, your account will be verified via email.

3. Login again after the account is verified.

4. Select the nearest immigration office to your place of residence.

5. Complete the passport queue application data. The data includes the date of the passport arrangement.

6. Check the queue schedule that you submitted whether it has been approved or not.

7. If it has been approved, the next step is to come to the immigration office according to schedule. Show the barcode when you come there to get printed proof of the call sequence number.

8. Wait until you get a call, then submit the passport management file and make the payment. Wait until all processes are successfully done.

Unfortunately this application can only be used by Android phones with an operating system of at least 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and above. Next …


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