Capitol Singapore

Historic centre of attention

Architectural Design

The Capitol Building, located at the junction of North Bridge Road and Stamford Road, is a neoclassical structure that was originally designed by architectural firm Keys & Dowdeswell. Commissioned by the Namazie family, the building was completed in 1933, four years after the Capitol Theatre.

The Capitol Building’s striking façade and portico facing the road junction have made it one of singapore‘s most recognizable landmarks. The giant billboards that adorned the building, featuring posters of the latest movies screening at Capitol Theatre, attracted the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike.

Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre, which adjoins the Capitol Building, was the premier cinema in Singapore when it first opened. It dominated the Singapore movie scene for decades and continues to be a significant cultural venue today.

The theatre has undergone careful restoration to preserve its original architectural details. It features an Art Deco entrance, a curved cantilevered canopy, and a vaulted roof embellished with the 12 zodiac signs. Sculptures of winged horses and their riders flank the stage, adding to the theatre’s grandeur and charm.

Today, Capitol Theatre hosts a variety of events, including dance and theatrical productions, film screenings, and red-carpet movie premieres.

Shopping and entertainment hub

Capitol Singapore

The Capitol Building, together with Capitol Centre, Capitol Theatre, and Stamford House, form Capitol Singapore—a vibrant lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment development.

This integrated development offers a range of amenities and attractions, including the ultra-luxurious Capitol Kempinski Hotel, Eden Residences—Capitol’s luxury apartments, Capitol Piazza, and Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski.

Capitol Piazza

Capitol Piazza is a retail stretch located on Level 1 of Capitol Singapore. It houses a selection of luxury boutiques, including Cortina Watches, CYC, and Wu Pao Chun, a renowned Taiwanese bakery.

Visitors can indulge in a luxurious shopping experience, browsing through high-end fashion and accessories, and discovering unique and exquisite items.

Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski

Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski is a stretch of F&B establishments that offer a diverse range of cuisines from around the world.

One of the highlights of Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski is Frieda, a German restaurant where visitors can enjoy authentic German cuisine and beer. Berthold Delikatessen is a specialty coffee and pastry shop that offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Capitol Milk Bar, on the other hand, serves up comfort food in a nostalgic setting.

The underground walkway within Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski provides convenient access to the mall from the City Hall Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists.


The Capitol Building, with its rich history and architectural beauty, has been restored to its former glory as part of Capitol Singapore. The integration of historical buildings with modern amenities has transformed the area into a vibrant hub of shopping, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

Whether you are exploring the luxury boutiques at Capitol Piazza, enjoying a performance at Capitol Theatre, or indulging in a culinary adventure at Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Capitol Singapore offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

As one of City Hall’s landmarks, the Capitol Building continues to captivate and inspire with its timeless elegance and charm. It serves as a testament to Singapore’s rich history and its commitment to preserving and celebrating its cultural heritage.

Plan your visit to Capitol Singapore and immerse yourself in the captivating blend of history and modernity that this iconic destination has to offer.

Address And Location:

11 Stamford Road, Singapore 178884

  • Operating Hours

    Capitol Piazza and Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski
    Daily 10.30am-10.30pm.

  • 11 Stamford Road, Singapore 178884

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