Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi + Location Fee

Location: Karang Kitri, Karang Mulya Village, RT. 001 RW. 001, Bojongmangu District, Bekasi, West Java, 17356
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HTM: IDR 3,000 / person
Open and close:
Telephone: (021) 70211337

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Nature tourism is always fun. The place is cool and refreshes the eyes, so we don’t want to leave. Moreover, the natural scenery is always beautiful with lush trees. In the Bekasi area, there are both interesting and charming places like this.

The location is adjacent to the Bogor area. It can be said that the location is directly adjacent to the Bogor area which is famous for its cold temperatures. That’s why the area temperature isn’t too hot. Especially if at night, you will feel the temperature turning cold.

Usually the place is filled with scouts carrying out activities. Therefore, this area is called the Karang Kitri campground. Even so, ordinary people could also use this location. They not only consist of people who have hobbies with nature activities, but ordinary families can also do activities here. Moreover, the facilities are also available.

Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi Location Fee - Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi + Location Fee
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Camping in the open air with a beautiful atmosphere is certainly a pleasant experience. There is nothing wrong with trying an activity like this every now and then. We rarely can enjoy a campfire in the middle of the cold night while chatting. Then wake up to witness the beautiful nature in the morning. Interesting right?

1600695521 230 Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi Location Fee - Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi + Location Fee
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The route to the location

This campsite is located in the village of Karang Mulya. This village is within the Bojong Mangu sub-district. Previously, Bojong Mangu entered Cibarusah sub-district before standing alone. Cibarusah is a district with the largest area in Bekasi. This sub-district is included in the administrative area of ​​Bekasi district, West Java province.


If you start driving from the city center of Bekasi regency, you have to cover a distance of seven kilometers to Karang Mulya. For the access they want to use, visitors can go through the Jakarta toll road to Cikampek. Then take exit 37, central Cikarang area. To be clearer, you can see the location map on the google map.

1600695523 82 Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi Location Fee - Camping Ground Tour Karang Kitri Bojongmangu Bekasi + Location Fee
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Entrance ticket

At first, this place was not open to the public. In accordance with its function, the vast land is used as a camping ground for scout members. For this reason, the entrance fee to this area differs between scout members and the general public.

If you are a scout member doing activities here, the entry fee is only Rp. 2500 per person. While those of you who come from the general public, the entrance fee is charged Rp. 3000 per person. In addition, you are also charged a parking fee if you bring a vehicle.

For motorbikes, the parking fee is Rp. 5000. Then for each car, the parking fee is doubled to Rp. 10,000.If you don’t bring your tent equipment from home, rental accommodation is available here. For one unit of team tent measuring 4 x 5, the rent is Rp. 45,000 per day. Tents of other sizes, the costs can be seen directly at the manager’s place.

We recommend that you make a reservation before coming so that all the needs you want are available on site. Especially the place and size of the desired tent. Telephone numbers for information or reservations are provided above.

Enchantment of Camping Ground in Karang Kitri

Kitri coral is a very beautiful place. The scenery around this place is quite captivating. According to information, Bojong Mangu sub-district is the highest area in Bekasi. This area is indeed famous for its natural charm.

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This campground is in the rural area of ​​Karang Mulya. Like a village, there are still many trees that grow, tall and varied. Then, visitors can see the rivers, rice fields and plantation lands scattered here.

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From a distance, you can see the beauty of several mountains. The mountains are Bongkok, Putri and Pangrango. There are unique things that you can enjoy right here. If you wake up very early in the morning, the breathtaking scenery is truly served by nature. You can see the sun rising or rising to earth very clearly from this place.

Of course, after being in Karang Kitri you will never miss the opportunity to see it. Generally, the residents around here have professions related to the nature in which they live.

For example, farmers to plant rice or other crops on dry or wet land. In addition, they also raise several animals that are of economic value such as cows, chickens, goats, freshwater fish and so on.

The Karang Kitri campground is managed by a Bekasi scout organization. The land used for camping is very wide. If measured the area is about 40 hectares. It is said that this campsite is the largest camping site in the Bekasi area.

Moreover, the location is also in the highlands. From the atmosphere and land area, this place is indeed suitable for camping activities. Including attractive land to do other natural activities.

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For large activities, this land can accommodate 3000 people. The area is divided into three so it doesn’t stack up. So, the capacity of each area is adjusted to 1000 people. MCK or bathroom facilities are also divided into three according to the number of areas.

Apart from Karang Kitri, there are other campsites located in Bekasi. The place is called the Jatisari campsite. This place is near the Cikeas river. The location is also still green with beautiful hills. The Bekasi government is deliberately developing this area.

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You can do many activities if you visit. Not only camping, visitors can do various outbound activities that are already available. They can climb in the surrounding hills because this area is in a highland. On the river, they can do rowing and fishing. In addition, visitors can also venture into the forest or the countryside.

Facilities available

Facilities for campsite users are fully available. You don’t need to worry too much when you get to the location. The parking area provided is very large. There are also several toilets or bathrooms available. For those of you who are Muslims, a Mushalla for a place of worship has also been built.

In addition, visitors can find a pavilion that can be used for various activities. The security guarantee of this place is also pretty good. However, caution must always be maintained. The road to the location has also been on asphalt so it is easy to access.

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Of course, visiting nature is looking for supporting facilities. Here, facilities for outbound activities have been prepared by the manager. In fact, you can easily rent camping equipment if you plan to stay overnight in nature.

They not only rent out tents and equipment, you can ask the manager to set up a camping tent as well as build a campfire. If you plan to spend the night in the shade, you can also look for lodging around here.

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Next, you also need to prepare important equipment to carry. Especially food and medicines that may not be available on site. To be more economical, you can also bring tents and equipment from home.


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