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Brumbun Beach is located in the village of Wonokoyo, Tanggunggunung District, 35 km south of the city of Tulungagung. Unlike Popoh Beach, there are very few road directions to Brumbun Beach. The road to Brumbun Beach is quite difficult. The asphalt road is bumpy, many of which have been damaged. For those who use a car, they have to give in when they bump into another car. The road is quite narrow … But when you see the natural scenery from the top of the hill, admiration will come out of our mouths. The natural beauty is visible approximately 300 meters before entering Brumbun Beach. The vast expanse of sea and blue, several small green islands, will make our eyes shine again. We just need to go down a fairly steep road and have a sharp bend, we can play with the calm blue sea water. At Brumbun Beach, there is no ticket withdrawal like other tourist attractions. There is also no parking attendant. You can just put the vehicle on the beach according to your own will. There are also no food stalls on this Brumbun Beach. Maybe the traders are going home for Eid. Fortunately, Pentol’s brother came on a motorbike, so I immediately bought Rp. 5,000, – to prop the stomach … Brumbun Beach is not that long, approximately 500 meters. Brumbun Beach is a bay from the sea off the Indian Ocean. The sea is calm so it is nice to swim. At the end of the bay some anglers were busy with their hooks. While on the right of Brumbun Beach there is a delta of white sand, which is surrounded by rivers. It’s so much fun to play soccer. Electricity has not yet arrived in this village. Residents use solar cells for lighting.

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