Bragi Rolled Meatballs, Unique Meatballs That Are Not Round But Delicious

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Travel Blog Indonesia – The more unique the meatball is here. Previously, we discussed the Rusuk Setan meatballs, the Former Grave meatballs, the Blanket meatballs, the Bowl meatballs, and the Cimol Cilok Beranak meatballs.

Now is the time for the Reservation team to discuss the Roll Bragi meatball.

If you are bored with round meatballs or round meatballs with children, maybe you should try this unique meatball.

Rolled meatballs, not just ground meat that is rolled up like risoles.

But there is a layer of skin that makes it more supple on the outside, and dense on the inside.

If you want to experience the enjoyment of this rolled meatball yourself, you have to take a trip to the city of rain and public transportation, Bogor.

The place is in the Bakso Gulung Baragi shop, close to the culinary line of Bangbarung Raya, Bogor city.

The shape is oval with a length of about 5 cm, this unique culinary delicacy is made of meat dough wrapped in tofu flower so it looks stringy. About the taste, hmm, it’s really good.

This Rolled Meatball is the creation of Mr. Priadi (43), a native Jombang man who married a Bogor man, has been exploring the meatball business since 1990.

In the past, he was still selling regular meatballs, with his cart around the Bangbarung area. But now he has his own shop that culinary connoisseurs are looking for.

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Riyadi admitted that making the rolled meatball only requires two tries to find the right mixture.

If you happen to be on vacation in a rainy city, Bogor is really obliged to come here.

Location and Price of Bragi Rolled Meatballs

  • Price: One portion of the rolled meatball is sold at different prices. Rp.14,000 for the brain-brain roll meatball, to Rp.18,000 for the meatball roll. The last variant uses the lamusir, or cow’s back.
  • The complementary menu of Roll Bragi meatballs is almost the same as other meatballs in general, such as yellow noodles, rice noodles, kwetiau and vegetables.
  • The location of Bakso Gulung Bragi is on Jalan Palayu Raya number 15, Bogor.
  • Opening Hours: Open every day, starting at 09.00-21.00 WIB.

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