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What do you think when you hear the word “Lagoon”? Yes, a lagoon is a pool or a spring located near the beach and the edge of the lagoon is still a pile of sand that forms hills.

Kebumen Regency has several enchanting beaches with exotic lagoons that are enough to make your eyes don’t want to look away. One of the famous beaches in Kebumen, namely Menganti beach which has a beautiful panorama. But this time, Pantainesia will review the beach in Kebumen which also has a stunning panorama, namely Bopong beach.

Bopong Beach is one of the beaches in Kebumen Regency, Central Java. This beach is quite different from other beaches owned by Kebumen Regency which are mostly coral beaches with black to grayish sand. Bopong Beach has the charm of a white sand beach with a wide expanse, plus a beautiful lagoon.

Entrance ticket prices at Bopong Beach

Almost the same as other beaches in Kebumen Regency, where these beaches have quite affordable entrance tickets. Even to enter Bopong Beach, you only need to pay a parking ticket of IDR 2,000.00 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000.00 for four-wheeled vehicles. How? Cheap enough, right?

Bopong Beach is located in Surorejan Village, Puring District, Kebumen Regency. If you are in Kebumen City, then you have to cover a distance of 24 kilometers to the southwest and 20 kilometers from the city of Gombong. There are several favorite routes that are often used by visitors to reach Bopong beach.

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If you depart from the city of Kebumen, then you can enter the Ronggowarsito road towards Jalan Raya Petahanan. Then follow the road to Klirong sub-district. Continue your journey until you reach Petahanan sub-district. Next you will find Deandles Street at the T-junction of the village of Klegensari. Take the right path from the road, go straight up to the Munggu junction.

From the Munggu junction you go straight until you enter Puring sub-district and Surorejan village. So easy, right? Bopong Beach is located next to Lembupurwo beach which is behind karst hills. The scenery displayed is quite unique, bordering a high karst hill area with a sloping Bopong beach.

Tourism Object on Bopong Beach

1. Turtle Breeding Locations

As one of the beaches facing the free ocean with a fairly wide stretch of sand, Bopong Beach has an attraction, namely being one of the three beaches that are used as locations for turtles to lay eggs and breed naturally. No wonder there are many activities in the form of releasing turtle hatchlings in a certain season.

2. Enjoy the Enchantment of the South Beach Ferocious Waves

Bopong Beach is a relatively new beach to explore, although this beach has easy access and is close to the city center. Bopong Beach, which does not have coral rocks, makes the waves that hit the shoreline quite ferocious, according to the characteristics of the waves of the southern sea.

3. Enjoy the exotic Bopong Beach Lagoon

400 meters from the shoreline of Bopong there is a lagoon which is quite unique and has a very beautiful view. This lagoon is decorated and repaired as attractive as possible by local residents and community organizations, so that it can become a source of regional income. Many instagramable photo points for you to save and upload on social media pages.

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The location of most photo spots is in the Laguna Beach area of ​​Bopong. To take pictures at this photo location you are free of charge, so everything is free. Pretty fun, right? Don’t forget, before traveling to Bopong beach, prepare your camera and smartphone to capture every moment of your day at Bopong beach.

4. Beach trips as well as culinary tours

Near the tourist sites of Bopong beach, you can easily find several stalls selling typical Kebumen regency food, namely Tempe Mendoan, Nasi Penggel and Pecel. The sensation of enjoying the beach view accompanied by this traditional Kebumen food can make your holiday tour an unforgettable culinary tour.

5. Fun to play water in the lagoon

So, if the waves at Bopong beach are very dangerous to be used as a place to play, then you can enjoy water games at Bopong Beach Lagoon. The lagoon is not too deep and far from ocean waves, will keep you and your family in a safe zone when playing water. This water game can also be done by building sand castles.

6. Enjoy the Contemporary Chicken Noodle “Oye Chicken Noodle”

If you are tired of playing with water and sand around the lagoon, you can stop by the canteen provided by the local community. There is something that is quite well known is Oye Chicken Noodles. Chicken noodles have indeed been considered as one of the popular foods owned by residents of Kebumen Regency. The price is cheap and filling makes it an option.

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7. Calm Enjoying the Sunset at Bopong Beach

The location of Bopong beach, which is located in the southwestern part of the city of Kebumen, makes this beach has an exotic view at sunset. The sensation of changing the color of the free ocean that turns black, coupled with the combination of the red sky and sun will make you amazed by the grace of God of the universe.

Have you planned your vacation agenda to Bopong Beach? Come on, schedule your vacation immediately and enjoy the sensation of taking pictures in the morning, culinary tours in the afternoon and enjoying the sunset in the afternoon. With low travel costs, you can travel all day long with your family.



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