Blendung Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

Blendung Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Pemalang Regency. This beach is in the village of belendung, Ulujami Pemalang sub-district. Access to the beach via the Pantura Comal line to the north. From comal you can go through the kauman, implant, wonokromo, mojo, pamutih, limbangan, and blendung route or via ambokulon, gandu, pamutih, limbangan, san blendung. The admission ticket to the beach fluctuates for a weekday of 5,000 per person while for the holiday season is 10000. The condition of the beach itself is clean although sometimes dirty, especially during holidays, lots of sea pine trees and small huts along the beach. Beach opening hours from 5.30 to 18.00


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