Black eggs, delicious food from China and Japan that can make you live long

Black eggs (

Travel Blog Indonesia – When you see an egg with a black shell and the inside of the egg is also black, surely you will think the egg is rotten and unfit for consumption.

In fact, in China and Japan these eggs are consumed and become a delicious and nutritious dish.

Black eggs from China

If in China, eggs are black or what we are better known as Pitan eggs are known by names thousand-year egg.

This dish is made from fermented duck and chicken eggs with a mixture of clay, ash, salt calcium oxide and husks for several months, depending on the method of manufacture.

Through this process, the color of the eggs will change, the yolk will turn gray with a different texture creamy plus the distinctive aroma of sulfur and ammonia. Meanwhile, the egg white will turn a translucent dark brown with a slightly salty taste.

Benefits of Pitan Eggs, reportedly, this pitan egg is efficacious for neutralize acid content in the body, so that it can balance the acid-base conditions in the body.

Serving Pitan EggsIn Shanghai, China, pitan eggs are usually eaten with cold tofu, while in Taiwan, these black eggs or pitan eggs are served chopped on top of cold tofu, katsuobushi, shoyu, and sesame oil.

However, most commonly these pitan eggs are served with pureed and cold salad. Hmmm… how come you don’t want to taste it?

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Black Eggs in Japan

Not only China has black eggs, but the land of Sakura also has black eggs known by names Kuro Tamago.

In contrast to black eggs from China, the eggshell and egg contents are black.

In Japan, only the claws are black, while the inside remains white and yellow.

Kuro Tamago is a chicken egg that is boiled in a special way by boiling it directly in the boiling sulfur lake.

The sulfur water in this lake reacts to the egg shell, giving it a dark color. Mak not surprisingly, this egg has an aroma and a hint of sulfur

Benefits of Kuro tamago, These eggs are not only unique, however Kuro tamago also has properties for anyone who eats black eggs, it is believed to make a long life for 7 years.

  • Kuro tamago can only be found in Owakudani, Hakone, Japan.
  • Price of Kuro Tamago: A bag of Kuro tamago containing five eggs costs 500 yen, equivalent to Rp.58,000. If you eat these five eggs, it is said that you can increase your age by 35 years, you know.

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