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Maybe you still rarely hear the name Bias Tugel Beach. No wonder, because other beaches are more famous than this one. however, if you like white sandy beaches that tend to be quiet, you should try to visit Bias Tugel Beach.

The name of this beach also reflects the circumstances that you will find in it. The word bias means sand, while tugel means truncated. Literally, it means cut sand. This beach is so named because the location of this beach seems to be “cut off” by a large rock that is located here. although small, its beauty is beyond doubt.

Entrance ticket prices at Bias Tugel Beach

You don’t need to pay to enter Bias Tugel Beach. But because of this, don’t expect to find qualified facilities like on other beaches, such as hotels, resorts and restaurants. But you don’t need to worry, you can still find stalls to buy food.

Bias Tugel Beach is located about 57 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport by motorized vehicle, this beach can be reached by traveling about one and a half hours. Before reaching this beach, you will also pass Padang Bai Harbor.

After reaching the Padang Bai port, you have to cover another 500 meters. This route is indeed full of rocks and the road is quite steep so it is tiring, but your efforts will pay off once you arrive at Bias Tugel beach. You will immediately see white sand and clear sea water.

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Before reaching the Padang Bai port location, you will find an intersection. Select the path that leads to the right to reach the Bias Tugel beach location. In addition, if you are interested, you take a left turn. Just like Bias Tugel Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach is also a beautiful and hidden beach.

Tourism Object on Bias Tugel Beach

1. Enjoy a hidden beach location

The existence of high rocks on the right and left of this beach makes it seem like they are separated from other beaches next to it. It is very suitable for families who are bringing their children on trips, because with this barrier, children will be easily supervised because they will not be too far from sight.

2. Surf

There are lots of beaches in Bali that are famous for being used as surfing or surfing spots, and some even regularly host international surfing championships. Some of them are Keramas Beach, Medewi Beach, and Balian Beach.

Now there is one more new addition for those of you who like to surf, none other than this Bias Tugel Beach. The advantages of Bias Tugel Beach are that the underwater life is still not disturbed by human activities, there are many beautiful coral reefs, and there are still many ornamental fish seen.

3. Witnessing the Waterblow Phenomenon

Maybe you haven’t heard this term before, but the waterblow phenomenon is one of the most unique natural phenomena that can occur in Indonesia. Waterblow is a phenomenon where sea water “spurt” upward due to a collision with a rock.

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You can see this phenomenon if you go 50 meters to the right of the beach. Because of its uniqueness, all tourists who visit this beach never miss it. At first glance, this phenomenon looks like a fountain.

4. Enjoy the Most Beautiful White Sand Beach in Bali

One of the reasons we, tourists, never get bored of visiting various beaches in Bali and various regions is because of the white sand. Not only sunrises and sunsets, Indonesia’s beaches are the perfect place to enjoy a stretch of sand.

One of the most beautiful white sandy beaches is undoubtedly Bias Tugel Beach. Even though it’s not as wide as other, more famous beaches, you won’t regret it when you visit this beach because the white sand is so charming.

5. Snorkeling

Bali is an island that is famous for its beaches, so it’s no wonder that many beaches here can be used as scuba diving or snorkeling spots. Some of them are Sanur Beach, Nusa Penida, and Amed Beach Karangasem.

Now, there is one more beach that you should try for snorkeling, namely Bias Tugel Beach. Because not many people know about this place, don’t be surprised to find underwater scenery that is very beautiful and has not been touched by humans. Guaranteed you will feel at home for long here.

6. Take a photo

Because of its beauty, of course you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take pictures on this beach.

7. Relax on the Rock

You can also use the large rocks that you can find here for very beautiful photo spots.

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If you are still confused about where to go for this vacation, don’t hesitate to add Bias Tugel Beach to your list.


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