Batu Karas Cijulang, The Most Fun Surfing Place in West Java


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Travel Blog Indonesia – Who says exciting surfing spots only exist in Bali? West Java also has a place surf fun at Batu Karas Cijulang.

This beach is located quite close to Pangandaran Beach. Batu Karas Cijulang is located on Jl. Batu Karas, Cijulang, Ciamis, West Java.

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Summarized from various sources by, (13/03/2017) besides surfing, there are many other things you can do on this black sand beach.


Exciting activities at Batu Karas Cijulang

For extreme sports lovers surf Of course you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be able to feel the sensation of surfing on this beach.

The popularity of Batu Karas Cijulang as the best surfing location has actually been heard by foreign tourists. Don’t be surprised if you meet a lot of foreign tourists when you get there.

In addition to athletes surf professionally, this place is also crowded with novice surfers.

Because, even though the waves there are quite high, the water is quite calm and safe. Beach managers also provide surfing equipment rental services complete with instructors. It’s really good for those of you who want to learn to surf.

When you are on the beach, it is fun to play water recreational rides such as jetski or banana boat. There are also games at Batu Karas Beach.

The atmosphere of your vacation on this beach is guaranteed to be even more exciting if it is interspersed with schedules for playing these water recreation rides.

A traveler with a high adventurous spirit like you certainly doesn’t want to miss this exciting activity. From Batu Karas Beach you can climb and make your own tent at Karang Nunggal.

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What makes this activity even more exciting is that you have to pass through large rocks along the way to this remote island.

If you want to try the sensation of hiking to Karang Nunggal, you can ask local residents to become guides.

Don’t want to spend your energy and prefer to relax all day on this black sand beach? You can too.

This beach is indeed the right location for you to relax and leyeh-leyeh enjoy vacation time.

With the beautiful natural scenery that is there, guaranteed to make all the fatigue and stress that you feel immediately dissolved.

Facilities at Batu Karas Beach

This one tourist spot is really right to call it a family vacation location. Why? Yes, because the facilities are quite complete and adequate.

Starting from restaurants, souvenir shops, to hotels and cottages already available here you know. If you really intend to spend more time there and stay at hotels around Batu Karas Beach, you can order them at www.Travel Blogger

How to get to Batu Karas Cijulang Beach

Getting to Batu Karas Cijulang Beach is quite easy. You can use your private vehicle such as a car or motorbike. Choose the direction to Pangandaran. After arriving, navigate to the Cijulang area. From there, there will be many clues that you can find to get to this beach.



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