Banyutowo Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

One of the beaches of Jepara that not many tourists know about is Banyutowo beach. The beach which is included in Balong village, Kembang district is about 30 km from the center of the town square of Jepara.

This beach destination managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) IX is also still natural and very suitable for those of you who want to have an adventure, because the location of the beach is behind forests and hills.

Price of admission

Banyutowo beach is managed directly by the PTPN company so that the ticket price for entering the beach location is not free. To enter the location, you will be charged IDR 2,000 on weekdays and IDR 5,000 on weekends or national holidays. The entrance ticket includes motorcycle parking and is used by the company for beach development and maintenance.

The road access to Balong village can be reached by motorbike through the Ngemplas T-junction then passing through teak forests and rubber hills. After climbing the hill, take the route to the village of Dermolo to proliman or Balong intersection. The road to the beach is quite far and not yet paved. About 5 km later, you will pass through a rubber forest with uneven and rocky road access.

Interesting thing

1. Beach with Low Salt Content (Banyu Towo)

As the name implies, Banyutowo beach has sea water with a very low salt content so it is fresh. As for the origin of the naming Banyutowo because near this beach there is a well which feels the water is not brackish but towo (fresh). In addition, the sea water on this beach is also very clear and will not cause the skin to become moist after swimming.

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2. Black Sandy Beach

On Banyutowo beach, there is a blackish brown sand that is very soft and natural, different from other Jepara beaches which have white sand. This black sand contains iron, so it is also called iron sand. Because of this, the government also uses it near the beach for export-quality sand mining locations.

3. Natural Green Scenery

The panorama of Banyutowo beach is very cool with a view of a very wide rubber forest, stretching from the south to the north. In addition, there are also views of coconut trees that are towering and swinging around the beach. Near the shoreline there are also many waru trees that can be used for shelter while enjoying the fresh sea air.

4. Bathing and Swimming Areas

Some people believe in the myth that bathing in the early hours of the morning at Banyutowo beach will cure various diseases. Besides having clear and fresh water, this beach also has waves that are not too big so it is safe to use for bathing, swimming, or just playing water. For those of you who want to sail the oceans around the coast, you can also rent small boats here.

5. Rides to Play and Places to Eat

Apart from being able to enjoy sand and sea water rides, you can also invite your family and children to enjoy rides such as swings, seesaw, and slides. Besides that, you can also take shelter in a beachside gazebo while enjoying the sea. If you and your family feel hungry after playing, you can also visit the food stalls around the beach.

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6. Fresh Coconut Drink

Banyutowo Beach is located opposite the rubber and coffee hills. In addition, on the way, you will find many coconut trees that grow towering around the beach. So during the long journey through the hills, you can try a fresh young coconut drink to unwind. This coconut can be picked directly from the tree, and can be enjoyed while watching the stretch of sand and ocean of Banyutowo.

7. View of the wharf and PLTU

The panorama of the sea off the coast of Banyutowo looks exotic against a backdrop of green rubber trees and hills. In addition, you can also see the view of the dock where the sand carrier is anchored and the PLTU which is located not far from the coast. The sea view will be even more exotic with the silhouette of the trees and the pier when the sun sets and makes the sky turn orange.

Banyutowo Beach is a tourist destination in Jepara that can give you an adventure in itself. Starting from the agricultural, shipping and mining sectors which can be very epic photo backgrounds. Apart from that, you can also witness the direct view of the workers taking rubber tree sap during the trip to the beach. And even though it is far from the city, communication access is not constrained by signals.


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