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Pacitan City is a paradise for the 65 coastlines that surround it, including Watu Bale Beach and of course Banyu Tibo Beach as its name comes from the East Javanese language meaning ‘falling water’, Banyu Tibo Beach is a beach with pure waterfalls from clear blue springs.

The location of exotic marine tourism in Banyu Tibo Beach proves that Pacitan City as one of the sub-districts in East Java Province is not only famous as a traffic jam spot during long holidays or Eid homecoming, but is also famous for its various natural nuances which certainly fascinates millions of visitors. who came to see him.

Banyu Tibo Beach, which is a place for Pacitan residents to escape from saturation, is home to beautiful rocks, exotic waterfalls, enchanting blue sea waves, hills and shady trees and a neighbor to Goa Gong, which is located not far from the marine tourism location of Banyu Beach. Tibo.

While the public facilities offered are prayer rooms, bathrooms and changing rooms, gazebos, a large parking area to a row of souvenir sellers with various coral trinkets and snack sellers to restaurants along with special seafood dishes prepared with local spices. which shakes the tongue accompanied by young, delicious and fresh coconut.

Entrance ticket prices at Banyu Tibo Beach

To be able to enter this area does not pay deep, enough with only IDR 2,000 on weekdays and IDR 3,000 on holidays or weekends per child while adults are charged IDR 3,000 on weekdays and IDR 5,000 on holidays where it is a fantastic price to be able to enjoy God’s gift that is bestowed on this Pacitan City in its long operational hours.

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For the parking fee itself, only Rp. 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles with a large and comfortable parking area.

The location of Banyu Tibo Beach is not far from the position of Watu Bale Beach because it is located on one coastline, precisely in the eastern part of the southern route of Pacitan City with detailed location in Donorojo District, precisely in Widoro Village in the South of Pacitan City. Visitors who come from within the city of Pacitan can move south with the help of GPS.

While visitors who come either from Central Java by taking the National Road III route or from West Java with the Cipali Toll road route can then take the Banyu Tibo Beach road, Pacitan, East Java where the Banyu Tibo Beach tourist location is about 40 km or 1 hour from the route location and will arrive at the entrance gate.

Tourism Object on Banyu Tibo Beach

1. Mountain waterfall

The thing that makes this waterfall on Banyu Tibo Beach different is the flow of mountain water that immediately falls onto the beach which makes it look beautiful like heaven on a remote island. There is not only one center of the waterfall, but there are more than two with one fairly swift flow of water through the soft brown sand.

2. Hills and rock clusters

Twisted green hills make the feel of this beach more exotic and cool to visit and become a comfortable and inexpensive relaxation spot. Not presenting a different nuance with the existence of exotic waterfall spots and hills, Banyu Tibo Beach also presents other interesting natural facilities such as clusters of rocks.

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3. Ocean blue waves

The clear sea and its bustling atmosphere make this beach the most fun place to be made for sunbathing and swimming. and do not miss the tourist location of Goa Gong which is not far away.

4. Surfing

The clear and large blue waves can also be used for surfing for experts because this place still does not have a lifeguard and board rental place. Playing surfing on this beach is fairly safe because the nature of the waves in Pacitan does not drag and will immediately break before reaching the shore.

5. Spot photos

Waterfalls, hills, blue sea waves are the reasons why visitors shouldn’t miss taking pictures. With so many natural landscapes, it certainly brings a happy atmosphere and produces cool photos too.

This exotic blue beach adds another characteristic of this city which is famous for traffic jams which can be used as a cheap and fun vacation spot. Banyu Tibo Beach with a natural waterfall from the mountains is a paradise for lovers of exoticism and tranquility.


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