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If you are looking for an unusual beach attraction, then you can visit Banyu Anjlok Beach in Malang, East Java. Apart from offering a beautiful beach view, there is one more thing that also presents beautiful and unusual views for visitors, namely waterfalls. Yes, on Banyu Anjlok Beach, there is a waterfall in the beach area.

Price of admission

To enter the Banyu Beach area and enjoy its natural beauty, you have to buy an entrance ticket for IDR 5,000. For parking, IDR 5,000 for two- and four-wheeled vehicles. Of course, this fee will later be used by the manager to improve facilities in the beach area for the convenience of visitors.

Banyu Anjlok Beach is located in Purwodadi Village, in Tirtoyudo District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. If you are from Malang city, it will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to reach the Banyu Anjlok Beach area. Even though it has a route that is not easy, all the sights that exist make the struggle worth it. From Malang city, take the road towards Kepanjen, then head towards Dampit, continue on to Lumajang and Tirtoyudo. Then take the road to the right that leads to Si Petot Beach and Pujiharjo. After following the path, you will arrive at a T-junction with directions to Lenggoksono Beach. Arriving at the Lenggoksono Beach information post, you can ask for information about transportation to Banyu Anjlok Beach.

There are several options for getting to Banyu Anjlok:

1. On foot

The first is on foot. This is suitable for those of you who like sports or are adventurous. The trip to get to the Banyu Beach area is quite far and will take approximately 1 hour drive. Of course, you have to prepare your stamina for this one choice.

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2. Take an ojek

Second, you can take an ojek at the base. You can rent ojek services which are usually offered by local residents. The latest motorcycle taxi fare to Banyu Anjlok Beach is around IDR 25,000 per person.

3. Take the boat

The third option is to use a boat. This option is suitable for those of you who go with your family with a four-wheeled vehicle because the car will definitely be parked at Lenggoksono Beach because the road to Banyu Anjlok Beach cannot be passed by four-wheeled vehicles. The fare to ride this boat is IDR 400,000 for 8 passengers. For the record, by using this boat service, you can enjoy three beaches, namely Banyu Anjlok, Teluk Kletakan, and Bolu Bolu. So, pretty practical, right?

Tips for passing the route to Banyu Beach Anjlok

  • Because the road conditions are quite challenging, prepare your physical condition to be in prime and fit. The journey on foot to Banyu Anjlok Beach will pass a winding road and full of quite steep inclines.
  • Leave early. Malang City is one of the cities with a favorite tourist attraction. If you go during the holidays, you will definitely be stuck in traffic if you don’t leave early.
  • Keep clean to maintain the comfort of other tourists, especially foreign tourists.
  • Be careful and keep safe. Apart from going through tough routes, you will also face heavy traffic.

Interesting thing

1. Waterfall

The waterfall directly meets the waves of the beach and this makes Banyu Anjlok Beach one of the most favorite tourist destinations in South Malang. In accordance with its natural conditions, the name Banyu Anjlok means “falling water” because the fresh water in the waterfall immediately falls onto the beach. This waterfall is very cool so you will feel at home playing around this waterfall.

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2. Goa Wallets Nest

Besides offering unique natural beauty such as beaches and waterfalls that meet each other, here is also a Sarang Dompet cave which makes this tourist attraction even more attractive.

3. Fishing

For those of you who have a hobby of fishing, fishing spots are also available here. Fishing at Banyu Anjlok Beach is quite interesting because there are various kinds of seafood besides fish, such as squid and skipjack.

4. Catch the lobster

Apart from fishing spots, there is also a place to cultivate lobsters, such as rock lobsters, pearls and sand. So besides enjoying the unique natural beauty, you can also channel your fishing hobby and bring your catch home.

5. Homestay on the beach of Banyu Anjlok

In addition to boat facilities, on Banyu Anjlok Beach there are also accommodations near the beach. In addition, you can also choose a homestay in a resident’s house which is certainly cheaper. Homestay in a resident’s house will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

That’s a review of Banyu Anjlok Beach, starting from its natural charm, ticket prices, routes to the facilities offered. Apart from enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, you can also channel your fishing hobby here. So what are you waiting for? Immediately decide on a schedule to visit this beach attraction on your next vacation!


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