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Malang Regency still has hidden beach tourism potential. Bantol Beach is located in Bantol, South Malang, on the southern coast of Java Island. This beach is no less beautiful than the beaches in Malang. Some of the features of this beach are calm waves, teak and mangrove forests, lakes, caves, and an abundance of lobster shrimp and that’s not all.

The many potentials that can be “sold” make Bantol Beach seem like a treasure trove of natural beauty in Indonesia. This makes many people interested in visiting and doing various interesting activities such as fishing and camping. Want to know more about Bantol Beach? Come on, look at the following reviews.

Price of admission

Maybe when you hear the many natural charms that can be enjoyed at Bantol Beach, it will make you think that the entrance ticket price will be expensive. It turns out that to be able to enter the beach area you only need to buy an entrance ticket for IDR 5,000 and an additional IDR 5,000 for parking services. Very cheap, right?

Bantol Beach is located in Sumberceleng Hamlet, Bandarejo Village, in Donomulyo District, Malang, East Java Province. This beach is about 60 kilometers from the city center of Malang. The route to be taken when going to Bantol Beach is quite easy. From Malang city, follow the main road that leads to Nyilep Beach. When you arrive at the intersection of Sumbermanjing Kulon Village, Pagak District, turn right until you arrive at the T-junction to Banjarejo Village. From this T-junction, you will arrive at the gate of Bandarejo Village. From the village, follow the asphalt road to the beach location.

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At the end of the asphalt road there will be a gravel road and from here you will travel 8 kilometers into the forest. So, if you haven’t brought supplies, it’s better to prepare them in Bandarejo Village because in the forest there will be no stalls at all. In the forest, you will find many teak trees with muddy roads. Some parts of the road will have deep mud, so be careful. But don’t be afraid, you can still use a car to go through this road because this muddy road can be passed by trucks. It is more recommended to carry off-road vehicles or non-automatic motorbikes.

Interesting thing

1. Beach with calm waves

After arriving at the beach location, all fatigue during the trip through the muddy roads will disappear. The beautiful scenery with calm waves and brownish white sand is very calming to the mind. This calm wave is created thanks to the clusters of coral along the coastline. Of course you can swim casually in this calm beach complete with clear water. Even though it is calm, sometimes the waves on this beach can be quite high if you come during high tide.

2. Mangrove forest on the lake

On the inner beach side, there is a mangrove or mangrove forest. This forest makes Bantol Beach unique because very few beaches on the southern coast of Java Island have mangrove forests. This mangrove forest is located in a brackish water lake which is the estuary of small rivers originating from teak forests. Even though it is brackish, the water in this mangrove lake is very clear.

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3. Limestone Cave

Then, you can also spend your vacation time on Bantol Beach by visiting the Limestone cave. This cave is part of the limestone mountains in South Malang which is the best karst distribution throughout the island of Java. In this beautiful cave you can find a lot of geological wealth. Gao is also crowded with researchers and nature lovers who just want to research and have recreation.

4. Enjoy the view from the guesthouse

On this beach there is a guesthouse called Pesanggrahan Gunung Kembar. This pesanggrahan is about 200 meters from the beach. This semi-permanent pesanggrahan is made of cement and stairs made of limestone. Located on a reef jutting into the sea on the east side of Bantol Bay, you can enjoy the view from here. This guesthouse is one of the best spots on the beach to enjoy the view from a height.

5. Fishing and catching lobsters

You can go fishing with the fishermen and of course the marine fish resources on this beach are very rich. If you don’t really like fishing, you can buy seafood directly from the fishermen.

Besides that, here you can also catch lobsters. There are three types of lobsters available, namely flower, tiger and color lobsters. The price of each lobster varies, from IDR 80,000 to IDR 100,000 per kilogram. That’s a review of Bantol Beach in Malang. It’s a loss if you are on vacation in Malang but don’t enjoy the treasures that exist in this Bantol Beach area.


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