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The beach is a very suitable place to be a tourist object. Besides being able to enjoy its natural beauty in the form of sea water, sand and its surroundings, the current beach certainly has other facilities that are no less interesting.

Likewise with this Jepara Bandengan Beach. For nature lovers and those who already have hobbies related to activities and sports in the water, Bandengan Beach is perfect for you. Not a few tourists who visit Bandengan Beach just to enjoy the natural scenery and existing facilities.

Bandengan Beach is a beach in Jepara City which has white sand and fine texture. This is certainly a very beautiful sight that can be enjoyed by every looking eye. In addition, this beach also has a long coastline, so you can do activities on this beach freely because it has a fairly wide location.

The condition of sea water on this beach is quite good and clear, so it can create a beautiful and cleaner impression. This beach is perfect for children and adults who want to travel on the beach, while enjoying its natural beauty or just playing on this beach.

Ticket prices at Bandengan Beach, Jepara

The price of admission to Bandengan Beach for each person is different depending on whether it is included in the category weekday (Monday, Thursday), weekend (Saturday – Sunday), or there is Syawalan / event his. The prices for these three categories are also differentiated according to age, namely children and adults.

The price of admission to Bandengan Beach is in the category weekday IDR 2,000 for children, while IDR 5,000 for adults. Furthermore, for the price of admission in the category weekend Rp. 3,000 for children and Rp. 7,000 for adults. Then for the entrance ticket in the syawalan / category event then the ticket price for children is IDR 7,000 and for adults, it is IDR 10,000.

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The price of admission for vehicles entering Bandengan Jepara Beach depends on the type of vehicle used. If you use a motorbike, the ticket price is IDR 1,000. If you use a minibus, the ticket price is IDR 4,500. Then if you use the bus, the entrance ticket price is IDR 10,000.

Route to the Location of Bandengan Jepara Beach

Bandengan Beach is a beach located in Bandengan Village, Jepara, Central Java. The distance from Bandengan Beach from Jepara City is approximately 7 kilometers. Bandengan Beach is also located east of the city of Semarang, not even so far from the city of Semarang.

Furthermore, if you want to visit Bandengan Beach, the vehicles used can vary. Such vehicles are for example motorbikes, cars or buses. The route taken to reach Bandengan Beach is by motorbike or car, namely by passing the highway that leads to the City of Jepara which can be passed from the City of Demak or the City of Kudus which is the same as the City of Jepara.

If you are still having difficulty reaching Bandengan Beach, then you can use the Google Maps facility or by using the GPS application available on smartphone You.

If you have reached the center of Jepara City, then you can then look for road signs that lead to Jepara Bandengan Beach. If you depart from Kota Kudus to Jepara City, the time taken is approximately 1 hour if road conditions are normal.

However, if you depart from the city of Semarang to the city of Jepara, the travel time is approximately 2 hours. In addition, of course you don’t need to worry about the road conditions to Bandengan Jepara Beach, because the road conditions are very good and can also be passed by vehicles, both motorbikes, cars, and buses.

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Attractions in Jepara Bandengan Beach

The natural beauty in Bandengan Beach is of course also supported by tourist objects and facilities on this beach. There are many tourist objects that you can get on this beach, which are as follows.

1. Watersport

One of the objects that can be used for traveling on Bandangan Beach is a means to do water sports or watersport. For those of you who like to do water sports, Bandengan Beach is the right place for you.

The existing facilities at Bandengan Beach include artificial wave rides for surfing, Jetski, Banana boat, Water-Flying Fish, and also Water Jetpack. Those facilities can be accessed if you want to do various water sports. In addition, other facilities include canoes, ATVs and giant sandals.

2. Buoy Rental

In addition to fun water sports, Bandengan Beach also provides buoys for those of you who just want to just swim and enjoy the sea. Buoys are among them Donut Buoy which is a float made from used tires in a car.

In addition there is also a buoy that is named Duck Buoy which is a duck-shaped float that you can use to swim in the sea.

3. Saung / Gazebo near the beach

For those of you who are tired of activities all day at the beach or are deliberately coming to the beach to just relax, then in Jepara Bandengan Beach has provided a Saung / Gazebo near the beach. You can enjoy the scenery around the beach by relaxing in this hut / gazebo.

4. Festival

One of the other features that Bandengan Beach has is that from time to time some fun festivals can be held. These festivals include a kite festival, a boat festival and a motocross festival. You can certainly enjoy the festival and will be an interesting experience for you to remember on this beach.

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5. Lodging and Hotels

For those of you who come from far away, there is no need to worry. Bandengan Beach also provides lodging and special hotels for those of you who want to stay or rest after a day of activities at this beach.

6. Adequate parking for cars and motorbikes

For vehicles that have entered Bandengan Beach, adequate parking for cars and motorbikes has also been provided. So that your vehicle will still be parked neatly and in an adequate place.

7. Restaurants, Culinary and Souvenir Centers

In Bandengan Beach, of course, there are also several restaurants and cultural places for those of you who want to eat food on this beach. In addition, Bandengan Beach also provides a place to sell souvenirs for those of you who want to shop for souvenirs.

8. Worship Facilities

Adequate facilities for worship have also been provided at this Bandengan Beach. So, you don’t need to worry if you want to carry out worship on this beach.

9. Toilets and Rinse Areas

For those of you who want to go to the toilet, an adequate toilet has also been provided. For those of you who have been on the beach all day, you can also clean yourself in the provided rinse area.

10. A large garden located on the shoreline

Besides the beach, Bandengan Beach also provides a large garden located on the shoreline. This park is also suitable for those of you who want to enjoy other views.

11. Storage of Goods

Bandengan Beach also provides luggage storage facilities, so that your belongings can be stored properly.


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