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This popular beach is located in the city of Malang, East Java. Balekambang Beach has the nickname “Tanah Lot of East Java” because it has a landscape and topography that is said to resemble the very famous Tanah Lot Beach in Bali. Of course this is what makes this beach one of the favorite tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Price of admission

To enter the beach area and enjoy all the beauty and facilities available, tourists only need to pay a ticket for IDR 10,000 to IDR 15,000 per person. The price of admission is certainly very cheap for the most popular tourist attraction in Malang. To pamper the tourists, the Balekambang Beach area provides various kinds of facilities. The first is hotels and inns that cost Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 250,000 per night.

This facility can be booked online. Second, there are public toilets that are clean and can be used to rinse the body after playing in the sea. Then there are restaurants that serve a variety of seafood and other menus. Then there are gift shops that provide lots of souvenirs for keepsakes. For those of you who are Muslim, this tourist attraction has a prayer room for prayers. Finally, there are several additional facilities such as a large parking area, camping area, pavilion, information office, and bungalow.

This beach is located in Sumber Jambe Hamlet in Srigonco Village, Bantur District, Malang City. Balekambang Beach is about 60 kilometers to the south from the city center of Malang. For access, the road to the beach has been paved smoothly. However, you have to be careful because the route has several sharp inclines and turns. Along the way, you will be treated to beautiful views of green trees and cool air.

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Interesting thing

There are many tourist objects that you can enjoy on Balekambang Beach. The following include:

1. The beach is neat and beautiful which is rocky

After enjoying the view of the green forest along the way, when you arrive at the beach, you will be treated to a rocky beach view with a wide expanse of blue sea water with waves that are not too big. Balekambang Beach is a beach that is well maintained so it looks very neat and clean. The beauty and neatness are then complemented by the cool air so that this beach is very suitable to be used as a place to relieve fatigue after a week of activities.

2. Explore the islands connected by bridges

Across the beach, there are several islands that add to the beautiful panorama of this beach, such as the islands of Anoman, Wisanggeni and Ismoyo. All of these islands you can explore because they are connected by bridges.

3. Interesting history

Who would have thought that this one tourist attraction was rarely visited by people because it was surrounded by dense trees. Even local people also rarely enter this beach area. Everything has changed since Srigonco village officials tried to open access to the beach area. This is done so that the village community and also outsiders can easily access this potential beach area. This happened in 1978 and five years later, the Regent of Malang, Eddy Slamet, inaugurated the Balekambang Beach tourist attraction area.

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4. Suro night religious tours

Every night of suro or night in Muharram, the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Jalil’s tomb will be crowded with people from various regions. According to the story, the first person who started to open the forest-covered access was Shaykh Abdul Jalil, a scholar from Yogyakarta. His services then made residents highly respect his grave. Since then his grave has become a religious tourism object. His grave is located about 1 kilometer from Balekambang Beach.

5. Nyepi ceremony religious tourism

Even though it has a thick history with Muslim figures, Balekambang Beach has more visitors than normal days on Nyepi. This is because the Amarta Jati Temple on the island of Ismoyo is the destination of ceremonies by Hindus living in the city of Malang. Of course, this is a unique thing for the beach. Because the inter-island access in the Balekambang Beach tourist attraction area is very supportive, this Nyepi celebration is an interesting spectacle that can be witnessed by tourists.

The ceremony is very useful because it provides cultural knowledge to tourists. Tourists are required to obey existing norms when watching the ceremony up close. This is done to maintain harmony between religious communities in the city of Malang.

6. Outbound

Besides enjoying the waves and beach sand, the beauty of coral and marine life as well as religious tourism, at Balekambang Beach you can also play flying fox in the outdoor arena by paying IDR 20,000.

That’s a brief review of Balekambang Beach. Have a nice vacation and visit this most popular beach attraction in Malang!

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