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The beach is one of the favorite tourist spots that many people go to. The beauty of the beach makes people who look at it peaceful and serene. Besides presenting a peaceful and beautiful view, the beach is a very comfortable place for sightseeing because the waves and the breeze are very cool.

Ayah Kebumen Beach is one of the beaches that you can visit when you are in Kebumen. So far, tourism in Kebumen has not really been boosted. However, that does not mean that Kebumen itself does not have a tourist attraction. There are several beaches and also other interesting places that can be visited while in Kebumen.

Ayah Beach itself has another name as Logending Beach, besides the Logending Beach there is also a logending forest which is side by side with Ayah Beach. Both can be visited alternately when you are in the father’s beach area. The beach has very white sand and very clear water. It’s so charming and makes you always want to come back.

Father’s Beach Entrance Fee

The price to enter this beach area is very cheap, which is 2000 rupiah for children and 4000 rupiah for adults. However, this price does not include parking fees and so on. Even to try out other tourist objects, there is also a separate fee. However, if you only want to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach, you don’t need to pay more.

There are various kinds of facilities that you will get on the beach, for example, camping or hiking spots. Usually many organizations or communities use this beach as a place to hold activities for the intimacy period. Overall this beach is a beach that is suitable and suitable for family vacations.

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This beach is located in the village of Ayah, sub-district of Ayah. That is why the beach which was originally named Logending Beach has another name as Father’s Beach, not because of various stories or legends. However, because this beach is located in an area that has a father’s name.

It is located about 53 km from downtown Kebumen. To get there you can drive private vehicles such as motorbikes, cars and so on or other public transportation. The trip can be reached in about 1 hour. Relax because the trip will not be felt, the beautiful natural scenery along the way will make you forget about the distance.

You can also follow the path to the Jatijajar cave, the beach is located about 8 kilometers from the cave. Located in the south, you just head south and will find this beach. But before you have to go through a steep road first, not only steep but also winding because it is in hills.

Attractions in Father’s Beach

1. Forest logending

This logending forest which is next to Father’s Beach has a fairly cold temperature, around 23 degrees Celsius. This forest is perfect for traveling after enjoying the beaches. The price to enter the forest area is cheap, only by paying a number of thousands, you already have full access to explore the forest. You can enjoy the forest panorama while taking pictures with the existing photo spots.

2. Bodo river

You can also go around the Bodo river by boarding many rented fishing boats. Some are in the form of a raft, some are in the form of a raft and there are also ships that use engines. The Bodo river itself is quite wide and has a fairly long length.

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3. Red bridge

This red bridge is actually on Menganti Beach. But the location of Menganti Beach itself is close to Father’s Beach, so this bridge is a tourist location that is also a pity to miss. You can come here and take your best photo. However, if it is crowded, you have to queue first.

4. Goa Jatijajar

This cave is a very famous cave. In its history, Sheikh Maulana took refuge in this cave and waited for his friend to come. Jatijajar Cave has a very beautiful panorama, like most other caves, this cave is filled with puddles. There are bats hanging around but don’t worry because they won’t attack humans.

5. Beautiful sunset

What should not be missed from this beach is the beautiful sunset. You will see an orange sky and slowly darkening after the sun has completely set. The offshore makes the scenery very clear and beautiful. No wonder so many people visit just to wait for the sunset to arrive.


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