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For those of you who live in Jakarta and want to have a vacation, but don’t want to be far away. Ancol Beach is the solution for you, your ears must be familiar with the name Marina Ancol Beach. In fact the beach is where the cruise ships dock, the style is elite cosmopolitan.

Ancol Beach Jakarta

Ancol Beach is the only complete beach in Indonesia when compared to other beaches. This beach is also the main pier to the thousand islands. It is not only a place for the ship to lean on, but also a place for recreation for families and loved ones. The beach is also a favorite water sport place for Jakarta residents.

In fact Ancol Beach this holds a lot of great tourism potential. Although it is not as wide as other beaches in general, the view on this beach is not inferior to other natural beaches. Also on this beach, visitors can see the Thousand Islands that stretch off the coast.

The edge of this beach feels cool because there are lots of coconut trees growing. When you come to this beach, you have to wait until the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset. These moments are moments that Visitors have been waiting for. It is not surprising that the afternoon will be very crowded, because the sun is so stunning.

Ancol Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

The ticket price for the Ancol Beach area is only IDR 25,000. It is very affordable considering this beach is in the Jaya Ancol dream park area. When compared with other tours in Jakarta, the price of admission to the beach is certainly cheaper and affordable.

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Furthermore, if you want to try out various kinds of rides in the area, for example, jet skis and others, then you are required to pay a number of different prices. However, if you only enjoy the beach area, you don’t need to pay additional money. Interesting right?

To go to Ancol Beach itself is very easy, you just have to go to North Jakarta and you will easily find this beach. Enter the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area, this beach is next to Dufan or a fantasy world which is no less crowded and is targeted by many people from outside Jakarta as well.

You can take the Trans Jakarta Bus to get there, especially now that the cost to take the bus is very cheap. Only with a few thousand can get there. Riding a motorbike or car is just as easy, you will very easily get there. However, please be patient in facing traffic jams in Jakarta.

Interesting things on Ancol Beach

1. The Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are located only 110 miles from the lips of Ancol Beach. You can rent a boat there to get to the Thousand Islands. Overall, the Thousand Islands is a very beautiful island, many Jakarta residents spend their weekends in this place.

2. Seaworld

Seaworld rides are perfect for those of you who take your family and children on vacation. There is a giant Aquarium filled with fish, children will definitely love it there. Seaworld rides at the same time as a means of education for children about the diversity of marine life. On school holidays, this vehicle will be crowded with school children.

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3. Ocean Dream Ocean

Ocean Dream Samudra has lots of rides ranging from Dolphin Bay, Sea Lion, and also the Underwater Theater which is a favorite vehicle for visitors. If you bring a toddler, then Ocean Dream Samudera is perfect to visit. There are also various kinds of Marine Mammals that are interesting and too bad to miss.

4. Atlantis Water Adventure

For those of you who have a hobby of swimming, there is a swimming pool in Ancol that will make you feel at home for a long time in it. The swimming pool in this place is very unique, some have flow and some are ordinary. For those who bring children it is very suitable to play in this pool, because the sensation of the beach will be very pronounced due to the current of the waves.

5. Fauna Land

Is a Zoo with a concept that combines Australia and Papua. You will find a variety of unique animals at this Zoo because most of them come from Eastern Indonesia. Those are some tourist objects that you can visit while in the Ancol Beach area. All of which are very interesting and too bad to miss. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes when you come to Ancol Beach.


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