8 Travel from Jakarta to Majalengka Rp.75,000 2020 Schedule Cipaganti Niko Andis Mekarsari 24 Hours Cost Price Fare

There are more and more travel agents in Indonesia today, especially for Jakarta Majalengka travel. In fact, it not only offers transportation services, but also delivery of goods, car rental and others.

Then what kind of travel from Jakarta to Majalengka offers this transportation service? The following is the latest 2020 Jakarta Majalengka travel info which can be used as a reference.

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Opening hours:
Ticket price:

2. Ciremai Trans

Address: Jalan Kemiri Gg. Pelita, Pondok Cabe, Udik, Pamulang, South Tangerang, Banten 15418
Opening hours: 07.00 – 21.30 WIB
Ticket price: IDR 150,000
Phone number: 081242484842
Website: ciremaitrans.com

The departure schedule given is every 18.00 and 20.00 WIB, where the route is Tangerang – Soeta Airport – Jakarta – Bekasi – Karawang – Majalengka.

As for the fleet used, the Daihatsu Luxio, Suzuki APV, Toyota HiAce, Isuzu Elf Long and Toyota Avanza are used.

Where it is equipped with full music facilities, air conditioning, sleeping pillows, no smoking area and also free drinking water. In addition, it is also equipped with a door to door shuttle service.

3. Bhinneka Shuttle

Address: Jalan Cikini III No.38, RT.12 / RW.5, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 10330
Opening hours: 24 hours
Ticket Fees: IDR 150,000
Phone number: (0231) 210777
Website: bhinnekashuttle.com

The departure service from Jakarta – Majalengka with the route that is followed is Jakarta – Cipali Toll – Kertajati Toll Gate – Point Kertajati – Point Majalengka Mart. In addition, the departure time from Jakarta is every 05.00 | 07.30 | 11.30 | 15.30 | 17.00 WIB.

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And for the fleet used is the Toyota HiAce which is equipped with full music facilities, reclining seats, full AC and also a shuttle with point to point service.

4. Jaya Mandiri

Address: Jalan Hanjuang No.39, Kodasari, Ligung, Majalengka, West Java 45456
Opening hours: 24 hours
Rates: IDR 120,000
Phone number: 081291828887
Website: jmtrans.wagomu.id

The departure time offered by JM Trans Travel is every 23.00 WIB from Jakarta so it is indeed a night trip. As for the transit route, you can directly ask customer service to make it clearer.

While the fleet itself is the Isuzu Elf, then the Daihatsu Luxio, Suzuki APV, Grand Max and Toyota Avanza.

Where each car has full AC facilities, reclining seats, music and shuttle services with door to door and point to point systems.

5. Bayem Travel

Address: Jalan Taman Lebak Bulus 7, RT.4 / RW.5, Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12440
Opening hours: 08.00 – 20.30 WIB
Rates: IDR 150,000
Phone number: 081294888628

The departure time from Bayem Travel starts from 18.00 – 20.00 WIB where it departs once an hour from Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the route is actually Jakarta – Kuningan, namely Jakarta – Majalengka – Cirebon – Pasar Festival Kuningan.

But for those of you who want to get off in Majalengka, you can get off at a point or pool in Majalengka itself. Can be directly coordinated with the travel and driver.

And for the fleet used are Daihatsu Luxio, Isuzu Elf, Suzuki APV and Toyota Avanza. Which is equipped with full AC music facilities, reclining seats and also point to point and door to door shuttle services.

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6. Mekarsari

Address: Jalan Tanah Merdeka RT.003 / RW.01, No. 14A, Susukan, Cijantur, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13750
Opening hours: 24 hours
Rates: Contact the contact listed
Phone number: 082112291758

You can ask the customer service directly for departure times and stopover routes from Mekarsari Travel, so that later you can get clearer information.

While the fleet itself is the Isuzzu Elf which is equipped with full AC facilities, reclining seats, music and also a point to point shuttle service.

7. Niko Tour & Travel

Address: Jalan Veteran 77 No.83, Kuningan, West Java 45511
Opening hours: 24 hours
Ticket Cost: IDR 150,000
Phone number: (0232) 876977

A transportation service that provides a route from Jakarta to Majalengka – Cirebon – Kuningan where the time of departure can be directly asked to customer service.

And for those of you who want to get off in Majalengka, you can just talk to the travel agency.

And the fleets used are Daihatsu Luxio, Toyota Avanza, Isuzu Elf, Grandmax and Suzuki APV. Where has reclining seat facilities, full air conditioning, music and shuttle door to door service.

8. Blessings Jaya

Address: Kampung Rambutan Jakarta Terminal
Opening hours: 04.30 – 20.00 WIB
Rates: IDR 75,000

A transportation service using a bus fleet, with departure hours every 05.00 and 10.00 WIB. As for the transit route itself, you can just ask the pool at the Kampung Rambutan Jakarta Terminal.

For the fleet itself, of course, a bus, with economy class seats 3-2 with air conditioning, music, reclining seats and for the shuttle service with a pool to pool system.

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9. Trans Game

Address: Ciledug Tangerang
Opening hours: 07.00 – 20.30 WIB
Rates: IDR 150,000
Phone number: 081214565535 and 08980436218
Website: permaitrans.com

A transportation service with departure hours starting from 18.30 – 20.00 WIB from Jakarta, while the route itself is Jakarta – Bekasi – Cikarang – Karawang – Kalijati – Subang – Majalengka.

And for the fleet are Daihatsu Luxio, Grand Max, Isuzu Elf which are equipped with AC, reclining seats, music, free mineral water, sleeping pillows and door to door shuttle service.


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