7 Tips for Planning a Cheap New Year's Vacation 2019


Travel Blog Indonesia – The 2019 New Year holidays always coincide with the semester holidays for school children. So, it feels a bit difficult if you want to find cheap plane tickets, especially hotel promos at the beginning of the new year 2019.

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Well, parents usually have plans to take time off from a long time ago. The 2019 New Year holidays are usually quite long because they are connected to the Christmas holidays. Automatically from December 25 to January 1, all hotels and flights will be full.

That’s why there are some tips for planning a family 2019 New Year holiday so that you can give a more unforgettable impression.

1. Invite Family Members to Set Joint Destinations

If you already have children, invite the children to discuss determining vacation destinations. If parents invite them, give them the option to choose a travel destination. The favorite travel destinations for parents and children are usually different. Find a middle ground by arranging the itenary together. Must be planning fun right?

2. Do not delay booking

The most crucial things while on vacation are transportation and accommodation costs, for example staying at a hotel. For culinary matters, it can be later but that does not mean it is not important.

Choose the cheapest and most convenient transportation, for example, like a train for departure. To go home, it is advisable to choose a plane to save energy because after the holidays usually stamina is drained.

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Alaska Airlines

It’s easier to go home by plane. Book in advance and don’t delay so you can get a good price.

Also ensure that transportation at the destination is not obstructed. Rent a vehicle
could be an alternative if you don’t want to use public transportation or walk more

3. Budget, Budget, Budget

Although family holidays are not like office holidays which require an estimate of the funds in a proposal, planning is still important. Planning will make spending more controllable.

Make sure the price for the transportation and accommodation budget gets the largest allocation. Because the 2019 New Year holidays are peak season which is certainly a lot of other families who are also planning a vacation. The solution is to be economical, don’t be lazy to find promo info, be it hotel or flight promos.

Bringing your own vehicle is cheap, but it takes more stamina because no one can predict traffic conditions during the holiday season.

4. Prepare interesting activities while on the trip

If you use your own vehicle. Make sure you have activities to fill your trip to make it more enjoyable. If the distance for example is more than 400 km.

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Try to explore tourist attractions along the route. With so far the journey will not be too bored. Don’t be lazy to find information on what interesting tourist attractions you will pass when taking the route

5. Bring Dry Food Supplies

To reduce expenses, you must bring your own food. Side dishes that can be prepared can be in the form of dry food or food that can be stored for a long time.

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For example, such as dry jerky, dry tempeh, dry rendang fern, shredded, surundeng and so on. Believe that indomie is not the right choice for holidays. It is necessary to prepare simple but special meals for the family.

6. Prepare the physical and mental conditions

Holidays are indeed time to relax and relax. However, if you are traveling with your family, you will certainly visit many tourist destinations. So, prepare physically early. It doesn’t have to be too heavy, for example jogging every morning / evening for 10 minutes is enough.

The goal is to keep the body in shape after a tiring but fun holiday. Commit to the beginning to resolve all disputes when they occur in the middle of a trip while on vacation.

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For example with dice, who has to give in at that time. Remember, the journey will not be fun if each of you still doesn’t want to budge.

Avoid disputes by planning a clear and mutually agreed itenary from home.

7. Save since the idea of ​​a joint vacation appeared

Holidays always require additional costs than usual. Don’t let your financial condition break because of using too many credit cards. Save income for example 10% at the beginning of the month.

Or you can use other more effective methods so that after returning home from vacation it won’t be a disaster because of too much expenditure.

Well, it’s not easy to plan the 2019 New Year’s holidays with family. We wish you a pleasant holiday and make a valuable impression for all family members.

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