7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Coban Baung Gunung Kawi

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Location: Gendogo Gunung Kawi Village, Ngajum District, Malang Regency, East Java 67164
Coordinates: Click Here

IDR 5,000 per person
Operational hour:
06.00 – 17.00 WIB
Phone number:

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Coban Baung Gunung Kawi, Not Just an Ordinary Waterfall!

Visiting Malang Regency is indeed right for those of you who want to relieve stress and fatigue. Many natural attractions are still very beautiful and far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, such as Coban Baung in Gunung Kawi.

Coban Baung Gunung Kawi is a waterfall with a height of approximately 71 meters. The following facts will convince you to visit Coban Baung Gunung Kawi.

1. The Path to a Challenging Waterfall

Before arriving at the waterfall, visitors must go through a path full of adventure. The path that must be traversed to the waterfall is a stone path.

The left and right side of the path is still overgrown with lush trees. Not infrequently, tree branches block the road.

However, once you arrive at the waterfall, your fatigue will disappear when you see the beauty of this 71 meter high waterfall. With brown rock cliffs overgrown with moss, making the scenery very enchanting.

2. Overnight at Coban Baung Camping Ground

In the Coban Baung tourist area, there is a plot of land prepared by residents as a campsite. Those of you who like to spend the night in the forest can try camping at Coban Baung.

No need to worry about toilets, food stalls, and trash cans. Because in the Coban Baung tourist area, these facilities have been provided to meet the needs of tourists.

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3. Location of a Kyai’s Pesarean

Gunung Kawi has actually been visited frequently, mostly people who want to make pilgrimages. Because, Gunung Kawi is the location of the pesarean or burial place for Kanjeng Kyai Zakaria II, known as Eyang Djoego.

About 5 kilometers above the pesarean is Petilasan Prabu Sri Kameswara, which he is known as the Keraton.

4. Take photos on the cliffs of the waterfall

Usually, waterfalls are popular as photo spots because of their beauty. At Coban Baung too, visitors can take pictures in the waterfall pool area. Feel the refreshing waterfall splash.

But not only that, visitors can also take pictures on the cliff. So, from this spot, visitors can see the waterfall from above.

5. Can Be Visited Every Day

For those of you who want to visit Coban Baung in Gunung Kawi, you don’t need to look for days. Because it never closes here, which means that this tourist attraction is open every day.

In addition, visiting hours were not limited. Visitors can come at any time and come back at any time. But it’s better, don’t come home too late. Because the path is very dark, so it’s dangerous to walk at night.

6. Cheap Entrance Tickets

To enjoy this unspoiled natural beauty, visitors are only charged IDR 5,000 per person. Of course, very cheap and friendly in the pocket.

However, voluntary parking rates will also apply. Because parking is not available yet, visitors can park their vehicles in the yard of residents who are willing to be used as parking lots. And parking rates also adjust.

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7. The Right Time To Visit

To visit Coban Baung, it is recommended that you come during the day. In addition, it comes during the dry season. Because during the dry season, the roads are easier to pass and not as slippery as during the rainy season.

During the rainy season, the path to the waterfall will be very slippery. So that it endangers tourists when walking.


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