7 Reasons Why We Must Visit Love Soreang Park

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Love Soreang Park does have an impressive beauty and panorama. Well, below are some reasons that make us feel moved to go to this tourist attraction.

1. Starting from a private villa

Who would have thought that Taman Love Soreang before becoming a tourist attraction was a private villa. Well, the owner does have a variety of beauties and continues to be uploaded on social media.

Seeing this beauty, many tourists want the evening love garden to be open to the public. Finally, the place previously known as Dago’s park was renovated until it is today.

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photo by @ ayunov38

2. The atmosphere is romantic

The location of this place is at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. Makes the atmosphere quite cool and fun. Try to come in the evening or evening. Then, we will see the romantic side of this place.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this place is always visited by lovers. They admit that the evening sky can lull anyone who wants to enjoy it. We can also take advantage of the dining area that comes with candles.

3. Playground and Swimming Pool Area

Not only for lovers who are mixed in love. Visiting this place is also for children who are friendly with a playground area and a swimming pool. Here, there is a pool in the shape of love, you know.

There are two swimming pools that can be enjoyed here. a special pool for children and also for adults. When night comes, this pool will change its face with various colors, you know.

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This is why many say the love park semarang is the most romantic place in Bandung district. Especially at night and around the pool. Very impressive indeed.

4. Spot Photogenic

For us today it will be tempting to visit several photo spots. Here too, we will be presented with an airplane called the unique cassava hero 212.

This aircraft is no longer in operation and is used as an interesting spot. Can be used as a cool background, among the mountains that towering behind.

5. Natural Charm Nan Elok

Being at an altitude makes the view that will be presented in this place indeed a champion. The green hills that dazzle the eye and the mountain ranges indeed make anyone will be amazed by what they see. Want to try it?

6. Exclusive Camping

Want to enjoy the Love Park this afternoon even longer. Maybe, we can enjoy an exclusive camping that is specially provided for all of us who want to stay at the love garden in the evening.

The name is also exclusive, so don’t be surprised if the price pulled is quite fantastic. Given the various kinds of facilities we will get when we are here. such as tents, beds, campfires, and many more.

7. Sipping Delicious Coffee

Love coffee? Maybe this place is the right place for those of us who like to enjoy various coffee offerings. In this tourist attraction, there is a café that provides various kinds of coffee.

Here, there are various baristas with high skills. All requests regarding coffee will definitely be made. Moreover, this place has various types of coffee beans, you know.

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Already interested in this tourist attraction? This coolest place is a must-visit for anyone and from all walks of life. So, when are we going to visit Love Soreang Park which is located in Cijengkol, Selarwi, Sadu, Soreang, Bandung, West Java.


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