7 Destinations That Are Predicted to Be the Location of the Honeymoon of Raisa and Hamish


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Travel Blog Indonesia – Sunday, September 3 2017 is referred to as National Broken Heart Volume 2 by most Indonesians. The reason is, the singer of the song Second Time, Raisa Andriana, just got married with a former host My Trip My Adventure, Hamish Daud. This moment is a public concern, you know. Because, the two of them are considered as a very harmonious dream partner.

After the luxurious reception took place, many were curious with a plan honeymoon after they officially became husband and wife. Reporting from Liputan6.com, Monday (04/09/2017) Raisa and Hamish admitted that they had made an agenda to travel the world.

“What is certain, after marriage we want travel the world and yes, of course, I really want to be shown all kinds of things to my husband. He is my best travel buddy ever, ”Said Yaya, Raisa’s nickname.

Unfortunately, they both do not want to reveal the location of their romantic trip to the public. Even though the location of Raisa and Hamish’s honeymoon is still a secret, there’s nothing wrong with guessing the destination or country they will be visiting. Well, here is the full review!

1. Italy

Although the truth has not been confirmed, it is reported that Italy is already on the list of Raisa and Hamish’s honeymoon destinations. No wonder they both choose Country Pizza.

This country is often used as a romantic vacation destination for couples who have just married because there are many romantic spots they can find there. Starting from Venice which is famous for its gondola activities, Rome which is known for its art and interesting history, Verona which is popular for Juliet’s House, and many more.

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2. Maldives

When talking about honeymoon plans around the world, I don’t think we should miss the Maldives inside list holiday. The island, which is located in the Asian region, is known as the most romantic location in the world.

Apart from spending time on the beach or relaxing at luxury resorts, Raisa and Hamish can also enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery in Maldives by doing diving. Being able to dive with his wife has become the dream of this handsome actor.

3. South Africa

It is not impossible that South Africa is also included in the prediction for the location of Raisa and Hamish’s honeymoon. Because, before he became a popular actor, Hamish Daud was first known as a traveler who likes adventure.

This one country is indeed suitable for people who like to explore unusual places. While there, this couple can do a lot of fun things. Starting from a safari to meet wild animals that live in Kruger National Park, surfing on Durban Beach, cultural tourism in Soweto, and many more.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a suitable destination for newlyweds who crave a little privacy and tranquility while traveling on their honeymoon. There are many fun sightseeing spots that can be found on the film set The Lord of The Rings this.

Raisa and Hamish can spend their time together in the beautiful Lake Tekapo area, get adrenaline rushed at Waitomo Caves, sail to the Marlborough Sounds, and much more.

5. Australia

Australia may also be Raisa and Hamish’s honeymoon destination. The Gosford area, Australia, is the birthplace of the handsome actor. It could be that they both want to do a tracing to that place.

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Apart from reminiscing about Hamish’s childhood, they can also visit exciting tourist attractions such as the Australian Reptile Park, Somersby Falls Picnic Grounds, Henry Kendall Cottage & Historical Museum, and many more.

6. Sumba

Having lived and grew up in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, you could say that one of the best islands in Indonesia has an important role in Hamish Daud’s life. For you to know, the father of this handsome actor is also highly respected by local residents, you know.

He can do surfing, diving, and adventure hobbies there with his wife, Raisa. There are many exciting places they can explore while in Sumba. Most importantly, this couple can spend their romantic honeymoon at the Best Hotel in the World, Nihiwatu Resort Sumba Island.

7. Japan

The country that is predicted to be the next destination for Raisa and Hamish’s honeymoon is Japan. The reason is none other than because Sakura Country has many choices of romantic tourist spots with amazing views that can make them feel at home for a long time spending time together. In addition, they can also enjoy a variety of unique and delicious specialties while they are there.

In your estimation, which country will Raisa and Hamish choose for their honeymoon?



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