7 Depok Motorbike Rental Cheap Prices 2020 Ninja Trail Tricycle

For backpacker adventurers, traveling without a private vehicle is one of its characteristics. They will use all available public transportation to save their budget.

The problem is, not all tourist attractions can be reached by public transportation such as buses or public transportation. If you do use an ojek, sometimes there are still no ojek available in the tourist area.

Well, if you are traveling to tourist attractions in Depok, West Java and its surroundings, this motorbike rental rental can be the right solution for you.

Here are the cheapest motorbike rental services that you can use for the benefit of the 2020 backpacker vacation and others.

1. Ward area

Address: Jalan Pekapuran Raya Km 1.4, Sukatani, Tapos Depok.
No phone: 085715718853
Opening hours: 07.00-18.00

Matic motorbike rental services that will certainly mobilize your needs, wherever your destination is as long as it is still in Depok and its surroundings, just contact this pekapuran motorbike rental.

The rates used are the same as others. Using a minimum rental rate of 24 hours, then daily rates, per 3 days and per week.

There are all types of automatic vehicles such as vario, beat, mio. For facilities, you will be given 2 helmet loans and 1 bat coat (Can be used for both).

According to customer reviews, there are quite a lot of them, so this one rental place is one that can be relied on in the West Java region.

2. Kukusan area

Address: Jalan H Muhammad Alif I No.6, Kukusan, Beji, Depok City, West Java 16425
No phone: 0852-1564-1668
Opening hours: 07.00-20.00
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The first recommendation came from the Beji area, Depok. Which offers a variety of motorbikes for rent, of course, at very cheap prices in a pocket.

You only have to show your ID / KTM and SIM C as a condition for renting at a Depok steamed motorbike rental. Easy enough, right?

The units that are rented vary, starting from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and the average motorbike that is rented out is automatic. But they also provide unitsport or cub.

3. Fahazie

Address: Pancoran Mas, Depok City, West Java 16436
No phone: 0817-6667-272
Opening hours: 08.00-20.00
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Next up is the fahazie motorbike rental. For the rental conditions it is almost the same as the Depok steamer, the difference is that if you rent a motorbike at Fahazie, you should confirm beforehand via the telephone number above. At least the day before.

Because the units that are rented out are limited and the tenants are always there every day, so instead of you not getting the rent if you come directly to the dealer, you should just follow the existing rules.

The rental price ranges from IDR 40,000 to IDR 70,000 per 24 hours. It depends on what kind of motorbike you rent. And there is a rental package too. Per weekly for example.

4. Barokah

Address: Jalan Blok BB Housing Pondok Sukmajaya Permai, Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java 16412
No phone: 0877-3911-0205
Opening hours: 07.00-18.00
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Furthermore, there is the Depok Barokah motorbike rental. The location is very strategic, close to the UI campus. The rental shop is also right on the side of the road, so it will be very easy to find.

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For the choice of units that can be rented, you can deposit directly into the motorbike rental or you can check the depok barokah website www.rental-motor-barokah.com.

Price range;

Duration 1-3 days
Vario 125 cc 75 thousand / day
Beat 110cc 65 thousand / day

Duration 4-7 days
Vario 125 cc 70 thousand / day
Beat 110cc 60rb / day

Duration 8-14 days
Vario 125 cc 65 thousand / day
Beat 110 cc 55 thousand / day

Duration 15-31 days
Vario 125 cc 60 thousand / day
Beat 110 cc 50 thousand / day

5. 234 Motor

Address: Jalan Limo Raya, Limo, Depok City, West Java 16515
No phone: 0813-8877-7234
Opening hours: 09.00-18.00
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Well, for those of you travelers who like adventure and hobby using a dirt bike, you can rent 234 motorbikes. Even though it’s not purely a motorbike rental or rental, this place can be included in a recommendation that you should survey.

So these 234 motorbikes, dirt bike workshops and can also rent trail type units for you. Even for a capacity of more than 10 units, this motorbike workshop can.

The requirements are E-KTP of course, and what takes precedence is the domicile of the Margonda Depok area and its surroundings. However, if you come from out of town, the requirements are to submit your fc kk too.

For the price range and more information, please go directly to the number above.

6. Seo Motor Mini

Address: Jalan Ir H. Juanda No.25, Bakti Jaya, Sukmajaya, Depok City, West Java 16418
No phone: 0896-8586-6753
Opening hours: 11.00-21.00
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Apart from renting out its motorbikes, this Depok mini motorbike also sells various units of motorbikes. Of course, at competitive prices.

Renting out various types of units, including three-wheeled vehicles. So for those of you who need tossa-like vehicles and other brands for the purposes of picking up goods, etc., you can just come to the mini motorbike or you can contact the contact above.

7. Cinere area

Address: Cinere, Depok City, West Java
No phone: 08991134348
Opening hours: 08.00-21.00

Finally, the rental of motorbikes and cars in Depok, West Java. Serving automatic motorbike rental, clutch, ninja, vixion, and others. Complete with helmet and coat facilities. Competitive prices with other rentals. Order info can directly contact the number above.

The rental price ranges per week between IDR 250,000-IDR 400,000


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