6 Things You Must Do If On Vacation in Makassar


Travel Blog Indonesia – Makassar is the fifth city in Indonesia with the largest population. This city is also touted as the Gateway to East Indonesia. Located in the province of South Sulawesi, this city offers many places that you can explore.

Tourist attractions in Makassar stretch from the mountains to the sea. For those of you who like city ​​tour Also, don’t hesitate, because Makassar also has many destinations that you can go around. Well, here are 6 things you must do if you are on vacation in Makassar. Anything? Come see the reviews!

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Eating Coto Makassar

The first thing you must do when you arrive in Makassar is to eat coto. This beef-based food is very popular and can be easily found on almost every street in Makassar. There are several places to eat coto that you can visit such as Coto Nusantara, Coto Paraikatte, Coto Tamalanrea, and Coto Gagak.

Enjoy Losari Beach

Losari Beach is a favorite tourist location for tourists when visiting Makassar. This location is also dubbed the longest dining table in the world, because you can enjoy a variety of Makassar specialties such as epe bananas and sarabba with the sea stretching out in front of you.

Seeing the Sunset on the Floating Mosque

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You don’t need to go all the way to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia if you only want to see a floating mosque. The reason is, in the city nicknamed the City of Anging Mamiri there is also a floating mosque which is located on the corner of Losari Beach. While waiting for the maghrib prayer, tourists are happy to spend their time here while enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset.

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Visiting Fort Rotterdam

An activity that is very dear to miss while in Makassar is visiting Fort Rotterdam. This fort was first founded in 1545 by the 9th King of Gowa-Tallo from clay and egg white. Only then during the reign of the 14th King of Gowa-Tallo was perfected as it is today.

There are many historical objects that you can see in this place, such as war equipment, traditional clothes from South Sulawesi, as well as various ancient agricultural equipment. Fort Rotterdam is also very Instagramable for you to take pictures.

Diving on the island of Samalona

You don’t need to go all the way to Maldives, it turns out that Makassar also has many beautiful islands with white sand. One of them is Samalona Island, which is located 45 minutes away from Losari Beach. For those of you who like to dive, this island is the right place. The reason is, the natural beauty of the underwater world of Makassar really spoils you with coral reefs and various beautiful marine life underneath.

Have you ever tried Makassar’s Typical Red Fried Rice?

Explore the Somba Opu Street Souvenir Center

The last thing you have to do if you are in Makassar is to explore Jalan Somba Opu. If in Jogja you know Maliboro, then in Makassar such a place is called Jalan Somba Opu. The location of this area is very close to Losari Beach, so it doesn’t hurt to walk.

There are various kinds of items that can be sold in this place, and almost all of them can be made as fun and interesting souvenirs to bring back to where you came from later. Starting from typical South Sulawesi food and drinks, Makassar wasp stamp rubbing oil, high quality silk fabrics, pinisi ship souvenirs, to various kinds of typical Toraja handicrafts. Not only that, Jalan Somba Opu is also busy with sellers of quality gold and silver accessories.

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