6 Things Why You Should Make Surabaya North Quay SNQ as a Tourist List?

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Visiting Surabaya is indeed something very enjoyable. Moreover, currently this city of heroes is known for its many adorable parks and tourism. One of them is Surabaya North Quay.

Well, those of us who have never visited this tourist attraction and are curious about why during the holidays so many visitors come to this place. Let’s take a look at what made her memorable below.

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1. Located in the Port of Tanjung Perak

This tourist attraction is more precisely located at Gapura Surya Nusantara Lt.3 Terminal, Tanjung Perak Harbor. Jalan Perak Timur Surabaya, East Java. Why is it opened as a tourist attraction.

Because, the scenery in this place is very impressive. Currently the country is developing all existing tourism potential. Therefore, it would be a shame if this potential was not developed carefully.

2. Docked Several Cruise Ships

At the opening of Siurabaya North Quay which was held on February 27 to 29 2016. There is a cruise ship from the Netherlands docked in front of this building. so, we can see the view of the magnificent and luxurious ship.

After that, several cruise ships from other countries also docked. Enjoy the city of Surabaya which is known for its various beauties and features.

3. Place to develop UMKM

The existence of SNQ was not only warmly welcomed by tourist visitors. Instead, they were also greeted enthusiastically by various types of SMEs in the old village of Melasti.

Understandably, the old village of Melasti is indeed the center of Surabaya’s arts crafts. Thus, it is designated as a tourist village. With the presence of this place. citizens can improve their economy little by little.

4. Can be reached by using public transportation

This tourist attraction in Surabaya is indeed very friendly to tourists. because, getting to this place does not have to use a private vehicle. Instead, you can also use public transportation.

When departing from the hut station. Then take an angkot that goes to Tanjung Perak port. Or it could also start from the Bungurasih or Purwakarta terminals. Almost all transportation stops at this place.

5. A scene that is difficult to move on

This is the view that makes it difficult for us to move on. Where, we will be presented with two sides. On the first side we will see a view of the loading and unloading activity.

The other side of us will be presented with enchanting natural scenery. the sun sets over the silver cape harbor which is covered with adorable ships.

Not only in nature. However, we can also enjoy various other charms such as shopping for all the souvenirs that are readily available. There is also a culinary charm that is guaranteed to be delicious.

Not only eating the food is tempting. We will also be spoiled with chairs, tables and support umbrellas that are deliberately set using synthetic grass.

6. Tour to the Madura Strait

Here, we can enjoy interesting activities to feel the beauty of the Madura Strait by using a luxurious and magnificent cruise ship that leans back here. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The boat operating hours run twice a day. First at 9 am and the second at 11 noon. With prices starting from only 75 thousand rupiah. if, on Sundays and holidays it will increase to 120 thousand rupiah.

Surabaya North Quay is impressive isn’t it. There is nothing wrong with visiting this place and seeing how beautiful tourist attractions in Surabaya are. So when will we meet at Surabaya North Quay?


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