5 Travel From Bandung To Indramayu Rp.45,000 2020 Andis Bhineka Cipaganti Phone Number

A transportation service such as travel or bus agent is really needed by many people.

The reason itself is because the need for transportation is very high. Therefore, it is not surprising that travel services provide various offers.

One of them is Bandung Indramayu travel which is quite often chosen by most people. Basically, there are many trips with the Bandung – Indramayu route that can be used.

And the following is a list of travel Bandung Indramayu 2020 that can be used:

1. Andis Travel

Address: Jalan Pajajaran No.103, Arjuna, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java 40172
Opening hours: 24 hours
Rates: IDR 90,000
Phone number: (022) 6015208

If you want to go to Indramayu from Bandung, then Andis Travel can be an option. Where offers a scheduled departure via Cibubur with a departure time of 02.00 | 04.00 | 07.00 | 10.00 | 14.00 | 18.00 | 20.00 WIB.

The fleet offered by Andis Travel itself is an Isuzu Elf car which is equipped with full AC, music, a comfortable cabin, reclining seats and also a shuttle service using a door to door or point to point system.

2. Bhinneka Shuttle

Address: Dr. Street Djunjunan No. 135, Pajajaran, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java 40173
Opening hours: 05.00 – 20.00 WIB
Ticket price: IDR 110,000
Phone number: 08041401201
Website: bhinnekashuttle.com

To support the journey of passengers from Bandung to Indramayu, Bhinneka Shuttle offers a scheduled departure every 05.00 | 07.00 | 08.00 | 09.00 | 12.00 | 13.00 | 14.00 | 16.00 | 17.00 | 18.30 | 20.00 WIB.

And during the trip, they will take a short break in the rest area on the Cipali Km.139 toll road and at Saung Kampoeng.

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Meanwhile, the fleet used is the Toyota HiAce with full AC, full music, reclining seats, free mineral water and also a point to point shuttle service.

3. Damri

Address: Jalan Kebon Kawung No.20, Pasir Kalili, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java 40171
Opening hours: 05.00 – 18.00 WIB
Ticket Fees: IDR 60,000
Phone number: (022) 4204703
Website: www.damri.co.id

Bus agent service with a scheduled departure every 05.00 | 05.30 | 10.30 | 14.00 | 15.30 WIB. As for the route that is being taken is the Bandung – Cibiru – Cileunyi – Jatinangor – Tanjungsari – Majalengka – Terminal Indramayu Terminal.

The fleet used is Hino buses with air conditioning, music, reclining seats and a pool to pool shuttle service.

4. Bus 3/4

Address: Leuwi Panjang Bandung Terminal
Opening hours: 06.00 – 17.00 WIB
Rates: IDR 45,000
Phone number:

For those of you who want to take a bus to Indramayu, you can use PO. This bus, which offers departure schedules from 06.00 – 17.00 WIB. Depart from Terminal Leuwi Panjang Bandung to Indramayu via Subang.

Meanwhile, the fleet used is a 2-2 seat economy class bus with air conditioning, music and point to point shuttle services.

5. Lintas Shuttle

Address: Bandung Trade Center, Jalan Dr. Djunjunan No. 143 – 149, Pajajaran, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java 40174
Opening hours: 24 hours
Rates: Contact available contact
Phone number: 08551500646
Website: cross-shuttle.co.id

Lintas Shuttle was formerly known as Cipaganti Travel then changed its name to MGO and now Lintas Shuttle. The departure point is at the Bandung Trade Center and the drop-off point is at Kertajati Indramayu.

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Where provides departure services with the route Bandung – Indramayu with a departure time of 02.00 | 04.00 | 09.00 | 14.00 | 18.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, the fleet used is the Toyota HiAce with full AC, full music, reclining seats and also a point-to-point shuttle service.


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