5 Tips for Getting Train Tickets for Eid 2018


Travel Blog Indonesia – The opening of Eid train tickets is in sight. Some people have even targeted several dates for the Eid homecoming, three months before the opening of 2018 Eid train tickets.

The price of 2018 Eid train tickets varies greatly depending on the station of origin and destination station. To make it easier to order 2018 Eid train tickets, we recommend that you prepare all the data needed in advance.

One of the reasons for using Lebaran train tickets is because this mode of transportation is considered quite affordable and will relatively not be stuck in traffic when compared to other land transportation modes. Moreover, airplane ticket prices during Eid 2018 are arguably higher than normal prices.

That is why if there are already many who are looking for Lebaran 2018 train ticket info long before the opening of Eid 2018 train tickets.

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Make sure the Internet Connection is Stable

Booking train tickets online does require a stable internet connection. The opening of online train ticket reservations starts at 00.00 WIB.

So, make sure you are ready to hunt for tickets 60 minutes before the opening of the 2018 Eid 2018 train tickets. Postpone other work first so that you are not disturbed when hunting for Eid 2018 tickets.

Determine the Date of Departure and Return

Before the opening of Lebaran 2018 train tickets, make sure it is written on a piece of paper to determine the date of departure. The most sought-after date for departure is three days before Eid.

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In addition to the date of departure, make sure you have set a date of return from your hometown. The best way is to order the date of departure first and then order the date of return. Ordering online can be made in one order for round-trip Lebaran 2018 train tickets.

5 Tips for Getting Train Tickets for Eid 2018 - 5 Tips for Getting Train Tickets for Eid 2018

Prepare Passenger Data

Absolute passenger data to prepare. Do not let the full name or NIK go wrong on the KTP. To make it easier, it is better if you have a copy of the ID cards of all passengers on one A4 sheet with a size that is bigger than the size of the original KTP.

If you bring a minor, prepare a birth certificate if necessary in case you forget the place and date of birth. Don’t underestimate the passenger data so that the 2018 Eid 2018 train ticket hunting process runs smoothly.

Prepare funds according to the number of passengers

Prepare funds according to the number of passengers. Generally, online train ticket payments are provided for a period of between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. So, make the most of your time.

Paying online is definitely the easiest. However, if you can’t make payments online, you can pay via merchants or min markets that have collaborated with the selected online ticket booking channel.

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Use All Online Train Ticket Booking Channels

Online booking for Eid 2018 train tickets can be made through the PT KAI website, the official PT KAI application, several online travel agents, market places and also mini markets that have collaborated with PT KAI.

If you can’t get train tickets for Eid 2018 from one of the merchants, don’t be easily discouraged. Try again using another channel.

One of the interesting experiences is that ordering using certain cellphones can actually be easier. For example, with a blackberry cellphone.

Those are some tips for getting Eid 2018 train tickets that you can practice from an early age before the opening of Eid 2018 train tickets.


  • Eid is expected to be 15-16 June 2018
  • Reservations can be made 90 days before departure
  • If you want to leave on June 14, 2018, it is recommended to make an order on March 16, 2018 and so on.


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