5 Places to Rent a Motorbike in East Jakarta Rp. 35,000 2020 Cheap Prices for Rent a Big Ninja 250 Bike, Daily Monthly Tricycle Services

East Jakarta is an administrative city located in the eastern part of the capital city with Cakung as the center of its government.

This area is bordered by Central Jakarta and North Jakarta to the north, Bekasi to the east, Depok to the south and South Jakarta to the west.

East Jakarta is synonymous with a tourist attraction that carries the concept of Indonesian culture, namely TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah).

Very worth a visit for those of you who want to get to know culture from 33 provinces in the archipelago, through their miniatures, clothing, dances and traditions.

Apart from TMII, there are actually tourist attractions that are no less interesting, such as Among Skyworld, Graha Widya Patra Museum, Children’s Palace and so on.

If you want to take a vacation to these spots, it is advisable to rent a motorbike at the following agents to make traveling from one destination to another easier.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Pro Rent

Telephone / Mobile: 08122 867 2082

This place accepts motorbike charters for Yamaha Mio, Honda Beat, Honda Vario, Honda Revo and others to support all customer needs in East Jakarta. All vehicles are well maintained, so they can be relied on to cover various types of terrain.

The requirements that must be met in order for the rental application to be approved include, having a SIM C, submitting an ID card or passport and pay a deposit of 200 thousand rupiah (returned after the contract ends).

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Please contact the Pro Rent number above if you want to ask questions about the rental conditions that apply in 2020.

3. D&R Rent

Telephone / Mobile: 021-97508006 / 0878-8063-0909 / 0813-1818-6185

D&R Rent serves two and four-wheeled vehicle rentals for travel purposes, station or airport transfers, attending wedding receptions and much more. The types of fleets that are rented vary, depending on the consumer’s choice.

All of these units have guaranteed maintenance, both in terms of engines, spare parts, batteries and tires. So, it will increase the comfort and safety of consumers in driving inside and outside the city.

Even so, the rates charged are quite affordable, between 60-700 thousand per day.

If you want to ask about a particular motorbike, for example the Viar three-wheeled or the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, immediately call the number listed.

4. TRAC Astra

Address: Jalan Raya Condet No. 15, RT / RW 5/1, Gedong Village, Pasar Rebo District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
(021) 8404040

Based in Gedong Village, this transportation service provider offers motorbike rental for individuals (short term) as well as corporate (long-term). The two-wheeled vehicles they have are available in a variety brand, can be selected according to company needs.

TRAC Astra not only prepares quality units, but also covers all maintenance during the contract period and provides assurance of protection from various risks, such as accidents.

Apart from motorbikes, they serve car rental, bus and professional driver services for all purposes.

5. 0818-0734-5999

Telephone / Mobile: 0818-0734-5999 / 0812-8457-4888

This company has a number of fleets that can be rented with daily, weekly to monthly duration for Pondok Gede, Pondok Kelapa, Jatiwaringin, Jatiasih, Cibubur, Kranggan, Kramat Jati, Condet, Klender, Duren Sawit, Kampung Rambutan, Jatinegara, Cipinang and surrounding areas.

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It should be noted, East Jakarta Motor Rental works closely with the police to crack down on customers who abuse the unit, especially to commit criminal acts. Because, previously there had been a similar case that happened to them.

It is hoped that customers can understand it because it is for the sake of mutual peace.

6. Satria Services

Address: Jalan Kiai Haji Maisin, Klender Village, Duren Sawit District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Rentalan, which is located at Jalan KH Maisin, rents out manual and automatic transmission motorbikes of various kinds. brand, such as Honda Revo, Honda Beat, Yamaha Mio, Suzuki Smash and others.

Customers can borrow these vehicles for daily or monthly duration at relatively low prices, starting from 35 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah (can change at any time).

For further information, contact the Satria Motorbike Rental Service number above.


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