5 Motorcycle Rental Rentals in Tanjung Pinang, Cheap Prices and Most Complete

Tanjung Pinang is one of the cities in the Riau Islands. Did you know that Tanjung Pinang was the capital of Riau Province?

Yep! Tg.Pinang, the capital of Riau province in ’84 under the leadership of the Dutch Indies. Until finally in ’57 the capital was moved to Pecan Baru and became an administrative city until 2000.

Even so, Tanjung Pinang still holds many unique tourist attractions and there are even some hidden paradises which are still closely guarded by the local community.

Don’t forget to use a rented motorbike to be able to reach all the beautiful tourist areas that are there. The following are recommendations for motorbike rental agents in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands.

1. Miss Rental

Address: Jalan Tugu Pahlawan No.40, Bukit Cermin, Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands
No phone: 0853-5577-0003
Opening hours: 24 hours
Folder: Click here

Miss Rindu, the location is quite strategic, the office is on the side of a big road, so it’s not that difficult to find it. Serving rental bookings for 24 hours full. You can go through the call center to the number above, or you can also go to this website rindu-rental-car-bike.business.site

As the name implies, miss car & bike rental. They don’t only rent motorbike units, but there are also several private cars that you can rent. This can be used at any time if your vacation plan changes.

The two of us were on vacation, so we were 6 or more. Instead of renting a motorbike a lot, the cost is more expensive. Better to just rent a car for security.

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2. Various Rental

Address: Tanjung Pinang Kota, Riau Islands
No phone: 0812-6822-7736
Opening hours: 24 hours
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The next recommendation is a rental called various rentals. They are rental services for motorbikes and cars. Serving shuttle from or to the airport / port.

The units for rent have reached hundreds of units, so you can order directly on the day of the rental. The terms of the loan, of course, the tenant must have a C / A SIM, only the original KTP + fc KK, and finally be willing to be photographed.

The rental rate for motorbikes starts from IDR 75,000 for a car IDR 250,000.

3. Tanjung Pinang motorcycle taxi

Address: Jalan Raya Tj.Uban-Tj.Pinang, No.13, North Bintan, Riau Islands 29152
No phone: 0812-7962-6092
Opening hours: 24 hours
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Tanjung Pinang ojek is one of the motorbike rentals in Bintan Utara Riau Islands. They rent out specifically for those of you who want to become online motorcycle taxi drivers.

If you accumulate the price, it is certainly cheaper when compared to other rental agencies because this rental is specifically for rental a month and above.

But for those of you who are in the Bintan area and really need to rent a motorbike for 1 day, you can directly contact the contact number above.

If you rent a daily rate, you have to pay around IDR 50,000.

4. Nirvana Zhaktan

Address: Gang Putri Singkep No.10A, Melayu Kota Piring, Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands 29115
Opening hours: 24 hours

According to customer reviews, this Nirwana rental is one of the best-selling rentals in Tanjung Pinang. They on average give a 5 star rating as without satisfaction with fast response service, low prices, quality motorbike maintenance, etc.

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Just like other rental agencies, Nirvana Zhaktan not only provides motorbikes but also cars. The rate for one rental here is IDR 75,000 per 24 hours.

This price has got the facilities of 2 SNI standard helmets, 2 raincoats, 2 masks and 1 first aid box which can be useful if there is an urgent situation.

5. Dedy Auto Rent

Address: Jalan Kijang Lama, Melayu Kota Piring, Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands 29123
No phone: 0812-2241-0002
Opening hours: 24 hours
Folder: Click here

Dedy auto rent is the last rental recommendation that you can visit in Tanjung Pinang. Open 24 hours, reservations can be made by wad and ready to pick up and drop off around the Tanjung Pinang area.

Ready to rent out dozens of motorbikes and cars can also be unlocked. Check the update information at rental-mobil-tanjung-pinang-dedy-auto-rent.business.site


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