5 Motorbike Rental in the Serpong Area, Cheap and Complete Prices

Talking about serpong, this small area in south tangerang apparently has a lot of hidden tourist areas or places. Like the lake there Gintung, Taman Bintaro Xchange, Benton junction and many more.

In Serpong, there are also many online motorcycle taxis in several areas there. Then there are also many malls that you can visit with your family such as BSD city, Summarecon mall, and several other malls.

The existence of motorbike rentals has also been rampant there. You can find it easily if at any time you need.

This is the most famous motorbike rental that you can find in the South Tangerang area and its surroundings.

1. Mandiri Motor

Address: Jl Pahlawan Seribu Lengkong Wetan, Lengkong Karya, Serpong Utara, Kota Tangerang Banten 15820
No phone: (021) 4245112
Opening hours: 07.30-21.00
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The first rental recommendation that you can visit in Serpong is Mandiri motorbike. They provide nearly 100 motorbikes in well-maintained conditions that are ready to be rented out.

Independent rental charges around IDR 70,000-IDR 120,000 per day with helmet, mask, and raincoat facilities for the tenants. The types of units that are rented are various, ranging from matic, such as vario, beat to mio.

So for those of you who are curious about other detailed information, directly contact the phone number listed above or you can go directly to the head office.

2. Rental Balagadona

Address: Jalan H Sanin No.62, PD Jagung, Serpong Utara, Tangerang City, Banten 15325
No phone: 0813-8624-3730
Opening hours: 24 hours
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The next rental agent is Balagadona rental. Located in south tangerang banten. Serving motorbike rental to the Ciputat, Bintaro, bsd area.

Free shuttle fees, helmets and raincoats as facilities, only the original ID card and having a SIM C are a condition for rental in Jakarta rentals.

Here we provide a link pricelist for rental jakarta as per January 2020 (prices can change at any time) balagadonarentcar.com

3. Mas Melati Rental

Address: Jalan Dahlia I No.13, Jelupang, Serpong Utara, Tangerang Selatan City Banten 15323
No phone: 0812-9081-279
Opening hours: 06.00-18.00 ″
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Now for this rental, the basics are a little different. They are not official rental agencies, but are actually tour & travel agents. However, they also provide motorbikes in well-maintained conditions ready to rent.

The location is right at the entrance to Soekarno Hatta airport, so of course it will be easier for the rental process.

There are options for rental rates per day, week or even monthly. They also give members a 20% discount for customers (terms and conditions apply).

4. Joy Motor

Address: Ruko Odesa Blok ALX No.17, Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong, West Pakulonan, Tangerang, Banten 15138
No phone: (021) 5473437
Opening hours: 06.00-22.00
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Furthermore, there is a joy motorbike, which is a rental bureau as well as a motorbike repair shop. There are not so many units provided, but joy rental is still reliable.

Judging from the hours of service, they are open until 10 in the evening. So for those of you who need a sudden vehicle, you can directly call the number above.

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Rent a motorbike at joy rental ranges from IDR 75,000-IDR 130,000 for a day. Around Rp.450,000 a week. And for the monthly rental price, you can directly negotiate with the agent.

5. Roni Rent Car

Address: Unnamed Road, Cemp Putih Ciputat Timur, Kota Tanngerang Selatan Banten 15412
No phone: 0812-1998-29257
Opening hours: 24 hours
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The last one is roni rent car. They provide quite a lot of motorbikes and cars that are ready for rent.

Especially for car rental, you can use a key-off system. Then for motorbike units that are rented from various types, ranging from sports, automatic, duck to moge types.

Of course, the price range follows what type of unit you choose plus how long the rental period is.

The range of rental rates per day in the roni rental car for motorbikes is IDR 65,000 per day. Can borrow 3 hours or in half a day, which is 12 hours.


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