5 Most Exciting Attractions in South Tangerang for Weekends

5 Most Exciting Attractions in South Tangerang for Weekends - 5 Most Exciting Attractions in South Tangerang for Weekends
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Travel Blog Indonesia – Have you made plans for the weekend off? If not, immediately make a travel schedule from now on. It must be really bored to spend your free time just to stay at home.

If you are still confused about choosing a destination for a weekend break, you can try visiting several South Tangerang tourist attractions that offer many exciting and fun things.

Not only educational tourist spots or family recreation, destinations for hanging out, playing water, shopping, relaxing, or culinary delights that hits are here.

Are you getting impatient to stop by there? Come on, see the reviews below!

This South Tangerang tourist spot is really popular, you know. The reason is, there are lots of exciting activities you can do there with your family or friends.

This vacation spot which is located at Jalan Haji Rasam, Perigi Baru, Pondok Aren Bintaro, South Tangerang will invite you to experience the thrill of horse riding, archery and culinary delights.

Rides such as ATV, log train, and children’s playground are also available at Branchsto. Satisfied with spending your weekend there.

2. Tandon Ciater

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Tandon Ciater is counted as a new tourist destination that you can find in the City of Anggrek. The location is on Jalan Haji Saran Buaran, Serpong, South Tangerang.

Apart from seeing magnificent artificial lakes with big landmarks, you can also enjoy other tourist attractions there such as the jogging track area, camping area, to traditional houses.

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3. Saiji Water Adventure

Tangsel has many choices of water attractions that you can explore. One of the hits is Saiji Water Adventure. The location is in Serpong Garden Housing, Jl. Raya Serpong, Cisauk.

The facilities there are quite complete. Starting from a swimming pool, artificial lake, outbound rides, fishing pond, music studio, sports arena, restaurant, and children’s play area.

4. Kandang Jurank Doank

The next tourist destination in South Tangerang with the theme of nature and education is Kandang Jurank Doank. This recreation area owned by an artist and artist, Dik Doank, offers a variety of fun that you can enjoy.

Starting from hiking in the rice fields, planting rice, catching fish, flying fox, and many more. All these fun activities are done in a place where you can feel close to nature.

If you want to stop there, just come to the address of the Pondok Sawah Indah Complex (Alvita), South Tangerang.

5. AEON Mall BSD

Who doesn’t know this mall hits one? AEON Mall BSD is already known as a lifestyle center in South Tangerang.

One of the most popular of these places is the presence of restaurants and food courts that offer a variety of Japanese specialties at very cheap prices. Not only that, this mall also has an exciting and romantic selfie spot called Sakura Illumination Park.


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