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Kediri is a small town in the province of East Java. Not many famous tourist attractions, but the city of Kediri has some special foods that you won’t find anywhere else.

For those of you who are on vacation to the East Java area, there is nothing wrong with stopping by to Kediri to taste some of the specialties there, such as snail satay, emprit satay, and Kediri special soup.

No need to worry if you have very limited vehicles to be able to get around and explore the city of Kediri, because you can take advantage of several motorbike rentals that are ready to take and rent all types of motorbikes for 24 hours or more.

The following is complete information about cheap motorbike rentals that might be useful for you.

1. Candra Rent

Address: Perum Mojoroto Indah Blok X No.7, Mojoroto, Kediri Regency, East Java 64112
No phone: 0812-1729-414
Opening hours: 08.00-22.00
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The first motorbike rental that you must visit first is the Candra rental. One of the most reliable motorcycle rental agencies in Kediri.

The unit rental price is quite affordable, starting from IDR 75,000 per day, IDR 400,000 per week / 7 days.

The motorbike they rented was beat injection only. So there really is no other choice. The facilities offered are helmets and raincoats. Rental vehicles can be delivered to where you are.

2. Jalan Brawijaya

Address: Jalan Brawijaya No.77, Mangunrejo, Tulungrejo, Pare, Kediri, East Java 64212
No phone: 0856-6442-2352
Opening hours: 08.00-17.00
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The recommended place to rent a motorbike in the Pare Kediri area that can be an option for you is pare rental. One of the busiest rental places in East Java.

Rental options can be per 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, up to 24 hours. With a price range starting from IDR 20,000-IDR 65,000. When accumulated, the price is cheaper than the first rental.

The choices vary, there are sports, automatic or motorbikes. All you can order online or by phone only.

3. First Grid

Address: Jalan Kemuning, RT 03, RW 11, Mangunrejo, Tulungrejo, Pare, Kediri, East Java 64212
No phone: 0813-3554-3369
Opening hours: 07.00-20.00
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You must already know the existence of a phenomenal English village in the Pare Kediri area. So this first grid rental is not too far from that place.

In fact, according to reviews from customers, most of the tenants are people who have activities in the English village. The existence of this rental is very helpful for these people’s activities.

However, this rental is still open to the public. Who knows where you stay is not far from English village and want to explore Pare or Kediri city, you can go directly to this rental place.

Many say the motorbike rental price is very cheap when compared to other places.

4. Yello Motorent

Address: Jalan PK Bangsa No.20, Kediri, East Java
No phone: 085204050912
Opening hours: 07.30-20.00
Website: Click here

Unlike in Yello Motor, the price range is not determined by the length of the rental, but it is seen from what type of vehicle you rent. Here are some price lists as of 2020.

  • Beat type, IDR 75,000 / day
  • Type of Vario IDR 100,000 / day
  • Type of scoopy IDR 100,000 / day
  • Type of trail and CRF 150 L IDR 175,000 / day
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The conditions for renting a vehicle at Yello are that you must have a SIM C, only the original KTP as collateral + KK. Get 2 standard SNI helmets + raincoat as facilities.

You can check more detailed information yourself at sewamotorkediri.blogspot.com.

5. Andika Rent

Address: Mojoroto, Kediri, East Java 64112
No phone: 0856-4594-7697
Opening hours: 08.00-16.00
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Finally, there is Andika Rental. The location is not far from Kediri station. Is one of the most complete motorcycle rental bureaus in East Java.

Even if you need more than 10 units, they can provide it by ordering or booking h-1.

The rental price ranges from IDR 65,000-IDR 80,000 for a day’s rental. And there will be special prices for customers who extend the rental period to 7 days or more.

Not only that, they also provide several car units that are ready to be rented out.

Detailed information and reservations can be via wa only. Check the website at andika-rental-motor.business.site.


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