5 Cheap and Complete Jambi Motorbike Rental Prices

Jambi is one of the cities that has many good tourist attractions. Especially those with natural nuances. For those of you who haven’t planned a weekend this week, Jambi might be an option for your next vacation spot.

Exploring new areas or areas often finds some difficulties, especially in access. There are several tourist attractions located in the interior, access is still difficult and public transportation has not been reached even though motorbikes.

But don’t worry, in a situation like this you can take advantage of motorbike rental places, so you can more freely go to one place and another.

Here we inform you about cheap and reliable motorbike rentals in Jambi and its surroundings.

1. CV Cahaya Prima

Address: Jalan Raja Yamin No.8, Selamat, Telainapura, Jambi City, Jambi 36129
No phone: (0741) 5912450
Opening hours: 07.00-23.30
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The first rental recommendation that you can visit in Jambi is Cv Cahaya Prima Rental. The units that are rented out are not only motorbikes, but also cars. So for those of you who need these two units to get around the city of Jambi, you can just call the number above.

Types of units for rent, some are automatic, some are manual too, such as Vario, Revo, Mio and Supra. Especially for car units, they provide them with the driver too.

The range of motorbike rental prices in this light cv rental ranges from IDR 50,000 to IDR 70,000 per day. Any excess rental hours will be immediately charged an automatic surcharge of IDR 10,000 per hour.

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The facilities obtained include a helmet and raincoat. Alamt website cv-cahaya-prima-rental.business.site

2. MPM Rent

Address: Jalan Harapan No.81, Buluran Kenali, Telainapura, Jambi City, Jambi 3636
No phone: 0813-1515-2511
Opening hours: 08.00-17.00
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The next vehicle rental agent is MPM rent. The head office is in tangerang. But they have succeeded in opening branches in several cities including Jambi as well.

Is one of the most trusted rental agencies, which serves car rental bookings every day from Monday to Sunday. Even the red dates are open, so you don’t have to worry if you need a vehicle on weekends.

The rental price at mpm is IDR 60,000 per 24 hours, and only rents automatic vehicles. Petrol is full tank, complete with helmet, raincoat and also Jambi tourist map.

Mpm-rent.com website address

3. Trac

Address: Jalan Kol Amir Hamzah No.31, Sei Kamban, Simpang IV Sipin, Telainapura, Jambi City, Jambi 36125
No phone: (0741) 668772
Opening hours: 08.00-16.00
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Now for this trac rental service the rental system is only online only. You just have to fill in the rental date and also the location where the vehicle is picked up. Then payment can be made at the cod unit.

You can order via online at trac.astra.co.id. There, it has been explained in detail the rental price and the types of motorbikes that are rented.

Usually at the end or beginning of the month, trac rentals provide many promos and discounts for their customers.

4. Sazkia Rental

Address: Jalan Sersan Anwar bay, Perum Ratu Daha Indah Blok C No.03, Bagan Pete, Kota Baru, Jambi 36129
No phone: 0813-6611-0598
Opening hours: 07.00-22.00
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Based on reviews, the average customer gives 5 stars for this rental. Apart from its strategic location, easy to find, this rental sazkia has been established since 2005.

They also serve rentals until 10pm. So you can say that this rental place can be relied on at any time.

Types of vehicles ranging from automatic, duck to motor sport and there are also several Vespa units as well. Ranging from IDR 55,000 per 24 hours.

5. CV. Sudarindo

Address: Eka Jaya, South Jambi City, Jambi 36139
No phone: 0822-2522-1000
Opening hours: 07.00-00.00
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Finally, there is CV Surindo rental. Who also rented several motorbikes and cars, and served orders until 12 at night.

Rental prices range from IDR 50,000 per 24 hours. IDR 20,000 for rental per 3 hours, and IDR 30,000 for rental per 12 hours.

Serving weekly and monthly rent too. Just contact the contact above for more info.


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