4 Travel Agents Pekanbaru to Medan 2020 Rp. 180,000 Schedule Morning How Many Hours Fare Prices

Pekanbaru and Medan are cities that are quite visited by people with various needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pekanbaru Medang travel service can be the choice of people who need this transportation.

There are various majors that can be taken, one of which is Pekanbaru – Medan. Various facilities are provided to support during the trip.

Starting from Rp. 180,000

In addition, traveling from Pekanbaru to Medan is more efficient and comfortable, considering that passengers can rest.

Then what are the options from Pekanbaru Medan travel that can be used? Here are some of them.

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Opening hours:
Ticket price:

2. Bus ALS

Address: SM Street. Amin, Simpang Baru, Kec. Handsome, Pekanbaru City, Riau
Ticket Fees: IDR 180,000
Phone number: 082363503322

Departure hours with the Pekanbaru – Medan route depart every 08.00 | 13.00 | 20.00 WIB. However, for the transit route, you can ask directly through customer service.

Meanwhile, the fleet used is an AC class bus, which is supported by AC and toilet facilities. In addition, the shuttle service provided is of course pool to pool.

3. Bus Sempati Star

Address: Jalan SM Amin, Simpang Baru, Tampan, Pekanbaru, Riau
Opening hours: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB
Phone number: 085271610322

Departures on the Pekanbaru – Medan route use a Mercedez – Benz OC 500 RF 2542 bus fleet, which is equipped with quite sophisticated facilities such as air conditioning, reclining seats and air suspension. The service itself is a pool to pool shuttle.

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But for information about departure times as well as transit routes, to make it clearer, you can ask directly by contacting the contact listed.

4. Rainbow Bus

Address: Pekanbaru Terminal
Rates: IDR 200,000
Phone number: 085277027367

The departure schedule from Pekanbaru to Medan departs from Pekanbaru Terminal at 09.00 WIB. However, for the transit route and the intended pools, you can ask customer service to make it clearer.

Then for the fleet used is an executive class bus with seats 2 – 2 and is equipped with full AC facilities, reclining seats and pool to pool shuttle service.

5. Arya Wisata Transport

Address: Jalan Rajawali Sakti, Panam, Pekanbaru, Riau
Phone number: 085101204646/085364742111
Website: aryawisatatransport.blogspot.com

Information on departure times with the route Pekanbaru – Bagan Batu – Rantau Prapat – Kota Pinang – Trade – Pematang Siantar – Tebing Tinggi – Lubuk Pakam – Medan can be asked directly by contacting the travel agency.

Likewise for the car fleets used and the facilities and services provided, so that information is more complete and clear, you can directly ask the travel agency.


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