4 Tips for Lebaran Holidays at the Exciting ITC Mangga Dua

Ahead of Eid, shopping centers in Jakarta are becoming a destination for Jakartans and those who come from outside the city. Mangga Dua Square and ITC are two of the shopping areas that are hunted by mothers and young people, especially Muslims.

Muslim clothes are always sought after by visitors before Eid. Even the trends that are popularized by the artists will sell out and not be left. Even though sometimes the clothes were pegged many times over, buyers were not surprised.

photo by itc-manggadua.com

ITC itself is still open until Eid, but not all shops. Only a few shops choose to stay open and serve customers who come. The rest choose to take a day off to gather with their family on a fitri day.

Eid holidays at ITC did not last too long. In less than a week, most of the shops were open and operating again. Visitors who come can hunt for new clothes again at a discount which is sometimes difficult to find before Eid.

For those of you who want to fill the Eid holidays in the Mangga Dua area, it’s good to follow the following tips before shopping:

1. Bid the price

Bargaining is something that must be done by visitors here. If you want to shop cheaply, you should not miss this bargaining moment. Bid at a price that is still rational or reasonable, not too low so that traders don’t lose too much.

Prices for Muslim clothing here are generally offered ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands. If you are lucky and good at bargaining, you can bring home Muslim clothing for just half the price.

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Try to compare it with the prices of clothes sold in well-known malls or stores! You have saved up to hundreds of thousands for just one shirt. You can use the money to buy other necessities or buy new clothes again.

Make sure you get a price that matches the quality of the clothes you want to buy. Be smart in bargaining the price of clothes, if necessary, invite relatives who are really diligent in bargaining. Compare some clothing prices from several shops in ITC.

2. Block zoning

Here each trader is placed in blocks with different sales zoning. Block zoning is intended to make it easier for visitors to find the items they are looking for.

Without having to go around an area with 7 storey floors, you can go home without fatigue.

For Muslim clothing, traders occupy the ground floor in block D. Aside from this floor, Muslim clothing traders are also scattered on floors 3, 4, and 5. For those of you who are accustomed to sewing Eid clothes yourself, there are also textile shops available in the ITC Mangga Dua area. .

The textile shop is still on one floor with Muslim clothing, only a block away. If Muslim fashion is in block D, then the textile shop in block E. Moving a little to the 1st floor, you can find optical glasses and jewelry with various prices and combinations.

3. Parking

You should anticipate the increasing number of visitors ahead of the Eid holiday. The reason is that you will find it difficult to find an empty parking lot to bring a private vehicle.

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Although there are, usually it will be a little difficult for those who are not used to parking themselves.

As an option, you can choose public transportation that is already integrated in this area. You can choose transjakarta and go up in corridor 5, Kampung Melayu – Ancol.

Get off at the Mangga Dua stop and simply cross via the pedestrian bridge that connects the Mangga Dua shopping area.

4. Supporting facilities

This is most important, you definitely need a toilet and an ATM center for easy shopping access. ATMs are on the ground floor, especially blocks A and D. All ATMs from various banks can be found here, so you don’t need to worry about running out of money while shopping.

For those of you who cannot be far from the toilet, ITC Mangga Dua provides toilets on almost all floors.

Toilets are evenly distributed and can be easily found to accommodate visitors. This is to make it easier for those who are dying but don’t want to go too far or move floors.


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