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JakBar Motorbike Rental

Maybe you also already know that in Jakarta, there are currently a lot of online motorcycle taxis scattered around. Those who still haven’t got a job often become online motorcycle taxi drivers so they can survive in big cities like Jakarta.

Even those who already have permanent jobs, sometimes become online motorcycle taxi drivers, only on weekends.

But you need to know that to be able to join an online motorcycle taxi, you don’t have to have a motorbike. You can take advantage of rental services that are currently widely spread, especially in Jakarta.

So, where are the motorbike rental places in the West Jakarta area that offer cheap prices per day? Come see the information below.

1. Rajawali Motorcycle

Address: RT 04 RW 09, Maphar, Tamansari, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
No phone: 0811-9899-232
Opening hours: 08.00-19.00
Folder: Click here

The recommendation for the first cheap motorbike rental in West Jakarta that you can use to become an online motorcycle taxi driver is Rajawali rental.

Provides various types of automatic vehicles such as Vario, Beat and NMAX which are ready to be rented. The rental price ranges from IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000 per day.

The requirement to rent a motorbike in Rajawali is to submit the FC KTP, KK, which the original is also shown and brought. Willing to take photos and pay in full in advance.

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Ordering and further information can be through their official website at sewamotorjakarta.co.id

2. GoMotoRide

Address: Jalan Panjang No. 88A, Kebon Jeruk RT 07 RW 04, Kelapa Dua, West Jakarta, DKI 11550
No phone: 0813-1097-2469
Opening hours: 07.30-19.00
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The second recommendation is gomotoride, which is not too far from the center of West Jakarta.

Gomotoride not only provides motorbikes that are ready for rental (matic, duck and sport types), but they also provide several units of cars.

The rental service is open from Monday to Sunday, and those of you who have subscribed to Gomotoride will be given a discount every time you rent a unit here.

The price range for unit rental here for 1 day is starting from IDR 80,000. Weekly even monthly rates can be cheaper.

3. HPM Reader Base

Address: Puri Aysri RT 02 RW 02, Kembangan Selatan, West Jakarta City, DKI 11610
Opening hours: 08.00-20.00
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Now this one is arguably one of the best-selling motorbike rental bases in West Jakarta. In addition to the rental price, which starts at Rp. 60,000 per day, they provide more than 50 motorbikes ready to rent.

With the addition of getting 2 helmets with SNI standard and raincoats as rental facilities at HPM.

However, only automatic and duck motorbikes are rented out. If you are looking for a type of sport or motorbike for rent, maybe this HPM rental is not what you should go to.

4. VE Motorbike Rental

Address: Jalan Gang Macan Kav.4-5, Kedoya Utara, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI 11520
No phone: 08778 383 9893
Opening hours: 08.00-21.00
Website: Click here

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Finally, there is a motorbike rental. The facilities obtained, terms and price range are almost similar to other rental agents above. Average IDR 75,000 a day.

But the difference is, the ve rental team provides unit shuttle services. Order by online and also pay off later after the rental is complete.

Check on vemotorrental.com for more detailed information.


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