25 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hits – A Good Day Near the Station and Its Surroundings


Cirebon is the 3rd city after Bandung and Bekasi which is developing very rapidly compared to other regencies and cities in West Java.

The old town, which is full of historical stories with religious nuances, because it became one of the centers for the spread of Islam by the Sunan, is also known as a batik producer.

With this background, Cirebon has great potential to develop itself as a tourist city, because there are at least 4 types of tourism that can be sold, namely educational tourism, historical tourism, religious tourism, and cultural tourism.

Not to mention its natural beauty and the efforts of the Regional Government and investors who until 2020 continue to make breakthroughs by building the latest tourist objects and improving the supporting infrastructure for the tourism industry in Cirebon and its surrounding areas.

So that natural tourism and artificial tourism also enrich the tourist destinations in this region. The following is a map of tourist attractions in Cirebon that must be visited.

1. Plangon

Photo By @cirebonunited

Location: Babakan Village, Sumber District, Cirebon
Coordinate: Click here
Entrance ticket: Free
Operational hour: 24 hours

Plangon in Tegal means “klangenan” or a place to calm down. The place is on the bank of a river decorated with shady trees, so it is very comfortable to use to relax and calm down.

However, it is not only the coolness of the air and the natural beauty that is served here, but also the funny behavior of the wild monkeys that inhabit Plangon, so this place is called Monkey Park.

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Apart from being natural tourism, Plangon is also a religious tourism place because in this place there are 2 sacred tombs, namely the tombs of Pangeran Kejaksan and Pangeran Panjunan which are located on a hill.

On every 2nd of Shawwal, this place is crowded with pilgrims, the number can even reach more than 50,000 people a day.

2. The Great Mosque of Sang Cipta Rasa

Location: Jalan Jagasatu, Kasepuhan Urban Village, Lemahwudul District, West Java
Coordinate: Click here
Entrance ticket: Free
Operational hour: 24 hours

Built during the Wali Sanga era, around 1480 AD to be precise, the Sang Cipta Rasa Grand Mosque is an attractive object for religious tourism as well as historical tourism.

The mosque which was designed by Sunan Kalijaga was assisted by an architect from Majapahit named Raden Sepat, making the architectural design of this mosque thick with Javanese nuances, such as the pyramid-shaped roof without any minarets.

There are 9 doors before entering the main room of the mosque as a symbol of the 9 saints. To enter there, visitors must pass through a small and short door, so that adults have to bend over to get through.

It is also a symbol for anyone to respect the existence of the mosque as the house of Allah. Because it is close to 6 centuries old, even though this building is still preserved in its original form.

However, to strengthen it, conservation efforts must be made. One of them is by adding to the iron construction between existing wooden poles, and inserting steel plates to help the existing wooden pillars.

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3. Trusmi Batik Village

1600427774 787 25 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hits A Good Day - 25 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hits - A Good Day Near the Station and Its Surroundings
Photo By @btbatiktrusmi

Location: Weru Lor Village, Weru District, Cirebon, West Java
Coordinate: Click here

It is called the Trusmi batik village, because in this place there are more than 3000 people depending on their livelihoods from making and selling batik.

The expertise of the residents in this place in making batik cloth, originated from the role of one of Sunan Gunung Jati’s students named Ki Gede Trusmi who taught the residents to make batik cloth, therefore this place is known as Kampung Batik Trusmi.

Visiting this place, besides being able to buy batik cloth typical of Cirebon with various motifs and at a lower price than in other places.

Tourists can also learn batik from local residents or in several shops that provide batik workshop facilities. So that Kampung Batik Trusmi is very interesting to be used as a heritage tourist spot.

4. Belawa Kura-Kura Observation Center

Location: Belawa Village, Lemahabang District
Coordinate: Click here
Operational hour: 08.00 – 18.00

The Belawa Turtle Observation Center is called Cikuya, and the only animal that is the object of observation is the Belawa tortoise which has the Latin name Tortose Ortilia Norneensih.

Belawa turtles whose habitat is fresh water in the mountains can be up to 1 meter wide with a weight of up to 80 kg and a long lifespan of up to 150 years.

Belawa is a rare type of turtle, so special attention is needed to protect this endangered animal.

Although not as busy as other recreational spots in general, the Belawa Tortoise observation center is always visited by curious visitors who want to see the existence of this unique and rare animal.

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The surrounding atmosphere is cool and beautiful by the trees also makes it comfortable for visitors who want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Sunyaragi Cave

1600427776 492 25 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hits A Good Day - 25 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon Hits - A Good Day Near the Station and Its Surroundings
image By @pesonawisatacirebon

Location: Sunyaragi Village, Kesambi District, Cirebon, West Java
Coordinate: Click here
Entrance Fee: Rp. 10,000
Operational hour: 08.00 – 18.00

This 15-hectare nature reserve site is a water park created with a unique composition and building construction, so that it remains captivating to be seen by anyone at any time, even across centuries.

In the past, a site called GOa Sinyuragi was used by royal officials and palace soldiers for kanuragan and meditators.

Currently, many tourists come to this place, apart from seeing its uniqueness and studying the existence of the site, there are also those who want to get a partner, because according to the myth, those who come here will soon find their soul mate.

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