15 Rental Motorbike Rental in Malang Rp.45,000 Cheap Near Arjosari Station UB Batu Bromo 24 Hours Monthly

Malang is an area in East Java which is known as a city of education. There are many quality universities that are the target of students from all over Indonesia, such as Brawijaya University and Malang State University.

Besides that, it also has a tourist attraction because it offers enchanting natural beauty and cool air. Several places have such nuances, namely Wonosari Lawang Tea Plantation, Coban Rondo and Coban Talun.

If you are interested in stopping by these spots, use this motorbike rental service in Malang to make it easier to reach each destination.

1. Kinanthi Rental – Motorbike Rental in Malang

Address / Location: Malang Station
WA / Phone: 08999-609-267
Website: www.malangrentalmotor.com

Are you adventurous? Or want to explore Malang but on a limited budget? Kinanthi Motorbike Rental Malang is keen to see all this and comes with the latest breakthrough as a motorbike rental place in Malang. Providing a wide selection of types and brands of motorbikes, this rental place is suitable as a partner for adventurers who want practicality, convenience, and agility. You can save time and money without reducing the fun of traveling.

Committed to providing the best for customers, Kinanthi Rental Motor Malang always maintains engine performance in prime condition. Don’t hesitate anymore, immediately contact Kinanthi Rental Motor Malang and enjoy a more economical, agile and fun tour.

Motorbike Rental in Malang Remember Kinanthi Motorbike Rental in Malang.

2. Kinanthi Backpacker-Rent Motorbike Malang

kinanthi backpacker 630x380 - 15 Rental Motorbike Rental in Malang Rp.45,000 Cheap Near Arjosari Station UB Batu Bromo 24 Hours Monthly
Kinanthi Backpacker also provides tourist taxis, open trips to Bromo and Semeru

Address: Jl. Sultan Agung No 12 Kidul Dalem Klojen Malang (100 Meters From Malang Station)
Opening hours:
WA / HP:
Website: https://pers Rentalsmotormalang.wordpress.com

Headquartered in Malang Station, this bureau rents out motorbikes from 2015 and above with daily, weekly and monthly duration especially for agencies, students and tourists who want to have a vacation in Malang Raya area.

Rates are priced at Kinanthi Motorbike Rental starting from 60 thousand rupiah per day, include equipment and deliveries to terminals, stations and inns.

When making a reservation, the customer will be asked to submit a guarantee of 2 KTP (tenant + person in charge), student card, SIM A or a deposit that is returned after the contract period ends. For more information, please check their twitter at @MalangSewaMotor.

Kinanthi backpacker also serves open trips bromo 275k / pac, motorbike taxis for Malang tours of 150k / day, and open trips of semeru 650k / pac.

3. Want to be Number Three?

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

4. Bachelors

Address: Jalan Vinolia Gg. III No. 24, Jatimulyo Village, Lowokwaru District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:
0856-3235-759 / 0821-4202-9095

This vehicle rental for students and the general public presents a variety of units, including the Honda Supra 125, Honda Beat CW, Honda Vario CBS125, Yamaha Jupiter, Suzuki Skydrive and Suzuki Nex.

The set fee is relatively cheap, ranging from 45-75 thousand rupiah per 24 hours, including two helmets, raincoats and safety locks. In addition, the requirements are very easy, only by guaranteeing a minimum of three original identities, for example e-KTP, student card, SIM A / B, KK or marriage book.

The address of the Bachelor of Motor Rental itself is on Jalan Vinolia Gg. III No. 24, approximately 1.6 km from Suhat Private Apartment. For reservations, please contact [email protected]

5. Omah Motorent

Address: Jl. Pospat 51A Malang – East Java 65122
Opening hours: 06.00 – 21.00
Phone / WA: 082 233 287 000
Starting Price: Rp. 70,000
Website: www.omahrentalmotormalang.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @omahrentalmotor

6. ETE

HP / WA: 082230925357
Site: eterentalmotormalang.wordpress.com

ETE RENTAL MOTOR A place to rent a motorbike in Malang that is easy, cheap, and comfortable. Serving Daily, Weekly and Monthly, for Students and Tourists outside the city.

The 2017/2020 fleet is definitely well maintained and makes you calm while using the services of ETE RENTAL MOTOR.

ETE Motorbike Rental provides motorbike variants, including: Suzuki Nex, Honda Beat, Honda Beat Street, Honda Vario, Honda Scoopy, Honda PCX, and Yamaha Nmax.

Facilities prepared 2 helmets + raincoat + AUTHENTIC STNK.

Ete motorbike rental also offers FREE SHOPPING in Malang city.

ETE Motorbike Rental Providing the best service for you.

RVSP: 082230925357

7. Favian Backpacker

Telephone: 082230309891
Website: Pers SewaMotorMalang.com

Favian backpacker or Pers RentalsMotorMalang.com is a cheap, poor motorbike rental or rental place near Malang Baru City Station, Arjosari Terminal and several large campuses.

Poor backpacker motorbike rental favian that always presents automatic motorbikes with jos and prime conditions. Only motorbike units that are ready and in prime condition are sent every day, to provide a sense of comfort for tourists to explore Malang and Batu.

8. Wuzz Motorent

Address: Taman Embong Anyar 2 Housing, Jalan Raya Sengkaling Blok G-12, Dusun Jetis, Kelurahan Mulyoagung, Dau District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
(0341) 7799771 / 0821-8841-0771 / 0856-3567-771

Located in Taman Embong Anyar 2 Housing, this vehicle rental agent has complete units, including the Honda Supra X 125, Yamaha Jupiter, Yamaha Mio Soul, Honda Scoopy, Honda Vario, Honda Beat and Honda Spacy FI.

In order to provide comfort and safety for customers, Wuzz Motorent staff strives for regular unit maintenance. They also include 2 international standard helmets and poncho-type coats in the rental package.

9. Leo

Address: Ambarawa Canal Road No. 5/8, Sumbersari Village, Lowokwaru District
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Sumbersari Village, quite close to the UM campus, Leo Motorbike Rental offers vehicle charter services for students and the public. Owned fleets are always in clean and prime condition, so they can be used to support various activities.

If you want to ask about the availability of the 2020 output unit or clutch motorbike such as the Yamaha Vixion and Honda Megapro, please contact the contact above.

10. Arfand Motorent

Address: Gajayana Street No. 22, Kelurahan Ketawanggede, District of Lowokwaru
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Addressed at Jalan Gajayana No. 22, this motorbike rental has a complete manual and automatic transmission unit, including the Honda Supra X, Honda Revo, Honda Scoopy, Honda Beat, Honda Vario, Yamaha Jupiter, Yamaha Mio and many more.

Arfand Motorent also offers a motocross (motor cross) or semi tril specifically for use to Mount Bromo and Semeru at affordable rates.

In addition to maintaining these vehicles regularly, in order to increase customer satisfaction they apply free shuttle to several locations, such as Malang Station, UB campus, UM, UIN, Unisma & UMM, Dinoyo, Landungsari and surrounding areas.

11. East Java’s motto

Address: North Sulfate Simpang Street No. 63, Pandanwangi Village, Blimbing District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:
0812-3399-902 / 0812-5966-0440

Also known as Sawojajar Adventure, the company that promotes its services at OLX accepts trail bike rental or dual sport a kind of KLX S / L and KLX BF for purposes outdoor.

Moto East Java puts customer safety first, so they also provide rental services apparel, covers jersey, knee & elbow protector, goggle, ap boot, gloves and others.

The rental fee itself starts from 180 thousand rupiah per 12 hours. If you want cheaper, please choose the all in trail package, with a minimum requirement of 5 people. Fares range from 400-500 thousand rupiah, including fleets, helmets, full apparel, BBM, guide, admission tickets, GoPro video documentation and snack + drink.

12. Suta Rental

Address: Jln. Arif Rahman Hakim Gg 4/819 Malang
Opening hours: 06.00 – 22.00
Phone number: 081334701020
WhatsApp: 081334701020

Suta motorbike rental is one of the motorbike rentals in the heart of Malang, located near the Malang city square, making it easy to access motorbike rental, at a fairly affordable cost, perfect for backpackers.

The units we offer vary in rates from 60 thousand / 24 hours from manual motorbikes to the newest year’s automatic. And also provides a Honda CRF Trail unit for traveling to Bromo.

The unit includes 2 helmets and a trial coat. The requirements are also very easy.

13. Sport

Telephone / Mobile: 0853-7921-7931 / 0857-8519-3732

Finally, this bureau accepts motorbike rentals sport men, such as the Kawasaki Ninja FI and Yamaha YZF R15 & R25 for purposes touring at a rate of 250 thousand per 24 hours (negotiable).

Customers only need to submit 2 copies of original KTP, KK, motorbike and STNK as collateral. Once approved, the staff will escort the fleet to their home.

14. Chibi

15 Rental Motorbike Rental in Malang Rp45000 Cheap Near Arjosari - 15 Rental Motorbike Rental in Malang Rp.45,000 Cheap Near Arjosari Station UB Batu Bromo 24 Hours Monthly

Address: Jl. Sriwijaya No.1, Kiduldalem, Kec. Klojen, Malang City, East Java 65119
Opening hours: 07.00-20.00
Telephone / Mobile: (0341) 359559 / 0813-3100-9293
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://chibirentalmotormalang.com

This motorbike rental service provides various matic and big motorbikes, such as Yamaha Mio J, Yamaha Lexi, Honda Beat, Honda Vario, Honda Scoopy, Honda PCX, Yamaha Nmax and Yamaha Aerox. Everything has passed the feasibility selection to ensure customer comfort and safety.

For the convenience of customers, Chibi Rental Motor serves direct payment methods or via transfer. They also provide free unit shuttle facilities to the new Malang Kota Station and at the Chibi office of course.

However, the price is very friendly, starting from 70-125 thousand rupiah per day. The requirements are not complicated, it is enough to guarantee three original identity cards that are still active.

Chibi also serves open trips to Bromo which depart every day, lodging in Malang and Batu, car rental services with drivers, and Malang Batu tour packages with cheap and friendly prices.

15. Gadang Mandiri

Address: Perumahan Gadang Mandiri Blok D1 No. 07, RT / RW 03/04, Kelurahan Kebonsasi, Kecamatan Sukun
Telephone / Mobile:
(0341) 804444 / 0853-3355-5657

This transportation service provider offers a variety of automatic motorbikes from 2017, such as Honda Beat, Yamaha Nmax and others with prices starting at 60 thousand rupiah per day.

So that customers can streamline their vacation time, the company provides pick-up services in the station, terminal, airport and hotels areas in Malang.

16. Sunday Motorent

Address: Jalan Bukit Tanggul Blok S1 No. 48, Kelurahan Karangbesuki, Sukun District, Malang City
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:
(0341) 5023943 / 0852-8877-4000

According to the advertisement on Kaskus, this company accepts vehicle rentals at affordable prices. They have more than 60 units of the fleet, including Honda Beat, Honda PCX, Yamaha Mio, Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha Nmax and KLX trail motorbikes for tourists who want to have a vacation to Mount Bromo.

Sunday Motorent continues to strive to prioritize customer satisfaction. They not only strive for an easy transaction process, but also provide free shipping to Malang Station, Arjosari & Landungsari Terminal, Singosari and Batu City.

Apart from motorbikes, the bureau which has another name, Sundays Holidays, offers car rental and lodging with attractive facilities. For complete information, contact [email protected]


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