13 rides at Dago Dream Park make your holiday moments even more exciting

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Travel Blog Indonesia – Dago Dream Park is now one of the main destinations visited by travelers while on vacation to Bandung. Because, you can try a complete vacation package while you are there.

Starting from a unique game that lovers of extreme things can try. Up to wahaa that can be enjoyed by children and family groups.

Are you curious about what’s in there? Come on, try the fun rides at the following Dago Dream Park!

1. Flying Rugs

This one is considered new and fresh because it was only released in June 2017. You can feel the excitement of floating on rugs like Aladin and Princess Jasmine. From the top of the carpet, a beautiful view of Dago can be seen here. Apart from challenging your adrenaline, you can also use these facilities as a photo spot. A beautiful natural background can make the shots better. The ticket price for this vehicle is IDR 30 thousand.

2. Skybike

The next rides at Dago Dream Park that you must try are Skybike, aka flying bikes. For those who have a hobby of challenging adrenaline, this game must be tried. You can feel the excitement of riding a bicycle on a rope hanging at a high altitude. Don’t forget to capture your moment while riding this skybike. For the ticket price, it is very affordable. Just IDR 30,000!

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3. Anti Gravity

Anti Gravity is a vehicle that carries the concept of a Javanese joglo house that is turned upside down. All the spots there are perfect for shooting. You can have fun exploring your style while there. The photos will look unique. The ticket for this ride is IDR 20 thousand.

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4. Skytree

Skytree is the next choice for selfie rides that you can find at Dago Dream Park. You can take pictures on the wooden deck that hangs above the tree. For those who have a phobia of heights, they may feel shaky when climbing this skytree. But, your efforts will not betray the results. Because, the portrait of this vehicle will look good because the background is the view of the green and beautiful Dago pine forest. The ticket price that needs to be issued in this arena is IDR 30 thousand.

5. Archery

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Archery activities are indeed popular nowadays. You can test your concentration and expertise in aiming arrows right at the target target. The fare for this vehicle is IDR 30 thousand. You will be given 10 chances to shoot. Children and adults alike can enjoy this game. No need to worry about security. Because, there will be guides who are ready to help.

6. Pirates Ship

13 rides at Dago Dream Park make your holiday moments - 13 rides at Dago Dream Park make your holiday moments even more exciting
source: dzulfikaralala.com

The Pirates Ship is similar to the Kora-Kora rides in Dufan, Jakarta. The difference is, the game is not swung so high that it is still safe if small children play there. The fare for the rides at Dago Dream Park on this one is IDR 20 thousand.


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