12 Rental Car Rental in Palembang Rp. 190,000 24-hour Key Release with no driver


Palembang, is the capital of South Sumatra Province. This city is the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan. With an area of ​​358.55 km2, and a population of 1.8 million people.

Now, the city, which is predicted to have around 2.5 million inhabitants, is currently undertaking a city development project.

Among them, the construction of the Elevated Train / LRT, the construction of the Moto GP circuit in the Jakabaring area and the construction of the F1 circuit in the Tanjung Api-Api area.

The history of Palembang city was once the capital of the largest Buddhist maritime kingdom in Southeast Asia. In the 9th century the Srivijaya kingdom dominated the archipelago and the Malay Peninsula, making this city known as “Bumi Sriwijaya”.

The city, known as Bumi Sriwijaya, is marked by many inscriptions and historical places telling the story of Kidung Pamacangah and Babad Arya Tabanah and Arya Damar as the Regent of Palembang who participated in conquering Bali with Mahapatih Gajah Mada Majapahit in 1343.

From year to year, the leadership system of the kingdom changed to a sultanate and was then abolished by the Dutch East Indies government. After that, the city of Bumi Sriwijaya was divided into two residencies and a large settlement into the Ilir and Ulu areas.

During the reign of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, this city was declared as “City of Water Tourism” and became one of the cities that held the annual sports party in Southeast Asia, namely the SEA Games.

The majority of the inhabitants of this city are ethnic Malays. With a variety of cultural arts, and several immigrants from various descendants including Javanese, Minangkabau, Madura, Bugis, and Banjar. Meanwhile, most of the population in Palembang are of Chinese descent.

Several locations in this City of Water Tourism are also quite famous and fascinating. Among them is the Musi River tourist attraction with a length of about 750 Km dividing Palembang into the next part of Ulu and Ilir.

Apart from the Musi River, there are also tours that can be visited such as Ampera Bridge, Sultan Muhammad Baharuddin 1 Grand Mosque, Kuto Besak Fortress, People’s Struggle Monument, Museum Negeri Balaputradewa, Sultan Museum, Arab Village, and many more that can be visited.

It is not surprising that many tourists both inside and outside the city take turns coming to visit the oldest city in Indonesia. The transportation that is mostly used by residents of this city is by bus or public transportation.

However, for tourists who want to spend time on vacation, traveling with family, or having business visits. There are also many vehicle rental places. With various types of transportation, of course, they charge quite cheap rates.

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Some of the rental or rental places in Palembang that can be used as a reference when visiting this city include.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Al-Hikmah Rentcar

Address: Jl. Sultan Agung No. 88 Rt 02, Kelurahan 1 Ilir
Phone number: 0853 7860 0991

Alhikmah Rentcar, cheap car rental in Palembang which has the slogan “We are the best solution for you. With cheap car rental prices, comfortable and well-maintained units. We provide evidence not just a slogan “

This car rental service provides drivers and also accepts key off services for tenants to make it easier and provide convenience for tenants.

Various vehicle choices include, Innova Reborn, Grand Avanza, Grand Xenia, Fortuner, Pajero, Sienta, Haice, Tourism Bus.

3. TFD Rentcar

Address: Jl. Colonel Burlian Km 7, Karya Baru, District Alang-alang Lebar
Phone number: 0851 0833 0000

TFD Rentcar, renting cars daily, weekly, and monthly. With or without driver (unlock key). The condition of the car is clean and well maintained, which certainly ensures the comfort and safety of the tenants.

Various vehicle choices include, Great All New Xenia, Grand All New Avanza, New Xenia, New Avanza, Grand Toyota Innova, Daihatsu Luxio, Honda Mobilio, All New Avanza. Rental prices start from IDR 250,000 / day.

4. Adib Rentcar

Address: Jl. Taqwa Mata Merah, Sei Selincah, Kalidoni, Palembang City, South Sumatra
Phone number: 0812 7851 7340, 0813 6871 4640

Adib Rentcar, is a car rental service business, proven experienced and providing the best quality.

With the aim of being the first choice for business partners by contributing to each client more than expected. Through professional service and integrity.

5. Assa Rentcar

Address: Jl. Letjen Harun Sohar Jl. Tj Api-api, Flower Garden, Sukarami
Phone number: (0711) 5710888

Assa Rentcar Palembang, a trusted and proven car rental service that has many branches is also in Palembang. With service and car service that has been guaranteed security, Assa is in great demand by all groups.

6. Abel Rentcar

Address: Lorong Kejora No. 3245, Demang Lebar Daun, Ilir Barat. 1
Phone number: 0813 6700 0966

Abel Rentcar, this rental service is located on Jl. Angkatan 45 Lorong Kejora No 3245. Serving car rental services in the city of Palembang. Both rent in the city and rent out of town.

With the support of a fleet of the latest cars and in prime condition in accordance with the motto of Abel Rentcar, namely “Providing Security and Comfort to You”. By maintaining regular maintenance, of course there is no need to doubt about the cleanliness and safety of the full service vehicle.

Abel Rentcar also provides car rental services for both personal and corporate purposes. For tourism, family recreation, official work or business.

Various vehicle choices include, Toyota Avanza, Honda Mobilio, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubhisi Pajero, 4wd Double Cabin, and Alphard.

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7. ACP Rentcar

Address: Jl. Talang Kelapa PPI Complex Blok E3 No 29.30 Rt 72 / Rw 19 Talang Kelapa Village, Alang Alang Lebar Subdistrict, Palembang Regency
Phone number: (0711) 384530, 0811 7886 006, 0813 7355 8060

ACP Rentcar, has the jargon “the best in Palembang, ACPTrans can not only talk, but provide concrete evidence”. With this jargon, it is one of the service assets of this ACP.

Various vehicle options include Pajero Sport 4 × 4, Triton DC 4 × 4, Hiace, Alphard, Innova Reborn, Innova New, Avanza, Xenia.

8. Areta Rentcar

Address: Jl. Orchid NO. 85 Kelurahan 20. Ilir D. IV, Ilir Timur I
Phone number: 0822 2677 2009

Areta Rentcar, a rental service provider in Palembang with services that will facilitate the mobility of tenants by facilitating a well-maintained fleet and ensuring driving comfort like using a private vehicle.

With three considerations that distinguish car rental services in Areta compared to others.

Areta provides 3 superior facilities including services covering the Palembang area and its surroundings, the best service at a price that matches the pocket, and the last one guarantees quality, safe, and always in prime condition vehicles.

9. Ira Rentcar

Address: Jl. Sukabangun II, Sukajaya Village, Sukarami District, Palembang Regency
Phone number: 0823 7303 5253

Ira Rentcar, a new car rental business that offers services + (driver), with cheap and best car rental prices.

Guided by drivers who are experienced with roads in and outside the city of Palembang. Friendly in service and able to communicate well.

Various vehicle options include the Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, and Daihatsu Luxio. The rental fee starts from IDR 300,000 / day including Driver.

10. Rentcar Light

Address: Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Lorong Limas Jaya, No 2132 20 Ilir D.IV.20, Ilir Timur 1 Palembang Regency, South Sumatra Indonesia
Phone number: 0821 8289 8618

Cahaya Rentcar serves 24 hours. Both used for purposes in the city of Palembang and outside the city of Palembang.

Equipped with professional experts both in handling security, vehicle serfice, to drivers who are ready to take visitors around safely and comfortably in a vehicle.

Various vehicle choices include, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Camry, Toyota Alphard, Daihatsu Xenia, Strada Triton, Hiace Commuter, Pajero Sport, Mercedes Benz, Box Car, Tourism Bus.

11. Silvi Rentcar

Address: Jl. Lieutenant Hadin No. 1805 Rt. 028 / Rw 010 Kelurahan 20 Ilir D-III, Ilir Timur I District, Palembang Regency, South Sumatra.
Phone number: 0812 2423 7949, 058 3253 7176

Silvi Rentcar, provides the cheapest daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle rental services in Palembang.

Starting from Rp. 300,000 / day can be unlocked or with the driver. For business trips, tourism, and all transportation needs for family events.

Various vehicle choices such as, Innova, Luxio, Avanza, Xenia, Fortuner, Alphard, Grandmax, Mobilio, Rush, Terios, Evalia, Camry, APV, Livina, CRV, Pajero, Elf and Tourism Bus.

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From the Rentcar services, hopefully it will be the right choice to accompany your traveling and driving needs in the city of Palembang.

Don’t forget to prepare some documents that may be needed during the rental process. Such as KTP, SIM, and of course the Rupiah fee that will be issued. Have a nice ride.

12. Rental BRN

Address: Jl. Inspector marzuki Pakjo, Siring Agung Urban Village, Ilir District 30961
Phone number : 081326639338
Whats app: 081326639338

Palembang Car Rental BRN Rental is a car rental service in Palembang with experienced drivers who have been a car rental service in Lampung for a dozen years serving guests from government agencies, ministries and private agencies visiting Palembang. We are also trusted to be a tourist transportation partner in Palembang.
Car rental services in Palembang with the best service and low prices. Ready to pick up in and out of town. Close to the airport, with good and experienced driver service. We prepare units with new and well-maintained conditions, clean car cabins, full ac and audio as well as free mineral water for out-of-town trips

There are the latest cars, the all new Avanza, New Inova Reborn, Fortuner, Hiace, Mitsubshi Pajero and medium buses. We also serve attractive tour packages in the surrounding city of Palembang.

CAR RENTAL RATE In the city already includes fuel

# Avanza – 600 thousand in town
# Innova old – 750 rb in town
# Reborn – 900 k in town
# Pajero – 1.6 million in town
# VRZ – 1.6m in town.
# Hiace 1.5 million in town
All-in (BBM Driver)

We are ready to assist your travel plans while in Palembang. DO NOT HESITATE CALL / WA OUR 081326639338

13. Bagindo Rentcar

Address: Jln Rejung Komplek Pangeran Permai 1 Blok A2 Sako Baru
Starting Price: From Rp. 400,000 per day
Phone number : 081373201415
Whatsapp: 081373201415

Bagindo rentcar is supported by professional security guarantees in service, and friendly and experienced drivers. Bagindo rentcar is of course the right choice for your company transportation needs and personal needs. Bagindo rentcar is here to help your trip inside and outside the city of Palembang.

Serving: weddings, government agencies, work visits, tours & tours, projects and airport shuttle.
Ready unit:
– Avanza
– Innova Old
– Innova Reborn
– Pajero 4 × 4
– Fortuner Vrz
– Hiace Commuter
– Alphard Villfire
– Triton 4 × 4
– Camry

New cheap tour packages via land.
Palembang – bandung
Palembang – Lampung

We are not only your drivers, we are your friends who faithfully accompany you, and are ready to serve you wholeheartedly. Supported by reliable and experienced drivers.



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