12 Hiace Car Rental Centers in Semarang 2020 Putra Wijaya Key Off Price

Semarang is one of the tourist cities in Central Java whose popularity rivals other big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, etc.

The attractiveness of this city lies not only in its tourist destinations but in its culinary, cultural, religious and community diversity as well.

One of the most famous landmarks is Lawang Sewu, this place is a favorite tourist destination for tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Talking about tourists, the means of transportation that are mostly used to transport groups of tourists are rental cars, you know.

One of the cars that are often rented to be loyal travel companions of domestic and foreign tourists is the type of van from Toyota Hiace.

So, for those of you who are looking for a Hiace microbus rental place in Semarang, here we have some references.

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Thalita Rentcar

Address: tamtama barat IV no 248 rt 6 jatingaleh – smg
Price: Rp. 700,000
Open / Service: 24 hours
Phone number: 081391386711
Whatsapp: 081391386711/081387396813
Website: thalita-rentcar.com

Thalita-rentcar.com Semarang car rental specifically for Elf and Hiace cars, we provide the best service, well-maintained car units, affordable prices, experienced drivers, your trip is definitely safe and comfortable.

We provide car rental services for only 12 hours or all day long (Full Day) at an affordable price. We also provide vehicles with seats 11 to 20 which of course provide complete options for those of you who need transportation services within the city or outside the city.

3. Silver Rentcar & Tour

Address: Wonolopo Rt 05 Rw 05 Mijen BSB Semarang
Opening hours : 05.00 – 00.00
Phone No: 0812 4646 8787/0821 345 76 774 (wa)
WA: 081901141516
Website: www.silverrentcar.net

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1602191814 946 12 Hiace Car Rental Centers in Semarang 2020 Putra Wijaya - 12 Hiace Car Rental Centers in Semarang 2020 Putra Wijaya Key Off Price

Established in 2009, Silver Rentcar & Tour understands very well the tourist destinations in Central Java, especially the beloved city of Semarang.

With a fleet from 2017 and above and accompanied by experienced, courteous and patient drivers, Silver Rentcar & Tour deserves to be one of the choices to be friends on your trip.

4. Jawa Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Sumorboto Number II / 9, Banyumanik, Semarang 50275
  • No. Phone: 0813 9239 4530
  • Whatsapp: 0815 7628 685

Jawa Rent Car serves every car rental need for daily, weekly, monthly or contract terms.

One type of fleet provided by Jawa Rent Car is the Hiace microbus with a rental rate of 1.1 million for 12 hours of rental.

5. Dyan Transport

  • Address: Bendan Ngisor, Gajahmungkur, Semarang City, Central Java 50233
  • No. Phone: 0822 2026 5388
  • Whatsapp: 0822 2026 5388

Dyan Transport is a transportation service provider in the Ungaran area with several excellent services such as car rental, tour packages, shuttles, moving services and western expeditions.

Dyan Transport provides driver and key unlock facilities depending on customer requests.

6. Arkan Transport

  • Address: Jalan Silandak Tengah, Kalipancur, Ngaliyan, Semarang City, Central Java 50184
  • No. Phone: 0857 0009 3331
  • Whatsapp: 0857 0009 3331

Still haven’t found a price that suits your budget? Then try to try this Arkan Transport. The rental rate per day for use in the city is 900 thousand with a seating capacity of 15 seats.

7. RSN Wisata

  • Address: Bojongsalaman, West Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java 50141
  • No. Phone: 0822 4346 2079
  • Whatsapp: 0822 4346 2079
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Next there is RSN Wisata which also provides Hiace car rental services with rental rates of 900 thousand per day. With this price, you can get a reliable driver facility who is ready to take you wherever your destination is.

8. Abbabil Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Turangga Mukti, Pedurungan Tengah, Semarang City, Central Java 50192
  • No. Phone: 0812 2500 2266
  • Whatsapp: 0812 2500 2266

There is nothing wrong with using rental services from Abbabil Rent Car and entrusting them to your travel plans.

A Hiace car unit at Abbabil Rent Car costs 900 thousand for a 12 hour rental. Meanwhile, for one day use, the cost is 1 million, if there is additional overtime the charge is only 50 thousand per hour.

9. LMJ Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Menoreh Tengah XII, Sampangan, Gajahmungkur, Semarang City, Central Java 50232
  • No. Phone: 0815 6599 124
  • Whatsapp: 0815 6599 124

LMJ Rent Car is the next best choice to be a loyal companion for your trip in Semarang. The company, which has been operating since 2007, has set a rental price for Hi Ace Class Executive 15 Seats with a tag of 1 million per day.

10. Dion Transport

  • Address: Jalan Cemara Number 23, Kalirejo, East Ungarang, Semarang
  • No. Phone: 0813 9048 8225
  • Whatsapp: 0813 9048 8225

Find cheap cars you can order quickly and easily on Dion Transport.

Services provided by Dion Transport include 24-hour airport shuttle, private trips, business and corporate events. Dion Transport’s Toyota Hiace can be rented with a budget of 999 thousand per day.

So that’s a list of recommendations for Hiace car rental places in Semarang that you can rely on for your services to accelerate your every need for mobility.

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12 Hiace Car Rental Centers in Semarang 2020 Putra Wijaya - 12 Hiace Car Rental Centers in Semarang 2020 Putra Wijaya Key Off Price

11. Benjaya Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Hos Cokroaminoto I / H-16, Barusari, South Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java 50245
  • No. Phone: 0813 2828 9998
  • Whatsapp: 0813 2828 9998

Benjaya Rent Car is a transportation service provider company that focuses on serving luxury car rentals for weddings, work visits, state guests, presidents, etc.

One of the fleet units owned by Benjaya Rent Car is the Toyota Hiace with a rental price of 1.1 million.

12. ST 87 Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Zebra Mukti Timur Number 24, Pedurungan Kidul, Semarang 50192
  • No. Phone: 0819 0288 8282
  • Whatsapp: 0819 0288 8282

ST 87 Rent Car is the best solution for those of you who are in need of Hiace car rental services in Semarang.

They are ready to serve all your mobility needs for personal, group and corporate interests.

The rental price for use using the driver plus fuel is 1.3 million with a 12 hour rental time limit, while the full day rate is 1.5 million.

13. Thalita Rent Car

  • Address: Jalan Tamtama Barat IV Number 248, Ngesrep, Banyumanik, Semarang City, Central Java 50261
  • No. Phone: 0857 4007 8555
  • Whatsapp: 0857 4007 8555

Want to look for a cheaper hiace rental price? Thalita Rent Car might be the most appropriate alternative.

To use 12 hours of Hiace Thalita Rent Car by getting driver plus fuel facilities, you only need to spend around 1.1 million, cheap right?

Apart from Hiace Semarang car rental services, Thalita Rent Car also provides 24-hour airport shuttle services.


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