12 Car Rental Rentals in Madiun 24-Hour Off-the-Key Low Rates Automatically With No Driver

Madiun is the name of a city as well as a district in East Java Province. Wiayah is bordered by Ponorogo Regency which shares its own unique culinary delights, namely pecel, in the south.

The most prominent potential of the area with the nickname City of Girls is rice farming, secondary crops, coffee, cocoa, rambutan, mango, durian and forest products, one of which is teak.

Apart from the agricultural sector, tourism in Madiun has also been developing quite rapidly recently. Many tourists are starting to be curious about the natural beauty of the city.

Thus, several places, such as Krecekan Denu Waterfall, Wana Wisata Grape, Serondo Waterfall and so on, began to be crowded with visitors.

If interested, please contact the agent tour & travel or car rental services that will arrange your vacation trip to these destinations. Besides Mr. JAG Rent Car, the following are recommended companies.

1. Madiun Rent

Address: Jalan Sumber Karya No. 06 Ruko at PGA Madiun intersection
Opening hours: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
Phone / WA: 0852 350 20 373
Web: http://www.madiunrent.com

Serving a complete car rental service for drivers


Airport shuttle

Rent a car for tourism, business or family

Together with experienced drivers, your trip will be very pleasant, safe to your destination

The car is in clean and fragrant condition


Avanza, Innova Reborn, Hiace, Elf and tour buses

Online 24 hours

2. Sakamurti Trans

Address: Jl. Sultan Agung 24 Winongo – Madiun
Phone number : 081218034606
Whatsapp: 081218034606

Companies engaged in travel and tourism transportation. Especially her. Rent Hiace and Elf Long in the cities of Madiun, Ponorogo, Magetan and Ngawi. For the purpose of various wal regions in Java – Bali

For more details below
Web https://www.sakamurti.com

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Opening hours:

Telephone / Mobile:

4. Loyal Budi

Address: Jalan Setiabudi, Kelurahan Mojorejo, Kecamatan Taman
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
(0351) 452979

Located in Mojorejo Village, Setia Budi Rent Car provides a variety of fleets, including Avanza, Xenia, Elf and others for weddings, graduations or holidays with family.

Customers can rent it with a key-off system. But, specifically Elves, must be with the driver. There is no need to hesitate, because the drivers employed are very friendly, polite, professional and control the streets of Sepur City without the help of a map.

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5. CV Sena Trans

Address: Jl Serayu Timur Nor 57 Madiun, West of Unmer Campus, Madiun
Phone / WA: 081331392224
Web: https://senatransport.co.id

CV SenaTrans is a service provider
– Car charter
– Car rental
With a fleet that is always UP Date following the times.

CV SenaTrans Melayai travel
– Service
– Family
– Ziaroh
– Recipe
– Etc.

CV SenaTrans is the only licensed service provider registered at the tax office. And Qt always reports finances every month to the tax office.

6. Dinno Trans

Address: Jalan Sendang RT / RW 17/4, Kartoharjo Village, Kartoharjo District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Dinno Trans, located in Kartoharjo District, serves daily car rental (12-24 hours) plus driver or key release for airport transfers, weddings, Eid homecoming, tour and other purposes.

They prioritize customer satisfaction by always maintaining service quality. It is hoped that by using the services of these companies, customers can feel the convenience and comfort during the trip.

7. Diamonds

Address: Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro No. 21, Bangunsari Village, Mejayan District, Caruban
Telephone / Mobile:
(0351) 383328

This car rental place in the Caruban area can answer your transportation needs when you visit Pecel City. To find out the price list and stock of certain fleets, for example, box cars, pick-ups and others, contact the contact listed.

8. Senatrans

Address: East Serayu Street No. 57, RT / RW 43/15, Pandean Village, Taman District, Madiun City, East Java
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Pandean Village, this company provides quality units, such as Xenia, Avanza, Innova, Alphard, Hiace, Elf and others. They always make sure the condition of the fleet they are trying to use is 100% fit so that they can support long trips.

CV Sena Trans also employs professional and experienced drivers, so that customers will feel comfortable while driving.

If interested, please come to the office or call the number above. No need to worry, because the bureau has a friendly and solution admin. They will choose a package that suits your needs.

9. Diva

Address: Jalan Margo Bawero Gg. VII No. 24, Mojorejo Village, Taman District 63139
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

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This cheapest rental in the Madiun area accepts vehicle rental with a duration of daily, weekly, monthly to yearly for personal or corporate purposes.

The fleets provided are various, including Avanza, Xenia, Grand Max, Innova, Luxio, Isuzu Elf and buses.

All of them are in a clean and well-maintained condition because they are serviced regularly. Of course the customer will feel at home for long in it. Moreover, they were delivered by driver which besides being friendly, can also drive the car in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

Diva Rent Car’s own address is on Jalan Margo Bawero Gg. VII, which according to Google Maps is only about 4 km from Madiun Train Station.

10. Lottus

Address: jl.mayjend Sungkono no.32 manguharjo
Opening hours: 24 hours
HP / WA Number: 0852 3551 2524
Web: https://sewamobilmadiun.id

11. Carter

Address: Lorong Indah, RT / RW 14/06, Sambirejo Village, Jiwan District
Opening hours:
Telephone / Mobile:

Located in Sambirejo Village, this transportation service rents out various fleets, such as Avanza, Innova, Hiace Commuter, Isuzu Elf minibus to tourist buses with or without a driver.

There are several services offered, two of which are Premium Service and Wedding Car.

The first option can be selected if the customer wants to pick up VIP guests, such as celebrities. While the second is specifically for escorting the bride and groom and their entourage.

Each uses a luxury car, complete with decorations. The net price is set starting from IDR 500,000 / 12 hours.

In order to provide convenience for consumers, Carter Mobil Madiun implements a reservation system that is not complicated and can be done from anywhere, without having to go to the office. They are also ready to deliver the vehicle to the client’s location at no charge.

12. Mubarokah Trans

Address: Margobawero Street No. V / 17, Mojorejo Village, Taman District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:
0852-3023-9819 / 0823-3761-3457

Addressed at Jalan Margobawero No. V / 17, Mubarokah Trans provides charter services to shuttle guests from several airports, such as Juanda, Adisutjipto and Adisumarmo.

They also provide guardian pilgrimage packages and tours to various destinations inside or outside the City of Girls, for example Magetan, Solo, Jogja, Malang and Surabaya.

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The fleet is complete, including Avanza, Innova, Hiace, Elf and buses. In addition, customers will be accompanied driver which controls the fastest route to tourist attractions in East Java. So, they can arrive at their destination on time.

13. Rizky Trans

Address: Jalan Thamrin Gg. 7 No. 70, Kelurahan Klegen, Kecamatan Kartoharjo
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

Based in Kelurahan Klegen, this daily, weekly and monthly car rental agency can be a solution to support your mobility while in Brem City.

They have a variety of fleets, namely Innova, Avanza, Elf, pick up and others that can be used to pick up or take guests to airports, stations and hotels in the Madiun area, such as Aston, Sun City and Amaris.

For further information, contact their staff via email [email protected] or Facebook Rizky Rental Mobil Madiun.

14. Dhany

Address: Perumnas Mojopurno, Jalan Raya Dungus Blok G No. 15, Mojopurno Village, Wungu District
Opening hours:
24 hours
Telephone / Mobile:

This transportation service provider located in Perumnas Mojopurno rents out vehicles with a key-off system. The types of fleets provided include the Toyota Avanza, Innova and Hiace Commuter.

Dhany Tour & Rent Car also accepts Isuzu Elf charters with varying number of seats, from 12, 16, 18 to 20 seats. Adequate facilities, such as AC Ducting, full audio and recycling seats will provide comfort for passengers.

Also supported by driver that skill-there is no need to doubt. If you want information about rates, please call the number above.

15. The Crown Prince

Address: Jalan Derkuku Gg. 3, Nambangan Kidul Village, Manguharjo
Telephone / Mobile:
0822-4445-7754 / 0857-9069-4441

The company, which is located in Nambangan Kidul Village, offers a variety of fleets with manual and automatic transmission, including Honda Mobilio, Jazz, CRV, Avanza, Innova, Alphard, Vellfire, Camry, Yaris, Ertiga, Isuzu Elf and buses.

Its clean conditions and cold air conditioning make customers feel as if they are traveling on family, business or leisure by private car.

Despite providing the best service, CV. Putra Mahkota sets a fairly cheap price, so that customers can save more on budget.


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