10 Souvenirs from Indonesian Artists who are Famous and Present

Travel Blog Indonesia “Wow, where are the souvenirs?” Surely this question will appear after you go abroad or out of town.

I don’t know where the souvenir culture came from. The point is, after traveling far and long it is better to bring souvenirs.

The opportunity to bring souvenirs after traveling is used by several artists to create a culinary business to be used as typical Indonesian souvenirs.

Although not all of the souvenirs from these artists are originally Indonesian because they are influenced by western styles, there’s nothing wrong with bringing these souvenirs home. Here are gifts or souvenirs from business artists in Indonesia.

10 By Nusantara from Indonesian Artists

1. Bandung Makuta – Laudya Cynthia Bella

“This tea ngangenin” so one of the hashtags that are always on postthis Bandung Makuta Instagram.

This cake, created by a beautiful woman from the city of flowers, Laudya Cynthia Bella, is available in various flavors, ranging from Blueberry, Chocolate, Cheese, X-tra Cheese, Lemon, until Caramel.

But to bring Bandung Makuta home, you have to be patient because you have to queue long.

  • Bandung Makuta location: Jl. Van Deventer No.2, Kb. Banana, Sumur Bandung, Bandung City, West Java. Phone: 0811-2109-599.
  • Bandung Makuta prices: starting from Rp. 53,000 – Rp. 65,000

2. Malang Strudel – Teuku Wisnu

Strudel is not a typical Indonesian food, because it is a kind of cake pastry these come from Australia, Germany and other European countries.

The actor who is famous for his Cinta Fitri series offers various variants of Strudel contents ranging from apples, cheese, strawberries, chocolate bananas, oranges, pineapples, mangoes, purple sweet potatoes, dates, to mixed flavors of various types of fruit.

  • Location of Malang Strudel: Malang Strudel has many outlet, one of which is on Jl. Raya Ardimulyo No.14, Ardimulyo, Singosari, Malang, East Java 65153
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3. Bogor Raincake – Shireen Sungkar

Not only does the husband have a souvenir business, his wife Shireen Sungkar also makes Bogor Raincake.

Bogor Raincake is still new. This is because the souvenir business of this beautiful mother of two children was officially opened on April 8, 2017.

Even though it is still a new Bogor Raincake, this Raincake has often been sold out you know. Bogor Raincake itself is taken from the name rain which means rain, which indicates the nickname of the city of Bogor as the city of rain.

Currently, there are four flavors of Bogor Raincake, such as Red Taro, Cheese Vanilla, Greentea Ovomaltine and Crispy Peanut.

  • Bogor Raincake Location: Jl. Padjadjaran Blok Babakan No.31, Baranangsiang, Bogor Tim., Bogor City, West Java 16143

4. Surabaya Snow Cake – Zaskia Sungkar

At first glance, Surabaya Snow Cake is indeed similar to Surabaya layer cake.

This rectangular shaped cake consists of puff pastry which in the middle there are cakes with various flavors.

You can try various flavors, from Choco Green Tea, Cheese, Choco Banana, Vanilla and Caramel. Whoa, be careful drooling!

  • Surabaya Snow Cake Location: Jl. Flores No.15, Ngagel, Wonokromo, Surabaya City, East Java. Phone number. 0822-3339-3455.

5. Medan Napoleon – Irwansyah

If the wife, Zaskia Sungkar, has a souvenir business in Surabaya, the husband has a cake that becomes a souvenir from Medan.

The Medan Napoleon cake is indeed somewhat similar to the Medan sponge cake. But the difference is that the outer part of this cake is in the form of sponge bread, while inside there is a filling in the form of pastries with various flavors.

There are various flavors, ranging from durian, cheese, green tea, banana, red velvet, to caramel.

  • Location of Medan Napoleon: Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No.46 / 35, Babura, Medan Baru, Medan City, North Sumatra 20154
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6. Lamington Pontianak – Glenn Alienski

Currently traveling to Pontianak, maybe you can bring this Lamington Pontianak souvenir.

This gift business from Chelsea husband Olivia raised Lamington cake Australian origin which is modified with flavors acceptable to the Indonesian tongue.

Lamington Pontianak offers original flavors, cheese, caramel, banana chocolate, durian, chocolate, pineapple, green tea, and red velvet. What flavor cake would you like to bring home?

  • Location Lamington Pontianak: Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No.116, Bangka Belitung Laut, Southeast Pontianak, Betakan Darat, Southeast Pontianak, Pontianak City, Kalimantan.
  • Price for Lamington Pontianak: Around IDR 55,000 – IDR 65,000

7. Jogja Scrummy – Dude Herlino

“Now Jogja Souvenirs Are Not Just Bakpia” so tagline carried by Jogja Scrummy.

Jogja Scrummy is a multi-layered cake puff pastry and a steamed brownie underneath that has a variety of flavors. Starting from the flavors of cheese, chocolate, sugar apple, mango, caramel to taro / taro.

  • Jogja Scrummy Locations: There are several outletone of which is Jogja Scrummy Outlet Kaliurang which is located at Ruko Cakra Jln. Kaliurang Km. 5.5 No.44 Depok Sleman, Yogyakarta. Phone: (0274) 2840649

8. Makassar Baklave – Irfan Hakim

Baklave cakes are not authentic Makassar culinary delights, but come from Turkey.

The cake of the owner of Irfan Hakim consists of two layers, the top of which is a cookie and the bottom is cotton cake it’s ready to shake your tongue.

Currently, there are five flavors, namely flavors banana fluffy, rich cheese, nutty fruity, royal chocolate, and oreo blast.

  • Makassar Baklave Location: Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin no.13, Makassar. It is located before Gelael, if from the direction of Losari Beach or from Jalan Arif Rate, you can see it on the right.
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9. Bosang Cake Makassar – Ricky Harun

In Makassar, there are not only Makassar Baklave souvenirs, but also Ricky Harun’s Bosang Cake Makassar.

Bosang Makassar is a combined snack cheese cake super soft with pastry in the middle. Are you sure you don’t want to bring these Makassar souvenirs home?

  • Location of Bosang Cake Makassar: Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.106, Mangkura, Ujung Pandang, Makassar City, South Sulawesi 90132

10. Cirebon Sultana – Indra Bekti

“By Wong Cirebon Jeh” so tagline from Ciberon Sultana.

Various kinds of cakes ranging from Sultana Blueberry, Sultana Mangga, Sultana Cheese, Sultana Double Chocolate, and Sultana Choco Banana ready for you to take home.

  • Location of Cirebon Sultana: Jalan Kartini 5 Cirebon, Attorney General’s Office, Cirebon, West Java 45123

So, which artist souvenirs do you think you would bring home?

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