10 Rental Car Rentals in Tasikmalaya Rp. 200,000 Key Off, Cheap Prices 2020 Matic With No Driver

Tasikmalaya, a district in West Java Province, is often visited by tourists from inside and outside the city. Its location in a mountainous area makes the area nicknamed the City of Santri has many spots with stunning panoramas.

Starting from waterfalls, lakes, tea gardens to beaches are presented to meet their needs for recreation. In 2020, the government is also working to develop and optimize some of them so that they are more worthy of being visited.

Apart from a holiday zone with natural nuances, the region which is famous for its handicrafts also offers other types of tourist objects, such as culture, history, amusement parks and culinary delights.

However, to reach the places that have been mentioned, sometimes tourists experience problems, especially in terms of transportation. This is because not all areas are on public transport routes.

So, like it or not they have to bring a private vehicle or rent it through a rental service. When choosing the second option, here are some recommended car rental service providers.

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Hour Open:

Telephone / Mobile:

2. Laganza Rent Car

Address: Jalan Governor Sewaka, Sambongjaya Village, Mangkubumi District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0853 2995 2831

Having an office in Sambongjaya Village, Laganza Rent Car serves car rentals for 24 hours. So, consumers can contact them at any time if there is a sudden family or business matter.

All cars available in the garage, starting from Kia Picanto, Toyota Calya, Daihatsu Terios, Daihatsu Sigra, Honda Jazz, Honda Brio and so on are always clean and well maintained so that passengers are comfortable driving.

Orders and questions about prices can be submitted via email [email protected] or telephone.

3. Arbitrans

Address: Jalan Perintis Blok No. B6, Karsamenak Village, Kawalu District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0811-2682-222

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This company was first established in Purwokerto, Central Java in 2004. Along with the development of the car rental business, they opened branches in several areas, including Bandung and Tasikmalaya.

Arbitrans now has hundreds of fleets that will answer the public’s needs for transportation, both for business and leisure. In addition to cars, there are buses and motorbikes from various brands that can be rented without a driver, aka removing the keys.

To get detailed information, just come to their office or contact them via the following email [email protected].

4. Putra Padjadjaran

Address: Jalan Syech Abdul Muhyi KM. 21 Adawarna, Sukaraja District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0853-2017-5236 / 0819-2401-983 / 0813-9577-0515

Headquartered in Sukaraja District, this company provides a variety of luxury rental cars, such as the Innova Reborn, Great Xenia, Honda BR-V, Toyota Camry and many more for tourist and public purposes.

The management always ensures that the vehicle is in prime condition so that the consumer’s journey is safer, more comfortable and faster to their destination. However, the rental rates provided are very friendly to the contents of the wallet. In fact, you are free to choose a package according to your budget.

For further information, contact [email protected].

5. Day Out Trans

Address: Jalan Wijayakusumah No. 8, Cikalang Village, Tawang District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0265-7520307 / 0812-2305-0504

Carrying the motto “Comfort is your”, the company, which was founded in September 2008, is engaged in transportation and travel. They do not only rent vehicles, but also purchase airline tickets, hotel reservations, study tours and others.

In accordance with its motto, these service providers prioritize comfort and the best service, supported by professional, experienced and responsible staff.

The address for Day Out Trans itself is on Jalan Wijayakusumah No. 8, Kelurahan Cikalang and serve customers for up to 24 hours.

6. HK Rent Car

Address: Dahlia Street No. 96, Housing Tajur Indah, Panyingkiran Village, Indihiang District
Opening hours: 06.00-22.00
Telephone / Mobile: 0822-2113-2228

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This car rental place located in Panyingkiran Village strives to provide the best service for consumer comfort and safety.

Apart from being complete, the leased fleets are always clean and fragrant. The driver is friendly too. So, passengers will not be bored while on the trip.

If you want to know the list of vehicles and their prices, you can call the number listed.

7. Indorentcar

Address: Jalan Mayor SL Tobing No. 12, Tugujaya Village, Cihideung District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0821-7616-6661

This company that has experience in the rental business provides a fleet according to consumer needs. There are Kijang Innova, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Alpard, Honda Mobilio, Isuzu Elf, Travello and others.

Even though it doesn’t accept key-off, Indorentcar has experienced drivers. Also supported by the condition of the car that is very well maintained. So, consumers will feel as if they are in a private vehicle.

For reservations, you can go to their office in Tugujaya Village, not too far from Graha Asia or contact them.

8. Sugema Rent Car

Address: RE Martadinata Street No. 244, Panyingkiran Village, Indihiang District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0821-2935-3305

Located in Indihiang District, Sugema Rent Car accepts car rental on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The fleet provided is no less complete, including the Avanza, Grand All New, Suzuki Ertiga, Honda Mobilio and many more.

The available packages also vary, consumers can choose with or without drivers. Each is also priced at a fairly cheap price. For more details, please call the number above.

9. Kanha Car

Address: Mutiara Putra Ciawi Regency Housing, Jalan Raya Sumedang – Cibereum Blok E14 No. 45, Pakemitankidul Village, Ciawi District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0821-5794-7080

Located in the area of ​​Perum Mutiara Putra Ciawi Regency, this rental property rents cars with various brands, such as Avanza, Xenia, Luxio, Mobilio and others.

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The management prioritizes consumer comfort and satisfaction by always preparing the vehicle before use.

Because if the passengers are comfortable, of course their trip will be more enjoyable. Even so, the price offered is relatively affordable.

10. SewaMobilTasik.com

Address: RE Martadinata Street No. 144, Cipedes District, Tasik Regency, West Java
Opening hours: 08.00-22.00
Telephone / Mobile: 0813-1373-3374 / 0853-2995-2831

Located in Cipedes District, this service provider offers car rental for various purposes, ranging from tours, Eid homecoming, moving, graduation to delivering bridal groups.

The fleet provided is complete and the price is competitive. The types of cars used are the All New Avanza, Innova and Toyota Hiace. Apart from cars, they also rent out other vehicles, such as big buses, medium buses and elf long.

If interested, please contact Tasik Car Rentals by phone or email at [email protected].

11. Gahara Rent Car

Address: Dr. Street Moch. Hatta No. 31, Nagasari Village, Cipedes District
Open: 24 hours
Telephone / Mobile: 0811-2532-222 / 0851-0007-1999 / 0851-0207-6999

The rental serves daily, monthly and yearly car rental systems.

Consumers can order a vehicle with or without a driver for various activities, including airport drop-in / out, Eid homecoming, tours, pilgrimages and hajj / umrah, receptions, inside or outside the region.

Several types and brands of fleets are offered, namely box cars, pick-up cars, SUVs, APVs (automatic or manual), microbus, medium buses and many more.

Since the end of 2006, these service providers have always used vehicle units with a maximum service life of 5 years.

In 2007, they also opened a new branch office. So, apart from being on Dr. Moch. Hatta, Gahara Rent Car Tasikmalaya can also be found on Jalan Siliwangi No. 87 and National Road No. 3, Tawangsari Village, Tawang District.


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