10 Rental Car Rentals in Jayapura Off the Key Low Prices Matic

Cars have become a necessity that must be met lately in order to support all activities. You are here in Jayapura to rent a car to make your activities easier to do when you visit here.

The price is very competitive, here are some lists of car rentals in Jayapura.

1. RentalMobilPapuaJayapura.com

Papua Jayapura Car Rental is a car rental company located in Jayapura and is very trusted and has enough experience to serve customers.

This company is perfect for you if you are on a business trip in Jayapura which is also suitable for your vehicle needs during important events such as weddings, entertaining guests, and other events.

Regarding reservations or reservations, you can make a reservation and to ask for other information, you can directly make an online reservation at https://rentalmobilpapuajayapura.com.

The fleet or unit consists of, xenia manual, xenia matic, avanza manual, avanza matic, innova, rush, terios, and many more. There are car rental packages complete with drivers and also fuel but also accept key off leases.

Prices are applied depending on the type of vehicle rented and according to the period of use.

2. Rizal Rent Car

This Jayapura Car Rental is also a vehicle rental place providing vehicle rental packages plus drivers, of course at very affordable prices. Serves also for key off leases.

Also provides vehicle rental for driver services aka drop off from Sentani – Abepura, Sentani – Jayapura and Abepura – Jayapura. And provides delivery services such as taxis with ordering mode one hour before use.

The types of vehicles for rent are Avanza, Xenia, Innova, Rush and Terios. Prices or rates are set based on the rental vehicle and the rental period.

Contact can be reached, call center 082292882512 (call), 081247290147 (wa), BBM pin D37FE2D7, Line ID ryzaltzerone799, email address [email protected].

3. Sentani

Sentani car rental is a car rental business located in Sentani, offering very affordable prices and professional service.

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Types of cars for rent are innova, new avanza, new xenia, daihatsu terrioas, and also other cars. Have a vision to be a partner in driving and serving better.

List of car rental prices:

  • Avanza / xenia Rp. 600,000 per day
  • Innova Rp. 800,000 per day
  • Rush / Terrios Rp. 600,000 per day

The price is set above, includes the driver and fuel usage for 12 hours of use.

Also serving for Drop off packages from Sentani – Abepura, Sentani – Jayapura and from Abepura – Jayapura. Also available for customers who wish to drive their own vehicle or release the keys.

Addressed at Jalan Raya Kemiri Sentani in front of BRI post Tujuh next to the Sinar Shadow store. Orders can come directly to the address or call the number 081344282920 and the bus is delivered to the address of the buyer.

This company is quite good and also professional, providing comfort to its customers. All of the fleets are used in good and good condition in order to support customer safety and comfort.

4. Charisma

Karisma Car Rental is also a professional car rental business entity because it has been established 5 years ago, serving car rental either off key or with drivers.

Addressed at Jalan Kemiri beside Merbau Hotel, Jayapura Regency, Sentani District, Papua City 99352 Indonesia.

Number or contact can be reached 08114802800 (call / wa). BBM Pin 7C2E7DD5. Reservations can come directly to the address or contact the contact.

The fleet is used very diverse, Xenia, Avanza, Terios, and Innova, vehicles in very good condition so that they can support the safety and comfort of passengers.

Rental rates for xenia, avanza and terios are priced at 400 thousand (off key) for an additional 100 thousand drivers. Meanwhile, the Innova is priced at 500 thousand for the key off. This price is for 12 hours of use.

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5. Car Rental Jayapura

Car Rental Jayapura is also a car rental service provider company located in Jayapura, by prioritizing quality service to customers, both individuals and corporations.

For further information on reservations or reservations, please contact contact number 081247290147 (call / sms / wa).

This Jayapura vehicle rental is committed to providing maximum service to customers with the support of experienced drivers and high standards of cleanliness, comfort and professionalism.

Serving rent with or without a driver, with rental packages starting from daily, weekly, and also monthly rental.

The available fleets, Avanza, Terios, Innova, Xenia, with additional units that are always serviced regularly, affordable and competitive rental prices, and company service innovations that are constantly being developed.

6. Azaleas

Azalea Car Rental is a private business that provides vehicle rental services in the Jayapura area and its surroundings, with the most well-maintained and clean units or fleets with the support of experienced drivers.

Having a vision and mission, providing satisfying services to customers, being a reliable partner, providing solutions to customer vehicle needs, providing timely services and providing well-maintained vehicles.

Addressed at Jalan Kotaraja Grnad Wai Mhorock Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua, 99225, Indonesia. Contact numbers that can be contacted 085254528837 and reservations or reservations can contact that contact.

Services are provided every 24 hours non-stop, the available vehicles are Avanza G 1.3 Silver color.


MAPASI7 This Jayapura car rental is a vehicle rental service provider that serves rental vehicles with or without a driver.

The available fleets are Avanza, Xenia, Rush, Terios, Innova, HRV Prestige, Sirion, are well maintained and ready to use anytime. The package available is a vehicle rental with a driver as well as fuel.

The price offered is very competitive with others, relatively cheap and very competitive with other rentals. Serving also for weekly and monthly long-term rentals, drop offs to the airport and visits to tourist attractions.

The customer service is open 24 hours, this will make it easier for customers.

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Reservations or reservations, you can directly contact contact numbers 085255213121 (call) and 081248462132 (watsapp).

8. Oto

Rental Oto Jayapura is a rental service company in the transportation sector that specializes in car rental. Services are available for individual or individual rental as well as companies.

Serving for business visits, weddings, family or private events, tourist activities, weddings, and / or other events that require a rental vehicle.

Reservations or reservations can be made online by calling the telephone number 081241284674, active 24 hours non-stop.

Serving for trips outside and within the city with a rental time of 12 hours to 24 hours. And overtime costs of 50,000 per hour do not include fuel and driver costs.

The types of vehicles available are Avanza G / S and Innova, serving also for shuttle or drop off to Sentani Airport.

9. Car rental in Jayapura

This rental serves rental vehicles in the Jayapura, Sentani, and surrounding areas, contact numbers that can be contacted 081333284361.

The available fleets, Suzuki APV, Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Avanza, KIA PREGIO, ISUZU ELF and minibuses. The fleet that is rented out is very well maintained and clean and also ready to use.

Serving also for out of town and in town, with or without a driver. For reservations and other information, you can directly contact the contact listed above.

10. Papua Rent Car

Papua Rent Car is a vehicle rental service that serves the needs of vehicles for important events such as entertaining guests, weddings, wedding cars and others.

The types of fleets used are AVANZA, Xenia, INNOVA and also Grand Vitara, having the address at Jalan Ahmad Yani 117 Jayapura 99222, Papua. Serving for daily, weekly and monthly rental vehicles.

Serving various needs, for ordering you can also contact customer service at number (0967) 535353, or 08123926135 fks 0967535354.


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